Halloween Nails by Kiki Coroline (SPONSORED) + Announcement

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Are you guys excited for Halloween??? I sure am!

Well, i won't be doing anything special actually *LOL*, not like i have a party to attend to or whatever, but i will be having some activities and decided to dress up (although not really in full costume, just wear stuffs a bit weirder than how i usually dress-which is already quite weird i guess *LOL*) so i'm amped!!!

So in the spirit oh ghosts, ghouls and everything scary, Kiki made these Halloween inspired nail art for me!
Aren't they adorbs???
FYI, i have two other nail arts before this that i haven't blog about, but i have to jump this one up the queue since it's seasonal!

So here's the low down!
The Nail Artist
Prepping aluminum foil to remove the previous nail art
Soak soak...
As usual, since the quality of the nail art's so good, it took a while for Kiki to remove them
It broke her heart but i forced Kiki (threatened her and all, basically. If she doesn't cut them then i'll chop them all off myself -___-) to cut my nail short (er). Not as short as i'd like them to be,  but better. They were getting crazy long and i kept on hurting myself with them!
Applying the base color
Very dark purple, i like!
Then this is the nail artist trying to find inspiration on what to make hahaha
If you book an appointment with Kiki, you can tell her whatever design you want, i'm sure she can find a way to make your dream nails a reality. You can also discuss with her about the design beforehand so she can prepare the products to use-but with me... Well, i very rarely have any design in mind (except some very vague theme. I already asked Kiki to make me Sailor Moon nails next!) and let her come up with them-and she always comes up with them on the spot haha. Talk about impulsive, i guess she's good with pressures?
Instead of acrylic powder, she's using 3D gel this time round. Took more time, more hassle, but as Kiki puts it "healthier for the lungs!" (You can buy 3D gels from Me-Nail, of course)
The way i see it, making stuffs from 3D gel is like playing with play dough *LOL*, you shape it any way you want but in much smaller scale since it'd be on your nails! You can also pick up some tips when using 3D gel from Kiki : prepare a cuticle oil so you can clean off your hands every time you finish a shape so the color don't mix and doesn't stain your fingers!
I'd go crazy if i have to do make one myself -___-. Anyway, 3D gel won't dry unless you cure them with UV lighting so you can totally take your time to create the shape that you want. The down side? You need to cure it EVERY SINGLE time you succeed. This means up to 5x cure time per nail if the design's rather complicated!
Work in progress. Bloodied rose down, and the white lump that looks like a marshmallow? It's a ghost *LOL*
You need to be highly artistic to make 3D nail arts, and patient too!
I was fascinated because the bow on the skull's light up when put under UV lamp hahaha
Kiki decided to make different designs on each nails (except for pinkies and thumbs), look at how cute the pumpkin already looking!
Used a lot of different colored 3D gels for the kawaii Halloween nails
I'm getting better at making videos using my Iphone, here's the process in a flash hahaha.

I guess Kiki always remembers my Japanese inspired style whenever she does my nails *LOL* so instead of a full on gothic, dark Halloween nails, she made me super kawaii Halloween nails instead!
Meticulous details in each nails. Look, even the ghosts are paired up-one boy and one girl hahaha
My personal fave's the pumpkin and the bloodied eyeballs!
I also love how Kiki used mostly water drop-looking gems instead of the normal swarovskis, they go so much better with the theme!
I got lots of questions and comments about my nails, if they are heavy (NO), if they got stuck on things (occasionally, mostly on bath lillies. But actually they're quite fine coz there are no sharp edges to get stuck to, i definitely had worse!) and if they last (they do! As long as the 3D gels got cured right, they'd be hard like plastic and stuck to your nails really well. We had a bit of an incident with one of the skulls in the thumb, it wasn't quite cured so it was still mushy and soft. But other than that, everything's peachy! My advise if you decide to get this kind of nail art is to gently press every single one of the shapes on your nails before you leave the nail salon. If they're still soft, you'd be able to tell right away and your nailist can fix it)
Cheeky skulls on my thumbs. Is it just me of the gems look like the skulls' earrings? LOL
Don't forget to use my code if you want Kiki to do your nails!
And now the announcement! If you're a nail enthusiast, come and join Me-Nail's Nail Workshop in SSCC!
Here are the schedules of each class, you can choose one that suites your interest and schedule! Contact Me-Nail at the numbers (or Line) on the banner above if you're interested.
But if you're not interested in the workshop, you can still drop by Me-Nail's booth and GRAB YOURSELF A FREE GOODIE BAG OMG! All you have to do is follow their IG and take a pic in the booth (i will be there on Friday and Saturday from noon-late noon so i can also help take your pics!) and tag them, how easy peasy is that??? Not only that, dress up if you want (it's Halloween afterall) coz they'll be choosing the cutest pic to win a voucher!!! OH don't forget to use hashtag #menailatgoblin
 So, i hope to see y'all there! I'd be the girl with half turquoise hair hahaha!

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