Eye Stories 05 : Eveline Cosmetics Garden of Nature Olive+Coenzyme Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Hey guysss :D...

The last time i reviewed an eye care product was the TDF Eye Radiance Serum sponsored by Miracle, while it worked quite well for me, it wasn't a miracle product *pun unintended hahaha* that makes me willing to part with IDR 680.000 for another bottle once the free bottle was finished *LOL* *sorry lah kiasu*. But i'm not that bad lah okay, if it works like... amazingly well (like it manage to lighten my fine lines for reals) then i'd be willing to even pay double the price, but like i said in the review post, it cannot do the job by itself but must be combined with the Eye Revitalizing Peel treatment to be maximum-if you're comitted to do both the eye treatment and use the eye serum regularly then i guess investing the eye serum is justified, but if you're not-and i am not, then welcome and join my journey on continuing the search for the miracle eye cream *LOL*.

Or in my case, nice (less than miraculous) alternative that doesn't break the bank *LOLOLOL*. 

Let's see the first contender!

Eveline Cosmetics Garden of Nature Olive+Coenzyme Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 
Why is it that products have such long names now??? It's totally impossible to remember. As usual, imma shortened it into... eye cream. LOLOLOL.

Now, i have never heard of the brand Eveline Cosmetic before, and the first time i saw them was in Sasa's website. I love Sasa and i went a bit nuts whenever i see one but sadly we have no Sasa in Indonesia :( until i discovered international online shopping (but Indonesian laws and customs are so stupid, they are banning us for importing cosmetics even for personal use now! But knowing the people in the customs, it'll never work. Online shops who sell international brands are still thriving now so i guess it's just an act for you to bribe them WTF) and went on a series of Sasa online shopping all through 2013. Their sales are just too attractive... I've stopped international shopping due to overflowing of products on my stash now though, LOL.

Like usual, when introducing a new brand for my blog (one that i've never talk about before), i like to learn a bit about it and share the information to my readers. According to their Sasa page, Eveline Cosmetic originates from Poland and now getting recognitions in America and other European counties. They have greatly diversed products for all round treatment, from your face down to your body and it seems to me that their most prided products are the ones from Q10+R series. You can learn more about Eveline Cosmetics here

I was just randomly looking for a new, affordable eye cream-it was when i was just getting started on wearing eye cream regularly (i just couldn't be bothered before >.< until i started seeing those fine lines that are more apparent whenever i'm wearing under eye concealers-which is everytime i go out!). I only used two or three other eye products before, one (or maybe two) from Oriflame (which didn't impress me) and one from Benefit (nice, but so tiny and expensive! LOL). Then i stumbled into this Eveline's Garden of Nature eye cream, it was on sale for... I don't remember how much but it was crazy cheap (oh, i just checked, it was USD 5.50 hehe)
I am horrible at gauging products' sizes from the amount of products they contained, so i was quite shocked when i received the product because it's quite HUGE for an eye cream! It contains 30ml btw
Sorry so blurry, this is yet another one of my old backlog that was taken a long time ago when i still couldn't manage to take non-blurry close up pics >.<
Containing active ingredients of olive oil, olive leaves extract, caffeine, silk, coenzyme Q10, vitamin complex A, E, F-i am completely useless when it comes to ingredients but even i know that those are real good ingredients! My skin seems to reacts well with all of those stuffs listed, yes i've been paying more attention to ingredients in my skin cares, just a little bit...
The eye cream comes with a pretty large box (again, for an eye cream) sealed with plastic with all of the informations needed written on the box.
The eye cream itself comes in a medium sized (it's quite big that i almost thought i bought a hand cream by mistake LOLOLOL) squeeze tube made from good quality plastic
It has a regular twist off cap
They came sealed with an aluminum foil to ensure product's newness
The opening. It's quite large so just squeeze the tube gently to get the product out. It's slightly harder when you've used more than half of the tube because you'd need to squeeze it harder and that cause the product to be spilling out too much! I think they have improved the packaging with a smaller opening for their new products
The texture of the eye cream is actually more of a thick lotion than cream (it's not as heavy as cream). I am a bit scared of eye care products actually, those which i tried in the past tend to sting the skin around my eyes (because my skin in those areas are quite sensitive!) but thankfully this Eveline eye cream is not one of those! It's spreads easily, and get absorbed fast and leave my dry eye area softened and moisturized immediately.

You know i am sensitive to all kinds of scents (having said that, my taste in scents is not the same as everybody's, so what i find offensive often seems weird to people haha, and vice versa!) and i'm also not particularly fond of olive oil scent-which is definitely the main ingredient in this product! I did find the scent to not up to my taste (coz it's distinctively smells like olive oil, as expected), but i ceased to even be aware of the scent after using it for more than a week. Since then i am so used to the scent that i don't even feel like it smells like anything *LOL*. But if you dislike olive oil scent like me, it'll take around a week to get used to. It's a nice product though and it's worth battling the scent even if it's more offensive than it is hahaha.

Eveline Cosmetic claims this eye cream to absorbs easily and may be used as a makeup primer, i sure can vouch for that! It is moisturizing and softening without leaving any annoying trace behind. Some eye cares like serum and gel can dry off leaving sticky residues that makes makeup application blotchy, this also happens with thick eye creams-those are total nightmares to use under makeup because they make makeups appear uneven and ugly! Garden of Nature eye cream actually leaves my skin makeup ready and application's always effortless and flawless on top of it. Love it! It also claims to be good to sensitive skin, which i also can vouch for-no stinging sensation, just softness and moisturized skin all around! I also LOVE the fact that it has SPF so i got some UV protection for my peepers!

As for the long term claims (FYI, i began using this eye cream before i started using the TDF one, since the tube's quite huge, it was not even halfway finished when i made the switch. Then i picked it back up after the TDF was finished) for reducing wrinkles and puffiness... Well, i have yet to find any eye products that can reduce my fine lines (i don't have a lot of them though, just few tiny ones), while it certainly makes fine lines less visible under my makeup (they are not visible without makeup, actually), i don't see it reducing the fine lines. As puffiness, hmmm... I find eye gels and eye patches to work better to reduce puffiness (my eyes don't get puffy all that often anyway so it's not a big concern for me).

I only have only one problem with this product, that is it stings really bad if it accidentally gets into my eyes! Sometimes i watch movies or videos on youtube that makes me cry (yeah, i'm a cry baby, remember?) and that's bad news because that means the product would get into my eyes and makes me cry harder coz it hurts! LOL. But if you don't have problem with crying hahaha, then this should not be a problem whatsoever!

My eye area's skin concerns are : fine lines and dryness, Eveline Cosmetics eye crea, tackles the dryness problem wonderfully, and sorta do for the fine lines but not really hahaha. Overall i am quite satisfied with the results especially with the price, such a big tube that would lasts you months and months with daily use twice a day with very low price (it's very cheap for an eye cream, even on full price).

Sadly i cannot find any website still having this product on stock , it's quite possibly been discontinued already (story of my life *sigh*) although it is still listed on their USA website.  Weirdly enough, the line's night cream is still available! I noticed that they have a slightly similar product now but instead of olive and coenzyme q10, the ingredients now contains q10 and R anti wrinkle instead. It is currently on sale for USD 6.00 now (original price USD 14.20) at Sasa's website in case you're interested, if the other line's similar to this one then i think it should be pretty nice too.

I highly recommend this eye cream for everybody who has problems with dry skin on their eye area, sensitive to some forms of eye care products or just want to prevent aging signs (you should start the habit young, i was a bit late on the train! I would say that once you step into your 20s, you should start using eye cares daily) and looking for a nice and affordable product. I would not recommend this for those who are looking for a miracle product or expect this eye cream to be able to erase their wrinkles completely hehe.

I would definitely consider repurchasing it if it's still available, but since it doesn't seem to be i am interested in trying out the Q10+R Anti Wrinkle variant. This product was a nice introduction to Eveline Cosmetic to me and prompts me to try out their other products in the future.

What eye care are you currently using? Is it any good?


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