Girls Time Out!

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Hellow everybody!

I've written a long assed opening here and decided to be stupid and everything's gone. PFFFFTTTTT. Anyway, i've been bugging #Undecided to blog again for a while now *since she made that mistake of revealing that she's getting used to the new double workload and can do a little blogging now haha!* and she suddenly BBM-ed me this morning asking if we should blog today (well, of corz!). 

See people, even with the disclaimer I put up here, still she badgers me anyway. FML. LOL...

Unfortunately i haven't finished prepping the next batch of pictures for our Taiwan Trip's entry (yeah yeah, lazy ass, that's why.. It's just that there are so many pictures zzzz...), but fret not! I've actually prepared this girls time out post for a while now-it's pretty random (you know, unpublished pictures that we took whenever we go out and can never be proper posts by itself because it's too little and too random but still scream to be posted *attention seeking w***** much? LOL) and nearing its expiration date (A's still sporting a baby bump in the pictures and we all know that Baby Luca had arrived safely almost a month ago!) !
Like this random picture of us nom-nomming away after getting our nails done haha!
I love how fab our hair color is bb!

Actually the pictures are so random, even #Undecided went "What pictures are here BB, why's there still pictures of our pre-Taiwan trip?". LOL, that's because the random photo collection went as far back as that BB! So, here's some pictures of us getting our Taiwan Trip gel manicures!
I dunno why #Undecided's giving you the middle finger, i swear i don't...
We did it at Me-Nail as usual, i was using the voucher the lady boss gave me for the less-than-perfect previous gel manicure!
Poor boys got back too early and had to wait for u #storyoftheirlives
The UV lamp that once my niece BB asked if it can tan our hands, the nailist said yes it can if exposed too long! Until today i also dunno if she's being serious :p
My pretty nails for Taiwan Trip!
Kinda missed my sparkly mermaid nails! But actually i'm sporting a very similar polish in sparkly pink (Elianto's, and it lasts for more than a week even though it's a normal polish! Review coming up soon!)
I love freshly painted nails. Aren't they the best? So neat and pretty...

So yeah, the randomness continues. I actually have NO idea what to blog about right now. So... More photos!!
Something from Coffee Bean. This was #Pink's I believe...
Eh... maybe mine... can't remember eating it though... told ya it's been a while LOL. Btw I look super gluttonous in this pic ya... a bowl of chili and a plate of assorted stuff.  Gee #Undecided! Eh but my leg is looking skinny right!! :D

Moving on, aaaand we're back at Me-Nail again! This time (preggo)A tagged along because she couldn't bend down and do her toe nails anymore (yes, the tummy was THAT big LOL).

Oh, also because it's her little sis' wedding day the next day so she needed to look extra pretty!

#Pink and I had to wait a while and decided to just go get something to drink. We were aiming for the obvious coffee, but on the way we passed Sour Sally by. And being the true undecided, I just dragged #Pink in to get froyo instead hahahaha...
Seriously the expression on my face whenever I have food with me on photos is just pure happiness. LOL.
My fingers being wrapped in tinfoil. This is what they do when they remove GEL-based nail polish. First they would douse a bit of cotton pad with the removal oil, place the wet substrate on top of the nail, wrap it with tinfoil. And quickly you'll feel a tingling sensation on your finger tips. 
See the middle finger. If you zoom the photo in (I hope you can still zoom it in, I have no idea how small #Pink resized this photo FYI), you'll see that the nail polish is wrinkling up ready to be scrapped off your finger. IRL it was SUPER disgusting looking, I said to #Pink I had to show this to you guys... 
All of the nail fans were occupied so poor #Undecided had to settle for a real fan! LOL! She said her hands were so so cold!
I didn't get a manicure that time because i received that invite from NailBar2013 for a nail art session a few days later so i decided to get a pedicure instead! Poor nailist had to work really hard at my almost-always-abandoned feet :p. This is probably just the third or fourth time i've ever got a pedicure in my life. I really can't stand people rubbing, scrubbing and scrapping at my feet, too ticklish!!!
Condition of my super overgrown mermaid nails *LOL*, i dun remember how long it already was, maybe a month? The one on my index finger already fell off by itself so i tried using my niece's Elianto's nail wrap as an "accent" :p (i suck at applying nail wraps though)
Fresh pedis!
#Undecided's manicure using Mariah Carey's O.P.I Liquid Sands polish
So fab, I must say I liked this one better than my Taiwan nails... Too bad they don't have the GEL version of this one... They chip quite easily, you know with the texture and all...
Then we went to have some nom-nom! This is when we made A and Baby Boy picked the winners of our first GA
Preggie lady actually da bao-ed some traditional fried chicken to eat at Wendy's!
Oh nommm, Baked potato with chilli! *drooling uncontrolably*

Thennn, jump into another day! Went to have our bangs trimmed! (The picture's so old that we already got out next trim two weeks ago LOL). Then we went to Pasar Atum (Omoo, #Undecided and i hates Atum so much, but sometimes we HAD to go there. We always hold hands like a pair of crazy kids, too scared to part in case we got lost somehow WTF) to buy a gold bangle for (soon to arrive) Baby Luca!
#Undecided said, "Okay, Atum, but feed me Mie Rosella!!!" LOL
And fed I was hahahaha... Look at those bowls of noodles. Yum yum overload...

Afterwards we met up with A at GM later at Coffee Bean!
Look at my pretty drink from TCB! It's called "The Birthday Cake"
So pretty... I admit i only ordered it because i was tempted by those pretty sprinkles! The taste? Errr, i didn't like it haha. I'll stick to my usual Caramel Ice Blended (i also like their seasonal Mudslide!) from now on!
Baby Luca's mommy and daddy hihihihihi

The boys only stuck around for a while and as per usual they ditched us to gossip LOL. Okay lah! They didn't ditch us. We shooed them hahahaha... 

After a while, Preggo had to pee and we went into Sogo. Spotted this hugeass mirror near the bathroom and HAD to pose with preggo. I mean, come on, look at our colorful attires *excuses after excuses*

And then we were like, let's snap some photos of Preggo! You know, maternity photo shoot style! 
LOVE this shot! Kudos, #Undecided! *pats my own back*
What's with the silly face, #Pink?! LOL.
Hey!! You always scold me for pulling a mean face, and now you're calling my smiley face silly??? DAMN you #Undecided!!

And this small "photo session" spurred an actual one!! We actually prepped and all. LOL. I was the Creative Director/Hairdresser and #Pink was the Photog/MUA. We made a good team, didn't we, #Pink! LOL... Obviously we HAVE NO IDEA how to edit them hahahaha so Preggo asked for Avelea's help and they turned out to be super fab!! The actual photo album is being processed right now. Will show you the end result once it's done...

We should really start our own photog company. *ignore me*

Now, here are some behind the scenes photos hehehe.
That's my handwriting!! 
Idiotic pose, #Pink and #Undecided. The note is flipped and now it says "NOOS GNIMOC ACUL YBAB" LOL. 
Frumpy looks after all the hard work. But at least the board is readable! LOL.

Yep and that little session made us totally delusional and planned to start a photo studio. WITH A HALF BROKEN POCKET CAMERA HAUHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Us and our crazy imagination, we will never grow up, won't we, BB? Anyway, we then realized how much work a photographer's job is! We're so exhausted by the time we called it a wrap, and it's just some indoor (in my niece AU's room mostly, she helped out a lot ahahaha, she can be totally useful sometimes :p) photo taking! Totally made us respect professional photogs all the more now!

Then sometime later, A actually invited us for dinner to thank us for that little photo sesh! It was absolutely unnecessary *what are BFFs for anyway?* but of corz we weren't about to turn down a free meal *super cheapo* LOLOLOL. And remember, we love celebrating anything and everything! Any excuses will do!
Dinner was at Daun Lada, GM
Silly boys
You know, those three should have been charged for their meal, considering that they did absolutely NOTHING on the photo sesh... Yep, including the BABY DADDY. The baby daddy didn't even show up hahahahaha...
Us and Baby Boy (who refused to have his normal pics taken and later burst out crying because #Undecided's hubby teased him. Haih, bipolar much, my baby?). A grasped when she saw the result "My Boo**!!!!!" and insisted on another take
Where she went and shield her bazookas with her huge bag ahhahahaha. Flaunt it if you have it, A!

And not long (or was it long?! Can't remember), dinner was served! Daun Lada is actually a seafood place and the food is really yummy...

After dinner we went to TGA because hubby wanted to buy KOI-S Magazine. 
Oh hi, fishy!
And look!! It's hubby!! Hahahaha...

Closing this pointless entry (hahahaha it is pointless right!!) with a photo of him looking silly. #Pink actually instructed him to pose cutely because he's holding up a pink drink. And as per usual, my hubby delivered LOL.

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