Black, White and Red Are Match Made in Fashion Heaven

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Hey hey ^^.

Usually i try to post outfit pictures before the event where i wear the outfit to, but sometimes the event is too exciting that i feel like i should blog about it ASAP-or i got distracted by other posts *LOL*. This outfit is what i wore to Av's birthday bash. Yes, on November. Don't worry, i have outfits from 2013 that i might post here when i'm bored #LOL. Hey, there are such thing as "throwback" and "walking down the memory lane #queenofexcuses.
Look how bitchy my face is in this pic. Red lips+resting bitch face=sinetron's antagonist's lookalike *sigh*. I need to remember to SMILE when i wear red lippies!!!
I used to be very self-conscious about taking outfit pictures on public, but gradually i learn to care a bit less about the stares of strangers *LOL*. Especially when there are a lot of friends around, then i care even less :p.
LOL at my come hither stare :p
The black dress i was wearing is actually around one/two size too big (this happens a lot when you bargain shopping *LOL*, what's left on the sale section are usually ridiculously small or ridiculously big, despite being somewhat of a giant for an Asian girl, i am apparently wearing a very popular size) and it's a tube dress so... I was in danger of losing the dress one too may times during the evening hahaha
If you've been following this blog for a while then you'd know that my style normally is a lot girlier with floaty dresses, but there are days when i feel like i can pull off maturer, dare-i-say slightly sexy look. That day was one of those rare days hahaha. I love love love structured blazer and i couldn't snap it fast enough when i saw it on sale in Cotton On (IDR 150.000?) . I love to pair it with dresses and even pants when i feel like i want to rock a more boyish look (that is even rarer days, but it happens hahaha). When i love something, i want to own it in thousands of different colors zzzz. It'd be pretty amazing with patterns too! Floral, stripes, polkadots... The possibilities are endless! Now i wish i could say the same about my closet space....

My #FOTD :
I immediately planned on wearing a deep red lipstick once i heard that the dress code was Black & White, red lips is the best accessory for monochromatic outfits! I like to wear natural, almost nude eye shadows when i'm wearing red lipsticks, but on special occasions i also like to pair it with a more dramatic eyeshadow. Since this look was for a birthday party, i decided it wouldn't hurt to give my eye makeup more effort hehe.
One needs to be very meticulous when using bold lip colors, that i need to practice on for sure. Seems like i missed the corners of my lips in this pic!
Thick eyeliner combined with pearly white eyeliner to widen my eyes
Red lips emphasize the paleness of my complexion-this makes me very Geisha looking most of the time -___- but i don't mind hahaha
List of products used :
1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB 
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
3. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
4. Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu Two Way Cake
5. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder (to highlight my nose bridge)
6.  e.l.f Eye Primer  
7.  C/o Collection Work the Color Trio (3, Smoke Screen)
8. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner  
9. Unbranded Cream Silver Liner
10. Unbranded red blush on from a makeup palette (Bought in Sogo)
11. Oriflame Tender Care 

12. Pixy Moisture Lipstick in R-01

Can you believe that gorgeous deep red lipstick is IDR 16.000 (around USD 1.20!)? I'm in love with it! I fell so fast and hard for Pixy now i bought loads of their products since zzz. But seriously, i cannot recommend it enough if you're looking for a darker deep red but doesn't want to break the bank-or not sure if you'll like it, with IDR 16.000 you can simply give it away to a friend if you dislike it, right? No heartache. LOL.

As for accessories, i decided to wear one of my biggest statement necklace, since the outfit's pretty simple! I really do love statement necklaces, i just don't wear them enough because most of my clothes are too loud already! No bracelet because i was wearing a long sleeved blazer (what's the point?) and i think i even forgot to wear earrings for once (or just forgot to snap a picture of) but i did wear this beautiful diamente star fish and pearl ring that i've had forever but never worn yet because it's a little too grown up/classy for my usual attires :p.
Zara inspired crystal statement necklace : Av's Online Shop!
Starfish and Pearl Ring : a boutique in Ps Atum (i do not remember the name >.< but they used to have an outlet in TP too)
The pictures couldn't capture the real item's beauty *sigh*, it's really sparkly and pretty!
Because my arms are twice the size i want them to be *LOL WTF*, i will never wear this dress by itself (i remember when i was young and skinny, i found my friend who never wears sleeveless or even short sleeved clothes because she thinks her arms are huge to be weird-i guess karma really is a bitch! LOL. I have not worn sleeveless clothes *except in Bali, it's a total exception!* for 5 or 6 years now, and probably never will again because even though i lost quite some weight lately, my arms stubbornly refuse to be slimmer-they are more toned because i do yoga regularly, but super stocky and even a bit muscular zzzzzz. Sometimes i want to chop the extra fat off and feed it to the hungry hehehe), but with mirror selfie you can always adjust your positioning and angling to make yourself a lot slimmer, so here's one to show you how the dress looks on its own :
I paired the outfit with a black heart shaped little bag, but since it's the same color as the skirt you can hardly see it *sigh*
Outfit details :
Black tube dress with white lace : Sogo Department Store (i do not remember the brand >.<, i think it was either Panelli or Vornera)
White Blazer : Cotton On
Shoes : Everbest
Bag : N.Y.L.A

I have a love-hate relationship with this bag, i love how cute it is but i HATE the fact that it stains! I got two other bags ruined because i placed it beside this heart shaped bag! Oh and the awkward length (actually i just dislike shoulder bags hehe) chain is super fragile, i snapped it off accidentally. No matter, i actually prefer it to be a clutch anyway!
I definitely mentioned this before, i love black and white and i have other black and white outfit posts to share, i just need to find the will to prep them...
One outfit snap with the birthday girl, i LOVE her skirt!
And one more with Le BFFs!
I should be writing my monthly movie reviews, but oh-so-lazy.... I hope i'd be a little less lazy tomorrow >.<!


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  1. I love this outfit. Monochrome is one of my favourite looks. Maybe focus on all the good things your arms do for you next time you feel bad about their appearance? That usually works for me. :)

    1. Thank you for your advise dear, i wish i could be as positive as you do ^^. I just find it hard to be positive about my body when people keeps on reminding me whatever's wrong with them. People sucks hahaha