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Hello hello ^^!

I am forced to blog on my Ipad with my keyboard case because my PC's being serviced, it's been having quite a bit of a trouble lately (i am being polite, because actually i mean BIG troubles), i can hardly get it to start (sometimes i have to restart multiple times and even forcefully turn it off), two days ago it even went on a total strike and refused to turn on at all!! WTF. What's worse is that the stupid computer's actually pretty new. WTF indeed right. Serves hunny right for buying it from a "friend" who's capability's very questionable. PFFFTTT. 

Okay, enough bitching, getting on to the point of the post now... After seeing my insane Korea Winter Trip Haul, any other haul would be quite tiny in comparison, right? Right #answeringself *LOL*. Sadly even that mad shopping haul was not enough to stop me shopping when we arrived back to Jakarta (in my defense, a few of these items were purchased before the South Korea trip! Well, probably less than 10% of the total, but that's still something :p!) and here are what i got there :
 At least majority of them are fashion items and very little beauty products :

See? I'm not lying! I really did not think i would even consider buying any more beauty products, but well... Tony Moly was on 70% (the things that i got were even cheaper than back in their original country, South Korea-so how could i resist that???) #enoughexplanation . 

First up are these hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. I noticed that Bath and Body Works is finally available in Indonesia (i heard that it's going to open in Surabaya as well soon? I hope that's true hehe), but i gotta admit-i wasn't that excited. I've never been too crazy about them, i mean... I have some of their products and i especially love their body mists, but i am not obsessed like lots of other girls (inclcuding my BFF G who has a massive stock on BBW. I have massive stocks of everything, but not from one particular brand). I was actually quite surprised at how enthusiastic Kathy and Sabsab were about BBW stores *LOL*, i didn't even enter their first store that we saw (in MKG) but finally checked them out in Kota Kasablanka.

The store was.... Overwhelming *LOL*. Didn't i tell you when i see too many choices i'd get confused and leave with none? Other than that, i really do not have space for more bath and body products until i finish a few (hundreds *LOL*) from my stash-but then hunny was attracted to their hand wash. I personally really couldn't care less about hand washes really, i would use whatever hand wash i could find in the supermarket as long as it doesn't smell disgusting and cause my eczema to flare up. Paying more than a few thousands rupiahs (how much does a supermarket hand wash costs anyway??? I don't even know that WTF) seems... excessive. LOL. Thankfully they were having a promotion-IDR 120.000 for two bottles of hand soaps-instead of IDR 80.000 each (their original price). IDR 60.000 for a hand soap is still quite expensive for me #stingy but since hunny wanted it, i relented.

He chose the Paris Amour variant (a bit girly, don't you think? He does have a rather girly taste, whenever we go out to eat, waiters and waitresses would always assume whatever he orders to be mine *LOL*) and told me to choose the other one. After running around like a confused chick looking for its mummy, i finally settled for the Warm Sugar. They have this sink where you can actually try out the hand soaps, how cute! We're currently using the Paris Amour and it's quite nice (but the pump leaks, which annoys the hell out of me) and lasts quite a while (been using it for a few weeks and it's not even halfway from finishing) so maybe it's worth the price!
Yeah... Passed by Tony Moly's store while waiting for our movie to play in Mall of Indonesia, then i saw the 70% off sign so i couldn't resist and went in >.<. Immediately spotted the cat lipgloss that i've always wanted for its packaging going for a very low price and got one... Also some super cheap eye shadows so i picked one that i would use a lot (meaning : pale, shimmery color)-the BA then started telling me "This is super cheap! And this and this!"-which made me grabbed even more stuffs like nail polishes (i think they were IDR 17.000 each WTH, i could've easily picked every color but thankfully i remember my crazy stock of brand new nail polishes at home and just got two), toner for oily skin (it was like IDR 60.000 or less... What madness is this...) and moisturizer from the same line but for dry skin for hunny (that explains the two similar boxes that differs in sizes and colors, right?). 

I also couldn't resist getting the two bunny lippies, i already own one and because it's so so cute i was tempted to collect every color but never got on buying more (because i got sidetracked and buy different items zzzz)-they were like IDR 20.000 (or 30.000, can't remember) something so what the heck, i grabbed every colors (sadly only two shades were available) that they have. We spent only over IDR 300.000 for everything, cheap right!!!
When i checked out Watsons (because we don't have Watsons in Surabaya, how sad is that?), i found this curious brand : Forest Secret, then i remembered that i saw some blogger reviewed it once. I always get ridiculously excited whenever i see a brand that i've never heard of before, especially if they're cheap hehehe, and i am trying to support local brands more now  (yes, Forest Secret is a local brand)-i am determined to show those snotty people that local brands can be good too and nope, they won't ruin your skin for goodness sake-i couldn't resist but picked up the lipstick. It was quite cheap... I just don't remember the price LOL.

I am obsessed with lipsticks right now so naturally that was what i got first, but while hunny was paying for our shopping... I made the "mistake" of swatching the blush on... It's so pigmented and beautiful... Darn! We were in a hurry so i couldn't spare any time to re-line and pay again, but i couldn't stop thinking about the blush on the next few days so i actively hunted for Watsons (not very popular as well in Jakarta, eh? Not so many branches zzz) and finally got it in MKG later.
But when i was looking for that Forest Secret blush on, i spotted an even cuter local brand *FML*. Their counter was an uber cute white push cart, very Korean brand-style! The packaging of the products are also quite cute! I was pleasantly surprised when i realized that Beauty Story is another local brand! I love love love how local brands are starting to pay attention to packaging as well! (I have my eyes on another local brand with nice packaging : Mineral Botanica. But when i contacted them, they gave me a very unfamiliar list of stores that carries their brand... I never really go to cosmetic stores outside the malls and i don't really want to pay for shipping for local brands so... I still haven't buy anything from them yet, but i plan to-somehow haha)

I have no idea what DD Loose Powder is, but it's okay lah, it's some sort of a loose powder and i use powder all the time so i got one (yes, the casing's cute), also of course must pick one lipstick (although spotting the shade's name in the box was a bit confusing and i spent quite sometime trying to find them LOL. YES, they named their shades instead of just numbering them! How exciting!!!)... They are also one of the rare local cosmetics that has their own line of nail polishes so i also had to check it out right... The only exciting color i could find was this silver one so that's what i got.

I saw their catalog and realized that they have a lot of other products than the ones available at Watsons at that time, i was quite sad but also relieved because their products are actually quite expensive for a local brand. The powder was like IDR 72.000 or something, that's higher than some Korean brands you can find in local OS! But coz the packaging's so cute, they're forgiven... I hope to see more exciting local brands in the future!!!
While in Watsons i also picked up these Super Fruits hand creams that were on a special price, they were around IDR 14.000 each while the normal price's IDR 39.000! They went back to normal price the next time i was in Watsons (a few days later) so i'm very glad i got to picked them up on sale! Also got a Vivelle sheet mask out of curiousity-local brands don't usually have sheet masks and Vivelle's known for their body lotions, told ya new products excites me...

That's all that i got for the beauty department! I included my clothing haul in the first pic up there but i'm not going to discuss most of them in this post because... I'd rather show you in outfit posts! Plus i do not want to be judged at my crazy amount of clothing. I know i'm a hoarder and i cannot stop shopping, i do not need any strangers pointing it out to me zzz.

But i have no problem showing you my other fashion haul :
From Forever 21 igot a huge, office looking hand bag that was on a flash sale (40% off, and it also went back to normal price next time i went to Forever 21), a pretty and dainty necklace, a not so dainty earring and some sparkly nail files that i planned to use in Korea but then i forgot to bring *LOL*. This is the second time in one year that i couldn't find even one piece of clothing that prompted me enough to buy them, not even on the huge sale they had later on! I really wanted something from their colaboration with Barbie, but only the pajamas and t-shirt was available-and i quite frankly was appaled by the quality of the tee-and how they're charging almost IDR 300.000 for such a bad quality tee.

It's official, Forever 21, i am moving on...
Saw this amazing mini trunk at Forever New on sale (and paid even less using Citibank credit card! Yay for extra discounts!!!), it's actually a jewelry box but i can definitely use it as a handbag-and i have every  intention to! It's just so fun and quirky! I also quite love their dresses, all those beautiful laces, tulles and chiffons reminds me a lot of Miss Selfridge-sadly their price range's also as high as Miss Selfridge and i don't believe in paying a fortune for clothings!
We went a bit nuts in Uniqlo, but mostly for winter wear and heat tech (before we went to Korea, obviously)-hunny also love their shorts and got some here, we all know how ridiculously expensive guys clothing are! I can easily get 5 dresses for the amount he pays for one of his shorts... I bought a skirt too (the only thing i find worth getting in Uniqlo are their skirts, i find their dresses and tops too casual and i am not one for casual dressing..) but mostly i picked up discounted accessories.

Always wanted one of those flower bun toppers, but i don't wear my hair up or even tie them so i never did-then i saw some fashion bloggers using the floral bun toppers as bracelet (i actually did this a lot too, but not with floral ones because i never own any!) so i decided i would too!
They were also slashing the prices of their socks, i am so in love with transparent socks right now but they were too expensive to buy in bulk (so i only bought one 6 month earlier, and already worn it enough times to justify the price) so when i saw them on sale, of course i had to get one in every color and designs, right? I also got one that's not transparent but still super cute! I just love socks....
Accessories shopping spree still continues with these items i got from a branded sale in Pacific Place. Although my style's mainly girly and whimsical, i also love rock-inspired accessories! They're just so cool!
I also got this charm bracelet a the 100 Doraemon Gadgets' exhibition because i feel the need to get a memento for every place/exhibition/museum/whatever we go to... Hunny also got a tee and Baby Boy opted for a keychain!
This i would categorized as nonsense haul, i guess? Except the socks coz they're practical *LOL*. I will never be too old to buy cutesy stuffs, now i understand why some aunties still love to buy kawaii items, i am turning into one of them!!! The fluffy pouches are from Daiso, as well as the socks-that's why i can justify getting them even though i now have too many cutesy pouches that aren't used-they're cheap enough!

I am also currently madly in love with My Little Pony (and unicornssss. When i love something i usually would love it for a very long time...) so when i saw the uber cute pencil case while toy-shopping (coz i have a young son, that's why) with very cheap price, i just got it and plan to use it as a cosmetic pouch...
Last items are actually clothes-that i totally forgot to include in the first pic up there! The I Wanna be Your Next Mistake is from this little store in Kota Kasablanka that sells slogan tees (very cheeky ones, love them!) and the vintage midi cupcake skirt is from a bazaar, also in KoKas. I saw so many pretty and whimsical skirts in that booth and i would've gotten at least three if only their debit machine was working, i don't carry a lot of cash with me and these skirts are expensive! At IDR 220.000 it's a lot more expensive than what i would normally pay for skirts (i have hard time paying more than IDR 150.000 for skirts, but i am making an exception for those structured midi skirts that are inspired by Valentino!) but i fell in love with the quirky pattern (i loveeee food prints! I also got a cupcake dress at a full price in H n' M although normally i prefer to buy their sale section! It was the only full priced item i got in H n M...) and the fabric's high quality too so i guess it's worth it!

Hmmm, even though the items in this haul post's less than usual, i enjoyed telling the back stories of everything so the post ended up being long anyway *LOL*, hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing! Did you spot anything you fancy from this post?

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