Unboxing : November Lola Box (Brighten Up Your Day)

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Hi y'all!!!

So... I know i said i probably wouldn't renew my beauty boxes subscriptions, but i gave up... I couldn't stay away from them, at least not entirely! I realized how CRAZY my cosmetic shopping had became ever since i decided "no more beauty boxes!" (except for BTI which i'm still subscribed until March 2014 coz i subscribed to their 6 month's subscription and also eligible for two free boxes from their affiliation program) PFFFFTTTT. And i couldn't ignore Lola Box' teasers and their latest offering (i got an e-mail telling me i can return the box if i dislike my next box! They will push the subscription forward to the next month. Sounds ideal!), and another reason : They finally accept credit card payments! I dunno about you, but i feel less guilty shopping with credit cards instead of cash or debit cards-weird but true. PFFFFTTTTT.

Anyway, in short, i'm an active subscriber to Lola Box once again for at least the next two months (took their 3months subscription again)!
A peek into my November Lola Box

The box was pretty light when i received it and i was a little skeptical *LOL*, and even though it looked kinda bare-i am actually quite satisfied with it! So, no to returning the box :p.
I know it's getting tired, seeing my beauty boxes from their ugly first layer. But i always take pictures of them from the state they arrive in case there's any problem with the contents, beauty boxes would always demand a proof and i will always have one! You should do the same really, after all... Nobody else would have your back but yourself, in this case!
Pretty *happily* surprised when i pried it open and was greeted with the most unique Lola Box' box (phewww) yet! Cheerful fuschia and bright yellow color with their theme emblazoned at the lid (that's a first!)
It's not neatly wrapped and tied though -____-. I know i'd untie and unravel them as soon as i receive it, but getting a neatly wrapped and tied beauty boxes does feel a lot more special than one that's just being thrown around like this *in their defense, they probably did wrapped it carefully even though not really tied it nicely, it probably got shaken too much on the way here. Maybe*
The list of products featured in this month's box
And of course, a cream envelope with some vouchers and fliers. IDR 50.000 worth of Lady Gaga's Fame perfume (only redeemable in Matahari Department Store. Ehm. I have a little traumatic experience with vouchers that can only be redeemed in this dept store...), 20% off voucher for Luxola (i've received better. I wish Luxola would give out the expiration date on each codes. I got an IDR 200.000 off with minimum spending of IDR 500.000-which was fantastic-only to be told it was expired already when i tried using it WTF. Since i already know how good their deals can be, i will NOT buy anything there before i receive a similar offer) and Bioderma Sensibio *eyes popping out!!!* flier
Highlight of the box : NO sachet samples! Lowlight? No full sized product either *LOL*. Well, you win some, you lose some
Bioderma Sensibio (Sample size : 10 ml)

This was probably the product i was most excited in! I've been intrigued by micellar waters for quite sometimes now (how can you not, if you are an avid reader of beauty blogs, you def would!!!) but i still have wayyy too many cleansers in my stocks and Bioderma's (which just recently been available in Indonesia) price's pretty steep, i thought i'd wait until Guardian have a promotion or something (i told you, i can be very patient and let an item stay in my wishlist for a very very very long time if i see possibilities of getting it in cheaper price looming in the future! Once a kiasu, always a kiasu) before purchasing it. Now i can finally try it out and see how i like it and decide if i want to purchase a bigger size (but i'd still wait for a promotion :p).
Skinfood Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum

There's no indication of how much product's in the tube, but it's a decent sample/travel sized product, so yay! More over, Gold Caviar's a pricier line of Skinfood's, so i am pleased with this :).
Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream SPF45 PA+++
Also no indication of the product's size! What's with this??? Anyway, it's another decent (if not one of the biggest tube of BB cream samples i've ever received) sized sample/travel size. I've never tried any Tony Moly's BB cream (but i am a huge fan of Tony Moly, i just try not to hoard BB creams too much! Note the word TRY though...) so, very happy with this!

Brad Biophotonic Skin Care Ultra Peel

Again, no sign whatsoever about the product's size *___*. It's slightly smaller than the previous Tony Moly's BB Cream though. Have never heard of this brand (but their full sized' price's a definite indication that this is a high end brand) and i always like to be able to try out new brands, that and the fact that it's another decent sample/travel size was another plus for this box.
Lady Gaga Fame EDP (1.2 ml)

I've always been intrigued by Lady Gaga's Fame, especially upon learning that the perfume's BLACK colored (but turns colorless once sprayed, don't worry!) and i hunted it everywhere to get a whiff of it. It's nice but not exactly my kind of perfume, so even though i'd enjoy the (around) 2 usage of this sample, it's not something i'd purchase *i think*. Also a bit saddened that it came in a opaque plastic vial instead of a clear one, i'd love to be able to marvel at the black liquid inside! Oh, #Undecided's a fan of this fragrance btw!
Style Editor's Pick : Toe separator
As usual, Lola Box always featured useful beauty tools and this month's no exception. Toe separator's definitely useful, i actually owned one from years ago but always manage to forget to use them hahahaha. Now i'm gonna chuck this on the little basket i use to place my manicure tools (hahaha, that sounds so fancy when in fact there are only nail clippers, nail buffers, top coat, cuticle oil and my at-the-moment nail polish in it!) so i'll be sure to use it next time i paint my toes!

In conclusion, i am quite satisfied with this month's Lola Box! It featured quite some interesting stuffs that i would surely use. My favorite item's hands down the Bioderma Sensibio (if only it's slightly bigger... LOL) and Tony Moly's BB cream, but i quite love the eye serum as well! So all of the items were quite a hit for me. Down side's : no make up (except that BB Cream but beauty boxes should know by now when a customer says make up, that would be colorful, decorative make ups! You know, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, blusher? And nail polish too please!).

Also no full sized product, but we all know that a full sized product's always a bonus (because the point of these beauty boxes are to be able to SAMPLE products) so it didn't bother me too much (because the samples i got were all decent DELUXE samples, if they came in sachets i'm sure i'd sing a totally different tune!). I think price wise, it's reasonable (considering the brands we got this month). Of course, if i am being completely honest and compare it with overseas beauty boxes (which often costs LESS than our local  boxes and filled with twice the amount of products we get! So damn jealous....) well, it's a bit bare :p.

It sure is a better box than last month's Lola Box (at least for me)! And it kinda makes me excited again for beauty boxes *the excitement kinda died last month, all of the beauty boxes last month was quite a dud for me!*. If you're excited too and thinking of subscribing, please use my referral below :

Thank you very much, domo arigato, kamsa hamida!

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  1. Review eye cream skinfood sama tube yg luxola itu dong ceee :D
    si lola box emg kayanya paling mnding dibanding yg lain ya ~

    1. Okayyy, sabar ya, daftar list review panjanggg hehehe :) but i definitely will!
      Iyah so far paling suka sama Lola Box sih paling konsisten dan mau denger usul customer nya :)

  2. Uweee.. telaatt ngikut daftar subscribe yg bulan inii.. pengen bangeettt nyobain biodermaa.. pas liat harganya juga agak gak rela yah mau belinya.. hahaahha

    1. Iyah, bulan ini oke ya, bertolak belakang sm BTI (yg bakal aq unboxing besok), the worst beauty box EVER *LOL*.
      Iya nihh lumayannn bisa nyobain Bioderma nya hiahaiahiiaa belum rela beli nihh tp pengen nyoba :p

  3. hi :)
    nice review. sepertinya bulan ini semua member dapat produk yang sama ya.

    1. Hi juga :). Iya kecuali eye serum nya nih, ada member yg dpt variant yg beda :)

  4. wah kamu dapat nya ultra peel, kalo aku ultra elastin.. beda nya apa ya?? haha

    1. Oh Brad nya ada beda2 variant juga yah dptnya? Baru tau hehehe. Baru pertama x denger ultra elastin, i googled and found this though : http://bradskincare.bigcartel.com/product/ultra-elastin jd sepertinya ultra elastin ini firming cream yg dipake sbg moisturizer sedang yg ultra peel lbh sbg exfoliator yg harus diikuti moisturizer lagi :), hope that helps ^^