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Hellowwww :D!

How's everybody doinggg? I cannot believe it's only Saturday now *LOL*, the festivities had started since Wednesday for us-with Baby Boy and most of his cousins' holiday starting on Thursday (i mean Thursday was a national holiday, but most of them also got Friday off so it's a long long weekend for them), it sure felt like weekend came twice as fast for us and the result is this : me already feeling totally knackered when the weekend really start *LOL*.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd already know that we went for a family photo shoot yesterday, it was nothing like i imagined and turned to be a total fun day! I am very surprised *LOL*. Probably because there were so many of us and insanity from KC and CL has spread to most of the other members of the family (including the ones who are usually very serious) so.. There were plenty of insanity and even more laughter went down :).

I am also quite pleased with the raw result (we get to pick the photos right away before the photographer start working on editing), the photog's pretty good and he understood my concerns about my arms-he managed to get lots of shots where my arms looked small *LOL*. For the ones which didn't, i already badgered him to edit them to make them look smaller *LOLOLOL* *vain*. But actually my arms' probably getting a little more toned anyway since in the ones hunny and others took (the ones i uploaded in my IG) they also didn't look outrageously disgusting. Yay to yoga haha.

Anyway, since the festive feeling's definitely still in the air and i have no time to pick and prep the Chinese New Year photos yet-i decided to blog about something still in the theme : my Chinese New Year's Eve's outfit!
The lighting made the pictures a bit yellow, but i love them anyway!
I am not a huge fan of red clothing (i always associate them with Chinese New Year because my mum's adamant about us wearing reds in CNY-which pressurizes me to find red clothing-in multiple-every year, which in turn makes me dislike the color even more!) but around CNY i would be decked in them for days (plus our family photo shoot's theme was also dark red for the ladies FML) so i try my best to embrace it! I also pair the red with lots of black to tone it down a bit *LOL*
And they managed to give the outfit a bit of rocker's vibe, no?
These pictures were taken in JW Mariott hotel btw, that's where we had our family CNY dinner at
I don't normally shop for anything specific (or any occasion) because i only need to shop my own closet, i think i pretty much have every genre and style available in almost every color (i will have a hard time finding mustard colored stuffs though coz i dislike them for washing me out horribly, but that doesn't mean i won't find one or two in my new-with-tags-on massive stash anyway!)  possible so even though i don't have a LOT of red clothes... I still have enough (new ones) to last me at least 5 CNYs *LOL*. 

BUT, when i saw the glittery red dress in Cache Cache going for IDR 100.000 (original price was 400 something)-the equivalent of around USD 8, just a few weeks before CNY on a shopping date with G-i just couldn't resist >.<. Even the fact that it's the only piece left and one size too big didn't stop me from getting it-although i did have to keep on pulling it up throughout the night to stop myself from exposing my bra. The bra's new and uber cute, but still :p.

Did a pretty simple FOTD/MOTD too :
Products used : 
1. Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine BB Lotion
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral 3. DHC Medicated Acne Care 
4. Skin Food Rice Shimmer Powder (Buckwheat Loose Powder)
5. The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Petit I Cheek Stick in 03 Berry Pong Pong
6. Teen Teen 3D Powder Blusher 
7. elf Eye Primer
8. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Glitter Eyeshadow Palette in Lilac (used only the darkest, purplish brown color)
9. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
10. LT Pro Pencil Eyeliner 
11. Majolica Majorca Eyelash King Mascara
12. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
13. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Lip Balm in Tutti Frutti
14. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 045 Romantic
It was just a very simple look with one color eyeshadow (i'm lazy, i know), blush on and (of course) a red lips (if there's a time in the year when red lips is a must then it is now hahaha) that i did in less than half an hour coz we're running late as always-and my mum's throwing a tantrum *which also happens every year, she hates being late even though we have no time limit for the buffet dinner so i have no idea what we could be possibly late for anyway* so a more elaborate look was not an option *LOL*.

I decided to snap a pic of the dress when worn alone and would've just deleted them if none came out decent, but i think it's not so bad so here it is haha :
It's definitely pretty enough to be worn by itself, but imma i lose a few inches from my arms before i would even think about doing it. The red sash didn't come with the dress, it's from another piece of clothing-i felt like the dress lacked definition (and makes my waist looked big) so i added the sash to make it tighter and more shapely
I know that in the pictures taken in JW Mariott the details weren't that clear (especially the tone due to the lighting in the hotel), but as usual we've taken plenty of shots at home beforehand hehe!
I really love tulle (and chiffon... and organza... Those are definitely my fave materials!), but at times like these i really wish that i have petticoats to give the skirt more flare! Maybe i should invest in some!
People keep on telling me to embrace my chubby cheeks, so i am trying to :p. I can't promise i will smile in every picture, but at least i'd be smiling in some instead of none :)
Outfit details :
Cropped blazer with beads and chain details : Magnolia
Glittery red tulle dress : Cache Cache
Chanel perfume bottle bag : Online
Platform wedges : Online (it was less than 100k *LOL*)

The only catch (of the cheapo wedges) is that they're slightly tight that causes they zipper at the back to keep on zipping off by themselves zzzz. Any tips and tricks to overcome this problem?
Btw, how cute is this black Chanel perfume bottle bag? It's a replica obviously *not gonna spend a fortune on a novelty bag*, i also have one in clear (that i've featured here) but i was always in love with the black one first. The clear one was sent by mistake instead of the black one, since i liked it too i decided to keep it but of course i went and purchase the  black one too :p. My brother in law KW was really puzzled when he saw this and kept on asking "What IS that?" LOL
Extra : Hunny's OOTD!
3/4 Sleeved Tee : Uniqlo
Jeans : Bought in Matahari or Carrefour *LOL* (he bought two exact same one to save himself the "hassle" of shopping for more zzzz)
Shoes : Zara Men
Watch : Tissot

Most of the time he's dressed in the same old polo tee/tee so i don't bother to snap a pic lah *LOL*, but once in a while i get to dress him up and what's the best time to snap an outfit pic other than the first time he's wearing a new set (which is a must every CNY, we all have a few sets every year) AND after a great haircut? I think he looks super handsome, if i may say so myself :D!
You can also see Baby Boy's OOTD in this family pic hahaha
Btw... I really appreciate all the compliments that i got in my social medias regarding the family photoshoot's dress and makeup (i was quite surprised that so many people complimented me on the makeup, because honestly i didn't like it that much-but i do think it looks good in pictures-which is the whole purpose of course) but i just want to tell you that... I find comments like "OMG you look so skinny in these pictures!!!!" and "OMG you look SOOO DIFFERENT, soooo pretty!!! I really couldn't recognize you!!!!" to be more of an insult than a compliment *LOL*. Come on, how is being told that you look pretty that you're unrecognizable could possibly be a compliment??? It's like telling me i'm usually ugly okay!!!!

I know that most of you don't mean it that way, but if you really want to compliment someone (which goal is to make someone feel good about themselves, no?) do leave it to "You look good!" or if you want to take it up a notch "You look soooo pretty!" and leave it at that. You can even say "You look so different but very pretty still!", that way you get your point across and the person you complimented wouldn't feel like you're giving a backhanded compliment! Sorry for sounding like an ungrateful bitch, but i couldn't help but get a little upset when someone kept on badgering me about how different, unrecognizably pretty and skinny i was in the pictures WTF.

Rants done, imma leave you with my big family's pic taken that night, more about the CNY eve soon!

PS : My All About Fashion Giveaway is still on going! You have less than a week to join ^^!

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