Makassar Diary : Day 5&6 : Losari Beach and More Culinary!

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Heyllowww heyllowww!

Can you sense how eager i am to start blogging about my South Korean winter trip? I am speeding up my Makassar Diary as fast as i can (and i actually have uploaded the photos for the first part of the Korean trip series, it's gonna be longgg) so i am very happy that we've come to the last part of it! Nothing much happened on the 5th and 6th (when we went back to Surabaya) so i decided to chuck them all into just one post!

The only mildly exciting thing we did was revisiting Losari Beach to take more decent pictures!
Hah, i am quite unhappy about that guy accidentally photobombing me -___-
Anyway... Losari Beach was not until much later in the day. We had all day to kill and we were contemplating going to Bantimurung National Park, but the discussion about going there happened a bit late in the afternoon (it takes a few hours journey to reach) and it was on a weekend (i think Sunday) so we were also worried that it'd be super crowded zzzz. I must admit that i was quite disappointed because you know i'm a very touristy person and would always opt for tourism object than do anything else, especially something as boring as culinary hopping. AGAIN -____-. 

I probably never said this out loud, but this is precisely why i don't really like going on a trip with too many people if my mission is to really travel, too many people means too many opinions and destinations-which would end up in you not being able to do whatever you want to do/go where you want to go. My ideal travel partner for non-tour group trips would consist of... Hunny and Baby Boy. Or Hunny, Baby Boy, #Undecided and her hubby. Or hunny, Baby Boy and L. *LOL*. I am okay with any couple lah, just not too many of them at once (CL and KC are also nice travel companions, as well as LL and her hubby).

Anyway, since we had nothing to do-that's what we ended up doing mostly. Culinary. I didn't snap lots of pictures though (i must flipped through my old IG feed to even have any pictures to share since we didn't bother snapping any with our cameras anymore! The appeal of food photography has died on the third day or so *LOL*)...
I think we had noodles again that day???? I do love wonton noodles though so i am not complaining about it. I like to color-coordinate with my hunny and our color of the day was yellow, accidentally MD also wore yellow-hence the photo (with out photobomber haha)
Can you believe we went to Mama again?
I luv Makassar's ice desserts. Craving one now!
Went for konro, which i am NOT a fan of! Eh, i think i like the original konro soup, but i don't like the fried/grilled one... Or i didn't like the peanut sauce that came with it, they didn't go together right IMO! It didn't help that they served it cold...
Some of us also ended up having a durian party (i was not a part of it because i am not a fan. I used to be crazy about durian when i was little, i really have no idea why i don't like them now! I still like durian ice cream though, weirdly...)
Come to think of it... I don't like the aftertaste and the way my mouth and fingers smell afterward!
Told my crazy bro to pose like he's eating the shell and of course he obliged hehehe
We also went to check out DD and my other doctor cousin (can you believe that i do not remember that particular cousin's name right now? Darn... But i am serious -___-)'s boarding house and their mums and sisters ended up tidying the place up because men... Living alone... Especially men doctors who are doing their residency time... No time and no will to clean up!
My crazy big bro playing with one of my doctor cousin's stethoscope -___-
Remember i told you that i finally got to use my cheap-ass sunglasses hahaha, it looks expensive no?
Finally it was late afternoon and not too hot to go to Losari Beach to take pictures.
Ma parents. My mum's Chinese Zodiac's the ox, so whenever she sees an ox statue she'd immediately want to take pictures with it. Just like how i react whenever i see pig statues, i guess haha
I am my dad's eternal little girl, so he immediately insisted for me to take pictures with him as well... :p
Again, the famous sunset...
Me and my beloved husband
LOLOLOL... We're very rarely serious and that's probably why we're never bored of each other. It's a wonderful feeling when you know there's someone who'd never get bored or think badly about you. Whenever i get angry when someone's making stupid jokes about me, i should really think about how wonderful my husband is-and how that stupid person will never have a relationship like ours (sorry ah, very emo. This just happened a few days ago and i am still licking my wounds).
Family are those who never think that you're not pretty enough or skinny enough, screw those who do!!! Those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter.

Family #wefie
One mooo
I like how Makassar have so many of these photo-worthy blown up names! Very touristy bahahahaha
I was very adamant about taking a picture with the Losari sign (i mean... what's the point if we didn't??? It was the sole reason why we went there in the first place!) unfortunately my family consists of lazy cows *LOL* who were too lazy to walk the short distance to the sign, so hunny and i walked there by ourselves. Again, i scored for having someone who'd never say no to me :).
TOTALLY worth walking to! It's seriously wasn't that far anyway!
While we were snapping pictures (and got bugged by people talking in broken English because they thought we were Japanese/Korean tourists trying to sell us water bike sessions *LOL*), i noticed a light up headband seller. I was transfixed on the blue bunny earred headbands so hunny went to buy it for me. Did i mention that i have the sweetest hunny bun in the world?
I love how he UNDERSTANDS my quirkiness and instead of being annoyed about it, he embraced it ^^. Ladies, only settle down for the prince charming who accepts all of your weirness and flaws....

Selfie with my silly bro
Then somehow it became a marathon of putting the headband on random members of the family!
Cousins... And these are not even all of us hehe
Even managed to bug my aunt, RD's mum
Even my mum hihihiihihihi
Such a touristy pic *meaning : perfect* LOL
Maybe this guy imagined us being in that (sandy... touristy) type of beach *LOL*
We went back to the first seafood restaurant we went to on the first night for dinner because my mum was craving the fish with the black thingy *horrid blogger hahaha*. pretty much ordered the same stuffs as the first night so didn't bother to snap pictures... But here's a pic of an egg tart made by Lisa's mum instead!
I don't remember what we did next, went back to hotel and hang out in our own hotels, probably? Coz i have no more pictures of that day i assumed we called it a night!

Continuing on to the next day! We went to Aan Ping Lau for that divine chicken porridge and wonton noodle (i'm seriously not complaining, i can eat their porridge everyday for breakfast!) again-then we had some time to kill before my 'rents, hunny and i had to go to the airport to catch out flight back to Surabaya (we all took different flights and some family members already left/extending a few days) so we went round for last minute shopping (back to Cahaya), pick up foods we ordered and arranged to bring home (LOADS of them).

There's one place selling pig parts and it was very hard to find because it's not a regular restaurant/food shop! The store officially sells Buddist prayer items and we had to went in the inner, closed part after talking to a shopkeeper who approached us outside. It felt like we were drug dealing or something -___-. It didn't help that the uncle seller was half naked and talked to us while waving his huge chopping knife *LOL*. This place's located alongside the coffin shop that has coffin display outside so needless to say Makassar has some real unique characters!

We still had sometime to pass afterwards so we went to have some last ice Pallu Butung! Not to Mama again, thankfully hahaha.
Went to this place instead
What was attractive for me was the weird named menus (weird for us because we don't speak their language, of course)! The food itself weren't so weird, it's the name that was the cause of laughter! Jalang kate (in Indonesian jalang means slutty and kate means shorty, so imagine the hilarity of a food called short slut!) and kalakke're especially (kere means poor in Javanese).
Looks like the normal pastel (Indonesian pastries)... It's either the jalang kate or kalakke're
But with more stuffings. It was okay, but i prefer my usual pastel
Es Pisang Ijo
CL prefers this than Mama's because of the sum sum (the slimy white thing), while i prefer Mama's coz it's sweeter, not that i'm into sweet things, but these iced desserts are total exception
Again, it's either the jalang kate or the kalakke're *LOL*, yes yes we ordered them just because of their names :p. It's a light crispy cookie with an interesting shape
Which started a series of another silliness
White it is very Tuxedo Mask (if you're 80s children you'd understand... I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan hehehe), i am more creative than that
It can also be a fake mustache
Or hairbow
Can be used as tie as well hahahaha
But seriously, it's supposed to be the cookie to accompany a glass of coffee ^^
My rents, hunny and i had to say goodbye in the middle of all that because we prefer to always be early and wait in the airport-which means we've come the end of our Makassar trip! Such a fun, fat inducing trip that bonded us with our extended family better! I believe this kind of trip's essential from time to time to make sure we still feel like a family because it's very rare that so many of us are together, let alone somewhere outside Banjarmasin/Surabaya! I hope to have another extended family trip/reunion again soon!

Imma leave you with this mirror wefie that we took on the second day but forgot to include in the said post hehe. I hope you look forward to my South Korean trip posts!

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  1. Traveling with your loved ones is the best thing in the world. I think there's nothing you can trade with that kind of experience. Seeing how happy you were in all those pictures is really great. I love how you plan on doing matchy colors with your husband and there's another girl who also dressed in yellow. What a coincidence! :)

    1. Yes, it is wonderful ^^! I used to be very meticulous about always matching my husband, but after almost 8 years of marriage sometimes i slack off haha