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Hi, world!

Enjoying your weekend? This week feels like a never ending weekend for us Indonesian (what with public holidays every other day in the whole week) but can't say we're tired of it, i guess! 

Anyway, after almost a full year of subscribing to Lola Box (missing only about one or two boxes in their entire existence), i finally collected enough Lola Dots to be exchanged into a complimentary box. And after waiting for what feels like the longest time (it took more than 3 weeks after the initial time they promised my box to arrive, to a point that i almost gave up and consider it missing/never going to reach me), i finally received it :

It also become my farewell box because out of nowhere Lola Box announced they're closing down! I was pretty shocked when some of my readers informed me about this (i had no idea before) but i did see the signs when their subscriptions were closed and couldn't be accessed the last couple of months.
Hmmm, yeah, i totally am wondering why? They seemed to be doing so well and all.. It's too bad since Lola Box is definitely one of the best (and the most solid/consistent) beauty boxes subscriptions that's ever graced Indonesia! Alas, none of Indonesian beauty boxes (except Vanity Trove that also has bases in Singapore and Malaysia so i guess it's a different case altogether) lasts more than a year. Is Indonesian market simply not ready for this concept? If you say they might not sell so well, i'm gonna have to to disagree since they ALWAYS sold their boxes out long before their closing date! So i believe there're other, more complicated problems. *Sigh*. Let us Indonesian beauty junkies mourn the death of yet another beauty box first hehe... 

But for now, time to inspect the contents of this farewell box!

They used the same box from one of their older box, it's bittersweet to see such a positive line and colorful box on their very last box that will ever reach me
With enough nice stuffs inside to make one super happy even if it's just their regular box

Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask (50 g)

I'm a huge fan of Acnes (read my review on their oil control face mask here. I am also a loyal user of their facial wash, acne sealing gel, powder lotion, tinted moisturizer, compact powder, etc! I will definitely try to review everything, i just need to get my mojo back first. I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging, especially on writing reviews *SIGH* i dunno why!) so i'm pretty happy to get this mask. I never bothered with masks that you need to wash off and might never purchase this for myself, so it's nice to get this full sized tube of mask that i will definitely give a try soon. Acnes masks (the sheet kinds, at least) has always been my trusted companions around THAT time of the month!
Skin 79 Super+ Triple Function Hot Pink Label BB Cream (deluxe size, no idea of the actual size)

I think this is like the 4th or 5th time i get this hot pink BB Cream from Skin 79 from beauty boxes, certainly a popular item in beauty box world *LOL*. Good thing that this BB Cream suits me well so i'm not complaining!
Decorative Eyelash in Play Rich #1 (5 pairs)

I do love collecting falsies now (what a way to swallowed back my words, eh? LOL) even though i don't wear them often... I do like to wear them to parties (when i can be bothered to..) to make my eyes look more dramatic... I don't think i have crisscrossed falsies before, and again-it's not something that i would purchase for myself (i don't think i like crisscrossed falsies, but then again i've never tried them before hahaha) so it's good that i get try something i would never do otherwise. And 5 pairs, this will last me plenty of parties!
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume (Vial, 12ml)
A sample of a perfume that i already know i like! I am obsessed about celebrity perfumes (even though i don't usually like the celebrity *LOL*, Taylor Swift is okay tho) and i've put Wonderstruck on my wishlist mainly because of the bottle >.<, but i sniffed it before and i liked it a lot! It's nice to get to use this perfume before i purchase the full size (so i'll know if i REALLY like the scent, not just for a few seconds but for as long as it lasts).
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm in Gingerbread (Full size)
My favorite item (other than the falsies) in this box! Of course, you should already know by now that i am a crazy lip balm collector and nothing makes me happier than drowning in my crazy collection of lip balms... And from a brand that i've been dying to try (but couldn't justify to actually go and order since i have enough lip balms to last me more than a lifetime WTF) too! I remembered Lola Box featured this lip balm in one of those rare boxes that i missed and was just jealous of the lip balm (and nothing else), so i'm very stoked that i get this!
Skin Junkie Soap
No indications of the size, but it's tiny! The length is about the same as my thumb while the thickness is about twice of my thumb
This is the third Skin Junkie soap i've got from beauty boxes (and no, i haven't tried any of them *LOL*) but i think it's certainly the smallest one. I'm feeling neutral about this one, not too happy but certainly not annoyed too.
L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil (5 sachets)
Heard so many people raving about this oil that i actually already went and purchase the full size myself, still it's nice to have these sachet ones to bring on travels!

And that's all! A very nice box indeed and a sweet goodbye from Lola Box. I'm wishing Lola Box' team all the best for their future career and whatever life might bring them. We're gonna miss you so BAD!


PS : Gawd, it's JUNE??? Next time we blink we'll be celebrating New Year again WTH!

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  1. thats sad that they are discontinuing... contents look pretty good though!!


    1. Yeah, they were pretty good, that's why it's so sad that they're closing down :(..

  2. LOL cc XD "next time we blink we'll be celebrating new year again wth" hahaha
    btw sedih ga ada beauty box yg bertahan di indo :(

    1. Hahaha iya loh Shel, koq kyk kejar2an sm waktu gt... Iya nih sedih pwol...

  3. box kamu bagus isinya Mindy >.< ga kayak box aku huhuuu cuman me nail set, toe separator, vial tylor swift sama acne mask huhuhuuu

    1. Weh, beda isinya Win? Kirain sama semua gitu >.<...

    2. beda, dan isinya jauh lebih bagus yang kamu huhuhuhuu T_T

  4. Masih bisa tukar poin loladots ya sekarang? Aku belum sempet redeem poin udah closed duluan lolaboxnya :( btw, ini ada interview sama co-founder nya lolabox kenapa lolabox closed down . Huft, sedih udah ga ada subscription box lagi di Indo T_T

    1. Waduh ga tau nih masih bisa ngga ya, kayaknya udah ga beroperasi ya Lola Box nya? Bisa di coba e-mail aja sih, tp aq terakhir x e-mail udah engga di respond lg. Thx for the article's link, i just read it :(...