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Hello hellooo ^^.

Today i want to introduce to you another awesome Indonesian brand cosmetics :
Zoya Cosmetics
Actually Zoya Cosmetics has been around for a bit, so maybe some of you already heard about this brand? If not Zoya cosmetics, then at least you must've heard about the brand Zoya itself, which started as a Muslim clothing line and expanded into cosmetics afterwards. 

I personally have heard about this brand for a while (well, i am a beauty blogger and it's kind of comes with the territory to know about cosmetic brands and all haha), i also saw some of my fellow bloggers reviewing their products sometime ago, but only now i have the pleasure to try out their products. I want to thank Zoya Cosmetics for sending me these :
I heard that these that they sent me are their newer products in addition to their existing line, how exciting!
As i'm going to review all four products one by one, please be advised that this is going to be quite a long post with lots of photos. So please make youself comfortable. Grab a drink or something hehe.

Let's start with the base!
Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream (only available in one shade : Translucent), 20 ml, IDR 66.000 comes with a simple white cardboard box with pink writings
Information on the company and manufacturer, POM number and expiry date
Complete list of the ingredients available on the box
I personally find the outer packaging of the CC Cream to be very plain, but when i opened it-i was pleasantly surprised at the nice tube packaging
Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream comes in a squeeze tube but uniquely with a pump dispenser. I know there are some products on the market with this kind of packaging, but this is my first >.<. I am strongly attracted to the pale pink tube with silver and white writings, it looks so much more expensive than the actual price hehe
Information of the CC Cream can also be found at the back of the tube. I like how the tube feels sturdy and has a nice weight to it, despite its small size
Dispense the CC Cream by pumping, it might need a little help by squeezing the tube too-it took me quite sometime to get the product to be pumped out!
The shade translucent looks sort of beige, it's quite light and i'm not sure how it'd react to darker skin tones-it works quite fine for my pale, fair skin. It's quite runny (not drippy though) and light, it spreads quite easily (you might need to blend a little more if you're using brush like me, because of its light texture-it is prone to streakiness)
Let me show you my skin condition first :
My skin is generally fine except for the chin part. I just have a lot of redness and uneven skin tone, so i was excited to try out this CC Cream!
I have a lot of white heads on my chin (it's frustrating!!!) and they turn red after a facial session >.<
And this is how it looks after applying the CC Cream :
It's a CC Cream not a BB Cream so the coverage is super light, but it works to even out my skin tone and conceal the redness-so it really does what they claim! I would suggest this CC Cream for people with minimal skin problems though, who are looking for a light (it feels super light and cooling when used!) base to even out their skin tone. I wouldn't recommend this for those who are looking for coverage, because it can't conceal my red facial marks that's more pronounced.

This CC Cream has a refreshing, non-offensive scent that doesn't bother me at all. I've been using it a few times and it doesn't break me out or give me white/black heads. I like it! 

I personally prefer to use this CC Cream with compact powder that has a bit of a coverage :
Here i'm setting it with Face on Face Compact powder, it's totally perfect together!
The next item is :
Zoya Cosmetics Blotting Powder, 5gr IDR 46.000
Like the CC Cream, the blotting powder also comes with a simple white cardboard box. On the back you can find all the information on the powder
Again, i was surprised at how nice the compact powder case is!
The blotting powder is small (well, it is a BLOTTING powder, it should be small so you can bring it around in your makeup pouch for quick touch ups) and comes in a rounded compact. The lid is white with pink writings, and the lower part's half transparent. Again, it oozes classiness superior to its price
The compact powder case is made from nice quality plastic, again it doesn't feel flimsy or fragile
There's also a small mirror and a teeny tiny little puff that works okay to get the powder on
It also only comes in one shade, Translucent, as it is designed to blot out extra oil and mattify your skin without adding extra color on (you know when you have that perfect foundation shade and you do not want your setting powder to ruin it because it's not the exact matching shade? Well, this is the answer to that)
The texture of this blotting powder is kinda dry, when i touch it and run my finger lightly on the surface, hardly any powder transferred to my finger. I must tap the puff repeatedly on the powder to use on my entire face haha. It has no coverage whatsoever (it is not designed for coverage, you see), but it does leave a whitish cast on my face (so it might be worse on darker skinned-people). It's not so bad though, after a while it sort of melts or blend into the base so it doesn't look too white or anything.

I tried using it on top of the CC Cream :
It was fine but as the CC Cream also has very little (almost none haha) coverage, using this blotting powder actually makes my skin looks a bit patchy. I decided to top it off with Face on Face powder on top of it because i didn't like how the CC Cream and the Blotter Powder looks on their own >.<
It's much nicer to use for setting a foundation or BB Cream with some coverage, here i am using it on top of my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
It really does work wonderfully to eliminate oil and shininess, so it's something i'd definitely recommend to invest on for people with oily skin like mine. The usage i would divide into two, one to set your foundie on (make sure it has the coverage you need first, because you won't be getting any from this powder!), it does make my skin oil-free much longer than when i use my other powders-and two, for touch up purposes.

Be advised that if your base makeup is very sheer/light, you would need another powder on top of this one-but you can use this to prevent your skin from getting too oily too fast. I personally am not a person who would use three layers base so i would be using it with my BB Cream/foundie which has some coverage and definitely not with the CC Cream.

Next is my favorite product (because you know i'm all about lips nowadays!) :
Zoya Cosmetics Lip Paint in Pink Powder. Sorry, i cannot link this product to where you can buy it because i can't find it in their webstore. The one that i got has "sample" written on it so maybe it's not released yet? I also have no idea about the pricing yet (UPDATE : Apparently they sell their products via Instagram now, you can check their Instagram for pricing and promo as well as the contacts for purchasing! They were having a promotion on lip paint, IDR 110.000 for a pack of two! Unfortunately i think the promotion ended already but individually the lip paint is sold at IDR 62.000!)
It comes in a chubby tube dominated with white color
The ingredient list
The body of the tube is actually transparent but wrapped with a white sticker. You can peek at the color at the bottom
The applicator. I am not an expert when it comes to applicators, but i personally find it to be quite easy to maneuver, it's not too small that you need to keep on dipping to get more products on, also not too large that precise application is hard to do. I have no problem whatsoever applying this lip paint!
The color on the tube looks muted, almost dusty. But on my lips, it turned quite bright, almost fuschia!
I am not a fan of matte lipsticks, i was never swayed with all the craze over matte lip creams, but this lip paint is pretty awesome! It's super pigmented that one swipe gives you the product's true color, it spreads easily and evenly and it dries pretty fast without sticky feeling. 

It's quite drying (but it doesn't dry out my lips at all, it just gives a dry feeling because of its matteness) so i don't dare using it on its own, always on top of moisturizing lip balm. Even on top of slippery lip balm, it lasts all day-it does fade in the inner part if i eat heavily-but the remnants would still be vivid enough. It claims to be transfer-proof, but maybe because i use it with slippery lip balm-it still transfers a bit (to the straw, mug, etc), but not too much. I also don't find it bothersome to remove. 

It has a artificial, sweet scent (almost like cookie haha), it doesn't bother me a lot-and it disappear once you finished applying. I like it quite a lot, it's super bright and light up my face immediately, i keep on reaching for it lately! Zoya Lip Paint is available in 7 shades and i really want to get my hands on their other shades!
The last but not least :
Zoya Ultimate Eyeliner, 0,28gr. I also cannot find this product on their webstore so i have no idea how much it cost
The ingredients
A bit more
The shade is 01 Black Ink. On the catalog that i receive along with the package, there are no other color listed for this product
How it looks after i removed the clear plastic with ingredient list on it
The ultimate eyeliner looks pretty much like any other crayon shaped, retractable eyeliner
Because of my previous bad experience with such eyeliner, i was a bit anxious when i tried it out-i didn't have to be haha. It is super pigmented (jet black in one swipe!), creamy, soft but not fragile, and it's easy to draw using it.
It does transfer to my upper lid a bit, but not too badly. I love using it on my waterline, it lasts all day even after i sweat a lot! I don't find eyeliner all that exciting, but Zoya Ultimate Eyeliner truly is pretty awesome! Recommended if you're looking for a very pigmented, creamy, sets almost immediately eyeliner-it's not perfect (it still smudges if you have oily eyes), but it's close!
Using all four products in this looks (with Mai Doll Liquid Eyeliner and Canmake blush on), under artificial light
Under direct sunlight
5 hours later, after a sweaty outdoor photoshoot and serious eating hahaha :
CC Cream still on, eyeliner (which i wore on my waterline only) a bit patchy but still there and not smudging, lip paint fading but still there too
I am definitely quite impressed with all four products! I can safely say that Zoya Cosmetics products are preettty awesomeeeee! The price range is not bad also! Now i am dying to get my hands on their other products (i must list : the BB Cream, ultramatte lipstick, ultramoisse lipstick, ultrashine lipgloss, blush on, eyeshadow... also the coloring eyebrow! Well, i pretty much want everything >.<. Including the makeup remover!). FYI, they're having some big sale on some of their products at their website, better grab them before they're sold out!

Thank you again to Zoya Cosmetics for giving me the chance to try out their awesome products!

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