Shades of Red

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Haiii :D!

Hm... Not sure if the title is inspired by Fifty Shades of Gray. Probably, coz i'm pretty annoyed that it's not going to show in Indonesia (not that i expect it to. Pffffftttt). I know the world is divided in two, those who love Fifty Shades of Gray and those who detest it and think it's the worst book ever written. I happen to be the former. It's not Harry Potter or Twilight (or even Mortal Instruments), but i enjoyed the books a lot. Well, the second and last, i really hated Christian in the first book. Talking about this makes me feel like rereading them, which is a problem because i don't own any! #Undecided lent them to me on our book swaps (hey, it's been ages since the last time we did that!). *Sigh*.

Anyway, this post got nothing to do with Fifty Shades of Gray, it's actually my Chinese New Year's outfits! Since they were all red... I thought the title is fitting haha.
Errrr yeah, the first and second outfit's just a little bit different (i just changed top and added belt). I'll explain later! First, let's take a look of my (again, simple and done in a hurry-which is the only type of makeup i do lately :p) FOTD/MOTD :
I didn't even wear mascara *LOL*. We're just celebrating with family and go to some relatives' anyway, no need too much makeup okay! 

Here is the list of products used :
1. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All in One Moisturizer with BB Finish
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. SilkyGirl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation in 01 Fair
4. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Pearl In Eyeshadow A : Natural Brown (only used the lightest and darkest color)
5. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
6. Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher in #4 Smile Peach (that doesn't show on my skin AT ALL so i added no 7 on top)
7. Teen Teen 3D Powder Blusher
8. Esprique Precious Double Shine Powder
9. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care Tinted Lip Balm in Cranberry Jam
The only expensive thing i wore on my face that day was my concealer and finishing powder (that i only used to highlight my nose bridge, as usual) :p
My fave selfie that day with the (then) brand new rabbit pouch (from Daiso!)
Now let's talk about my first outfit!
My parents decided to buy these holiday tee (if those in four seasoned countries have Christmas sweaters, we have Chinese New Year tees hahaha) in bulk for the entire family (well, except my mum who NEVER wear tees. Unless someone died and she has to wear plain white tee *LOL*) as uniform family tee
So for convenience sake i decided to wear a two piece instead of my usual red dress (coz i want to change out of the tee when everybody else do)
Unfortunately for some reason my dad decided to buy "one size fit all" L size *___*. They were super tight on the guys and super loose on the ladies. It was 2-3 sizes too big for me and i looked like i was wearing my hunny's tee to sleep (which i usually do). I decided to tuck it in to make it less frumpy :p

We all just wore it mainly for photo taking and then took them off again (because everybody's wearing nice clothes that they want to show off haha)-i wore it as a house tee immediately hahaha. Since i don't have a lot of (new) red tops, i had to settle for this plain sabrina cut top i found somewhere in my forgotten stash *LOL*.
Decided to take a "Syahrini" shot by posing in front of my sis' Mercedes *LOLOLOLOL*. Never mind those people in the back...
I have no idea why but even though we go to L's house every year (her grandma's our eldest living relative in our extended family in Surabaya so we have to go to her place), we always managed to get lost. Except that hunny didn't (but the other cars all did) so we arrived much earlier and i decided to have a little photo shoot hehehe. Unfortunately the wind was strong and blew my skirt unattractively so i only have very little photos that are uploadable :(
Like this zzzz. Looks like i have a gigantic butt and hips in this pic (i don't) *LOL*. But i like the pose so... 
Anyway, here's the outfit details :
Plain Sabrina Red Top : Online
Braided Belt : Jakarta
Midi Flare Skirt : Michie House, MKG (Jakarta)
Shoes : Bugis Junction, Singapore 
Bag : Forever 21

I bought that bag when it was on a flash sale last December (40% off, when i returned to Forever 21 two weeks later the price's back to normal already) and since it's the only bag in my pile of new bags that seems to go with my outfits, i decided it should be my Chinese New Year 2015's bag *LOL*. I've been wanting a formal, office lady looking bag lately for some (unexplainable) reasons-and i think this bag's very OL! It's also HUGE but with that kind of handle i cannot bring too many things (although i can store a lot of things) without making my arms hurts so it kinda defeat the purpose *LOL*.
Like all very traditional Chinese people, i only wear genuine gold jewelries on CNY but decided that my Valentine's gift Furla leather wrap bracelet is posh enough to be worn that day hahaha
One of my biggest fears in shopping category is buying a piece that i already have (because i shop so much i have difficulties remembering what i've already bought or not, and since i have very specific taste, i tend to gravitate towards the same thing!)-and yeppp. It finally happened *___*. I was (and still am, actually) OBSESSED with these structured flare midi skirts and i decided to buy this taffeta skirt in many colors. Somehow i THOUGHT i didn't buy the black one (impossible, now that i think about it! I love black!), so when i saw a similar skirt in Magnolia a few weeks ago, i bought it *____*. Then when i was rummaging through my Jakarta haul stash to find this skirt, i saw the black one *THE HORROR!!!*. Thankfully L who was looking for a CNY outfit (at the last minutes, as usual) wanted the skirt and asked me to sell it to her! Yay!!!
That's why we were so matchy matchy on CNY hahaha
Btw, when i posted my CNY photos on my IG, some of them were barefooted like this photo above and some pervert with foot fetish left a comment asking us to stamp on him with our foot and then he'll lick our.... WTF. Some people are sick.

Anyway! Moving on to outfit #3 that i changed into for dinner in my sis' place. It was very casual (the hostess were in sleeping wear? LOL) but i decided to wear one of my more casual (but still not very casual. I am simply not a casual person i guess) dresses because it's red and i don't really break out my red dresses unless it's CNY *LOL*.
I am not the kind of girl who washes her face if the day's not ended yet so i still had my makeup on, just refreshened them up a bit *LOL*-oh and changed my lip color to NYX Round Lipstick in LSS 507 Tangerine
I wore this bright red dress that is plain, loose and very comfortable-and yet i was still overdressed *LOL*
That fun bright pink (and purple, i forgot to snap a close up pic of them!) flat shoes were gifts from L for my bday... Two years ago WTF. And yes, i never wore them before *LOL*. Btw L, it's one size too big... :p
Outfit List :
Bright Red Dress : Online

Bow Skinny Belt : Can't remember. Pretty sure it's from another dress
Shoes : gift from L (Marie Claire)

No, i didn't bother changing my bag. I still wear it until today coz i'm lazy like that *LOL*.
That's all for today, folks! Hope you enjoyed this post! Oh, i also want to remind you that tomorrow's the last day to enter my All About Fashion Giveaway, so if you're keen on winning one of three sets with total value more than IDR 1.000.000, do join in ASAP!


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  1. aaa cantik nya, red red <3 .

  2. You look great in red. I love outfit #2 best. :)

    1. Thank you! I liked it best too although the material and the 3/4 sleeves made me sweat a bucket!