More Bday Gifts and Updates about Beauty Treats!

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Hello, dearies!

So, it's almost two months after my birthday and yet another birthday pressie still made their way to my doorstep! How fabulous :D! This time it's from my virtual BFF haha, Rosemary!
Awwwww, a Hello Kitty themed gifts!
Well, actually she already BBM-ed me beforehand the pics of those pressies, she said "In case you already got them, i'd replace them with something else" LOL. Of course, anything with Hello Kitty on them can never go wrong in my book!

The ever-pessimistic Rosemary also told me that she was prepared for them to be arrived smashed and leaking *LOL*, i guess given my history with messed up beauty boxes it'd be hard not to worry about my luck, yes? Thankfully they all arrived in a perfect condition (despite the squished carton haha).

Hello Kitty Secret Love 2 in 1 Shower Gel & Shampoo. I actually owned this a few years ago and when i used up the contents, i carefully unlatched the tiny little charm (these Hello Kitty toilettries all came in travel sizes so the charm's tiny as well, just a little bigger than my thumb nail!) to bring home (we were holidaying at some cottage in Batu back then) but then my hunny lost it in our hotel room!!! I was in a bad mood for a few days after and put this on my wishlist and been meaning to pick another one up when i'm in SG/Malaysia (i bought it the first time in SG) but always forgot to actually look for them! Now i can have my little kitty charm again, thanks to Rosemary!
Isn't she cute?

Hello Kitty Shampoo and Shower Gel Set

Thank you for the lovely gifts, Rosemary! I'd be sure to bring them on my next travel (ohh, come on AirAsia, promotion for Hong Kong tickets please!!!) :D!

And now i'm gonna update you about Beauty Treats! As you might already know, i received their less-than-exciting November box about a week ago and i wrote this rant about my dissatisfaction of the box. I have no idea if they read my entry (i did Twit to them a link to that unboxing review) or maybe they got lots and lots of complaints about that particular box (i'm sure there should be a lot, i did manage to read a few negative blog posts apart from mine already), but when i arrived home from Bali, i spot this box in my bedroom.

I was like "What's this??? I already got my BTI!"
I was so sure they sent me another box by mistake
Oh.. apparently not!
The magz (which i guess would be a replacement for the ruined one i got from their box) and three products
Two decent sized samples (the MUFE blushers contains FOUR sachets, and that's almost decent in my book LOL) and one full sized lipstick!

I have no idea if they sent this because i got a partially ruined box (just the box itself and the magazine, the samples inside the box was totally fine. I mean not ruined, not FINE in that sense!) or if they sent this out to every member to make up for their horrid last box? I have to be completely honest with you, i am very easy to please, so i am kinda pacified by the fact that they actually bothered to send me some (and much better) stuffs, for whatever reason *LOL*. It's like they're showing that they still cares or something (don't give me false hopes though, BTI!!!)

If only they chucked these stuffs inside that last box (save them all the curses and double shipping fees haha), i'm sure people wouldn't be so upset (even though all of the products sent to me were products that i already received in their past boxes, but it's still like 10x better than what's inside November box!). Not ecstatic, but at least not so angry to a point that they got all those negative feedbacks (including from me).
MUFE's High Definition Blush (4 sachets). I'm not used to cream blushers and i can never be sure when to apply them (before or after BB cream???) but i'd sure to give it a try now that i have so many of their samples hehe
Orlane Whitening Cream (that i already used one full sample of and am ready to review)
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
I got the shade B43 Toffee Cream that i don't have yet, so i'm pretty happy with this! Oh, and it's manufactured in 2013 so it's not an old lippie like last time :D! (but honestly, i'm yucky, i'd still use that old one *LOL*)
If you already subscribed to BTI, let me know if you receive this extra stuffs as well! I hope everybody does!

Hmph, taken at Park Regis Bali's bathroom, don't blame me for their dirty mirrors :p


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  1. No, I don't received that extra box..this is not fairrrr ha5 but don't really like the products too so I guess I will let this slip this time. Too lazy to complaint to bti coz they never answer :(

    1. LOL, i totally thought they sent it to every member! I didn't exactly complain either koq Sha, i just linked my blog post to them via Twitter :p, and you're right about the never answering part, it's frustrating!