Clean-O-Matter 06 : Follow Me Oil Control+Whitening Anti Shine Cleanser

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Hey hey...

HOW IS THIS THE SECOND MONTH OF 2015 ALREADY! Mentally i'm somewhere in mid 2014 -___- LOL. Time flies so fast when you're older *sigh*. Anyway....

Remember the last time i told you i'm trying to be more diligent when it comes to product reviews? Sigh... Yeah... Actually i think i review products and services quite often in this blog lately, problem is... They're all sponsored/advertisement, which means i did feel obligated to review them quickly, that resulting in my non-sponsored products got shoved back so far, i don't even remember them anymore. I have backlogs from 2013 WTF is wrong with me...

Anyhoo, better late than never is my motto now *LOL* and here i am with Arum would describe as "Zimbabwe products" LOL. Not literally from Zimbabwe lah, more like... Not available in Indonesia (and probably won't be easy to find online as well :P) :
Follow Me Oil Control+Whitening Anti Shine Cleanser
Instead of Zimbabwe, Follow Me is actually from Malaysia (but developed in Japan) and part of the Tohtonku company. Their products are easily available in Malaysia and Singapore's drugstores and i've heard about the brand since i was little from my mum-so it's been around forever haha. I honestly have no idea if you can find this locally (in Indonesia) because they claim their products to be popular in Indonesia as well, but i never saw Follow Me products in my city *maybe in Jakarta, coz they got plenty more brands than poor us in Surabaya, we're forever the step child in this case hahaha*.

I bought the Oil Control+Whitening Anti Shine Cleanser (my God that's so long! Let me just shortened it to Oil Control Cleanser from now on okay) in either in Singapore or Malaysia-i honestly cannot remember-in one of my countless drugstore shopping sprees. I tend to just pick many different brands without really thinking because i like to try new things, but this product obviously attracted me with its oil control promises, i am forever battling my built-in oil tank, you see :D.

Let's see the (very old) pic of my own bottle of the cleanser :
Sorry ya, last time i anyhow just snap product pictures wherever and however :p. Now i am much better and try to take nicer pictures of course, just bear with me while i clear my old products review list okayyy
Packaging wise, it's definitely nothing special. Just your regular squeeze tube with flip top made from decent quality plastic that ensure it won't break or leak. I have plenty of experiences with broken flip tops, or those which refuse to close properly after a few use. No such problems with this. It's simple, not interesting *LOL* but it works and is secure. The main color is white with lovely neon green accents-the usual color combo for oil control/acne preventing products.
Oh yeah, it is certified Halal already so my Moslem readers should feel at ease if they want to try this product out!
It contains Sea Algae to reduce excess sebum and unclogs pores, Tea Tree Oil to reduce blemishes and appearance of large pores, Solar White C for fairer skin and minimizes pigmentation plus Pre-Biotic that stimulates and maintains balance of friendly bacteria on the skin.
Sorry the picture's so blurry T.T and now the product's finished so i cannot retake the pic >.<
The texture of this cleanser is thick cream and white in color. Unlike some cleansers (that look as thick as this Follow Me cleanser) which would feel very dense/solid and draggy when lathered, Follow Me Oil Control cleanser actually feels super creamy and soft instead. I usually prefer gel-consistency facial washes because i hate the sticky feeling that some creamy facial washes leave (and the draggy feeling while being lathered) but i love Follow Me Oil Control cleanser because it possess none of the bad qualities i hate from those thick cream facial washes type that promise to control your oil.
The consistency is thick enough that it doesn't drip when being tilted like this!
Follow Me Oil Control cleanser turns into a soft paste when it got in contact with water (so it's more pasty than foamy), it has a minty, refreshing scent which i do not find offensive in anyway. In fact, i find the scent to be uplifting instead. I know tea tree scents can be unfavorable for some people (i don't mind it too much), but the scent in this cleanser is subtle enough so it shouldn't be a problem (the tea tree scent's the one that's subtle okay, it still has a pretty noticable minty scent that might not be everybody's favorite).
As it is creamy and soft, it feels very gentle on my skin. It leaves a cooling sensation afterward, but nothing too harsh. Some cleansers have such a strong minty sensation on my skin that it stings a bit when my skin's feeling a bit sensitive, but that didn't happen with this cleanser. I love how cool and refreshing it is against my skin!

It claims to :  Works by deep cleansing your skin & removing excess oil. It washes away impurities and oil to reveal a smoother and fairer complexion. It has a non-drying effect on skin.

What do i think about those claims? It does cleanse my skin very very well and remove all excess oil from my skin (but i don't think it reduces the oil production on my skin though). As for smoother and fairer complexion? Well, it does leave my skin soft and supple-but i don't know about the whitening effect. I never specifically look for whitening effects anyway (because 1. I am already very fair and 2. I do not believe that fair = pretty. Beauty comes with all colors-and sizes!). And it is non-drying for my very oily skin (but still manages to make my skin feels very clean)

I also believe that when i was using this cleanser, my skin behaved! LOL. It is not acne prone in the first place, but some products help maintain the acne free-ness of my skin better than others, Follow Me Oil Control definitely one of those that helps, but it definitely did not make my pores appear any smaller hahaha.

I obviously do not remember how much i paid for this cleanser, but after some Googling, i come to the conclusion that it is retailing at around RM 9.90-or around IDR 35.000 with current exchange rate. It's in the normal drugstore cleanser price range category, but certainly not what i'd describe as dirt cheap (coz we have cleansers as low as IDR 13.000 here...).

In conclusion, it's a nice drugstore facial cleanser that works pretty well especially for oily skin (i do not recommend this for people with dry skin-although hunny used this and nothing bad happened, but i believe in using products that caters for your skin needs so maybe it's better if dry skinned people stick to cleansers that are specifically formulated for their skin type!), it eliminates excess oil, giving skin a soft and refreshed feeling.

I would recommend this for those with oily skin and looking for a fuss-free, refreshing cleanser that is not too expensive (oh and those who are living/often travel to Malaysia/Singapore hehe, i'm not sure which other countries they are available in for sure). Would not really recommend this for those with dry skin because i do not feel that this would be beneficial for them.

Would i repurchase it? I already stated before, i like to try out different products-while i do not like to experiment with my skin care, i do not care so much when it comes to facial washes (coz my facial skin's not really sensitive and all facial washes i've tried work at least okay for me) so i would most probably be attracted to other brands/types the next time i'm in Singapore/Malaysia, but if it's on a huge promo or i have run out of brands/types that i have never tried before (yeah, fat chance of that! New brands are popping up everyday, not to mention old brands also come up with new variants all the time!) then i definitely would. It is good enough to be purchased repeatedly, i believe.

Have you ever heard the brand Follow Me before? Have you ever tried their products?
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  1. looks interesting ^^

    Fairuz Inas

  2. I like that the texture is creamy and soft with a cooling effect. Anything with "mentholizing" feeling makes me relax more, but if it's too much though, it might also leave some pain. I hope that it's not the case here. Overall, I would try this product. RM 9.90 is considerably affordable and a decent price to pay for this good cleanser.

    1. Yes, i also love anything with minty feeling hehehe and you're right, thankfully this one has the right amount of cooling feeling!

  3. Now in the market don't have any more... :(