Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

11:49:00 PM

Gong xi fat choi!!!
From my big family :D!
Just dropping by real quick to wish you all (who celebrate) a very happy Chinese New Year! May the goat year brings all the positive things we can all ever ask for :D! Health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, luck, joy and most important of all : love!

I had a wonderful Chinese New Year with my big family and been laughing practically nonstop the whole day, i take it as a VERY positive hint that this year would be the year of happiness and laughter :D! 

Will definitely do special posts for Chinese New Year (for faster photo update you can give me a follow on my Instagram ^^), but i gotta go rest now because we have the (for me, at least) dreaded family photo shoot (I'll take DIY photo shoots anyday -___-) and some of us (including me) have to start getting ready at 7 (that's when our make up artist's coming *___*!

Hope you Chinese New Year's as wonderful as ours :D!
I may have taken the "wear new things on CNY" thing too far because even my makeup pouch's new...

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  1. serunya ngumpul2 gitu... bikin iri nih... :D

    gong xi fa cai ya!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you (and the Chinese New Year lasts for a month so this reply is not too late hahaha)