Lip-Talk 09 : Make Over LipBalm Lip Nutrition in Orange Crush

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I'm sure you all know that i am a self professed "Lip balm monster"? I truly have no idea why, but i really really really LOVEEEE lip balms and i can never resist throwing one (or twenty) into my shopping basket whenever i see one that i've never seen before. It's worse whenever i travel because the chance of seeing new brands *for me* with super cute packaging tripled *sigh*.

But even the not-so-cute ones steal my attention, like the one i am reviewing today :
Make Over Lipbalm Lip Nutrition in Orange Crush
If you're Indonesian, chances are you've heard of Make Over cosmetics already. It's one of the new-ish local brand from the same company that produces Wardah cosmetics with very professional looking profile and packaging. Due to this image they created, many called them the Indonesian version of M*C or M*FE hehe. But seriously, they really take their branding seriously (which is great because Indonesian brands aren't really that concerned before) and looking at their website (and independent stores) really makes me think of professional international makeup brands.

Because of their image and branding, their products are not exactly cheap. And since i am a kawaii packaging kind of girl, their not-so-cheap price and professional looking packaging didn't really call to me so i was not that interested in getting any... Until i stumbled into their lip balm while browsing for other brands *beauty junkies all around the world get this habit :D!* and since it was quite cheap (the website stated IDR 35.000 (or USD 3)  but i bought it for IDR 25.000 (around USD 2) in Guardian, is the price's increased already???). What i didn't expect was that it's actually a tinted lip balm!
Let's talk about their packaging first, shall we?
The lip balm comes with a black glossy cardboard box. It's quite plain and like i said many times in this post already, professional looking *LOL*. There's a clear information of the variant on the side of the box and on the backside there's this round hole to let you see the actual lipbalm's back side (which i forgot to snap pic of :p).

One thing that puzzled me a bit was their choice to put both the words "lip balm" and "lip nutrition" in the name. I mean... I think people should know that a lip nutrition is a lip care already so there's no need to put both thing that only makes the name too long to be easily memorized. Maybe it's just me but i feel like it'd be catchier if they just call this product Lip Nutrition, full stop.
The lip balm is housed in a rounded jar containing 3.8gr of balm, the packaging is again dominated by black with variation of white in the writing. The jar has a clear top so you can see your lip balm's condition inside, there's nothing special about the jar and it looks like 1000 other lip balms in the market nowadays. It is made from a high quality plastic that's sturdy enough and does not have a flimsy, fragile feeling like how some Indonesian cosmetics can be. There's an indication of the variant in the back along with the manufacturer that's clearly stating that this product is made in Indonesia.
My variant is Orange Crush and obviously it comes in a bright orange color. The balm looks solid on the jar, and it's actually quite hard-textured. I had to swirl my finger a few times to make sure i got enough products to use. Oh, this is obviously not suitable for those of you who are germ-phobics since it requires dipping your filthy fingers in the jar *evil grin*. Of course you can use lip brushes too, but with this texture i'd say it'll take you quite a while to get the amount you'd need for your entire lips!
See that the texture's not super soft? It's not exactly very waxy nor very heavy on the lips, but you would definitely feel that you're wearing something! You should be able to see already that it has a hint of color instead of being completely colorless. It's a bit sticky (you might already guess from the photo) but not too unbearable. I've had worse hehe.
My bare, super dry lips
With Make Over LipBalm Lip Nutrition in Orange Crush
Although not exactly pigmented (it's a lip balm, what do you expect?), since i didn't even expect that it has color at all, i was quite surprised when i see my lips turning soft orange upon application. 
I feel like it's pretty enough to wear on its own for a subtle lip color kind of day! The color's soft and sweet for everyday use that i feel bad if i put on another color on top of it *LOL*. Actually although it's not super strongly colored, you should not use a different shade (like pink) on top because it'll definitely change your lip color (unless that's your goal, of course!). And if your lipstick's not super bold, you'd be able to see some orange peeking underneath-which is not very nice, in my opinion! If i want to wear this underneath a lip color, i would choose a similar or bold colors like orange or brick red. It leaves a slight sheen, like most lip balms tend to do.

One thing that i really love from this lip balm is definitely the scent! It's super yummy! Personally i find it to remind me of Sugus chewy candies, but hunny said it smells like orange Fanta instead-it's a good thing both ways!

Unfortunately due to its solid texture, i feel like it doesn't penetrate enough so it's not that moisturizing either. Don't get me wrong, it does moisturized my lips enough, look at how dry and chapped my lips looked on the Before picture and how much healthier it is in the After! After using it the whole day (lip products tend to last forever on me, except a few rare ones. And this lip balm has a pretty good staying power for me, it stayed put until i eat or drink something), my lips are definitely softer and not so dry anymore, but i don't feel like it's going to improve my lips' condition in the long run.

It works but don't expect it to be a super lip balm, i've used better ones many times. I think with them calling it a Lip Nutrition, it should work better than this.

Make Over LipBalm Lip Nutrition is available in two other variants :
Other than Orange Crush, they also have Vanilla Latte and Melon Crazy
Actually just a few short months after i purchased this lip balm, i received another one in EXACT same variant in a beauty box (RIP Indonesian beauty boxes *LOL*)! Needless to say i was quite disappointed because i would love to have it in other variants!

In short, i find this to be a pretty decent and affordable lip balm (tinted, for Orange Crush) that moderately moisturized my lips and has a very very yummy scent.

I would recommend this lip balm in Orange Crush for everybody who likes sweet, fruity candy lip balm with sheer, orange color and whose lips are not crazy dry!

Would not recommend this for those with very dry lips (i feel like this wouldn't help you!), hates sticky and heavy feeling, and those who are looking for miracle lip balm. This definitely is not! Oh, also don't get this if you need a completely colorless lip balm okay! (you can get the other variants, i believe they're colorless!)

While i like it enough, i already own two of them and would not be repurchasing (i am more interested in trying other lip balms, there are so many of them out thereeee)-but i would love to try out the other two variants (probably wouldn't consciously buy them unless they're on a 50% off or something-which is very unlikely teehee!)

Make Over lip balm is easily available in Guardian and their counters (they have counters in Matahari Department Stores) as well as some standalone stores. They are also available online.

Have you ever tried Make Over's lip balm? Did you like them? What is your favorite lip balm?

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