Blush-Off 01 : Etude House Bloomade Blusher (#6 Geranium Bloom)

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I need to inform you first that this product i am about to review this time has been discontinued (for quite a while actually!), so it's your choice whether or not you still want to read this (i'm joking, KEEP READING, HUMANS!!!). I've been contemplating (and ignoring the pictures in my folder) whether or not i should review this (since it's no longer available)-but i got lots of compliments when i wore this blush on, and i personally thinks that Etude House's stuffs are actually pretty much the same old things being repackaged over and over again *LOL*-so event though you may not be able to purchase the exact same things, this review may help you to measure the performance of Etude House's blusher in general.

It's an old product so i had hard times finding the official pictures on the net, here's the best that i could find :
I have no idea when this collection launched (you know how Etude House keeps on coming out with new collections every few months, i can't keep up), probably a few years ago already. I myself bought this on a clearance sale at Jayanata (a local department store that focused on cosmetics and skin cares only) just before they closed down their Etude House counter there. I bought LOTS of stuffs because it was going at a crazy price, this particular blush on was on a buy 1 get 1 promotion so i got a few of them *LOL*.

Also i didn't realize that the pictures i took were blurry zzzz, and i already threw out the box (months ago, i began using it on my Europe trip!) so i couldn't re-take them.

Etude House Bloomade Blusher in #6 Geranium Bloom

As usual, everything's in Hangeul *___*
IDR 168.000 for TWO

Honestly i didn't even swatch it when i purchased it :p. I saw the words SALE and my mind went blank *___*. I just grabbed it FTL, only when i took this pictures to use it for the first time that i realize how cute the packaging was *LOL*
Super girly and Princessy! And this was before they came up with the whole crazy cute things okay!

The packaging was quite sturdy, and the size very generous. Of course it's made of plastic, with metallic pink finishing (for the upper part).
Why did i chose this color? Errr, because it was the few that were still left-there was also a very fugly brownish one-i guess it was #9. The blusher has a wavy patterns as seen in this picture

I also didn't realize for the longest time (stupid) that it actually has a second compartment, where the tiny brush that came with it was placed! LOL! I didn't even know that it came with a brush!!! I think i realized it after more than a few dozen of usage hahahaha. So when i took the pictures above, i still didn't know about the brush's existence! Therefore, i have to use this picture that i found on the net.

Picture from Google
I know usually the generic brush/applicator that came with make ups are not very nice at all, but this one was actually very useful! 

You might think that the color on the pan looked very loud and quite intimidating, but as most Korean blush on tend to be-it's actually really hard to make the color come out! I had to swipe my brush over and over and over and over and over again to make the color visible! That's crazy because usually i never had to work so hard to make blush on shows on my pale skin hehe.

It looked very natural and quite subtle, yes? I had to swipe my brush back and forth probably around 20 times to achieve that color *___*

That's when the tiny brush came in handy! I don't know where the inspiration came, but in the midst of being frustrated *and when my arms started to be sore for swiping my brush back and forth so much on the pan* i suddenly had the brilliant idea of using the free tiny brush! And guess what. it's sooooo much easier to build up the color using this brush! What kind of miracle is this?? I guess my own blush brush's a bit too soft and couldn't pick up the not very pigmented blush on, and while the tiny brush's not bristly or harsh, it's visibly harsher than my own brush-and that's just what this blush on needed! It didn't scratch my skin at all too, so i think the quality of the tiny brush's actually quite okay!

As you can see from the picture, this blush on (although looked very purplish on the pan) appears pinkish (with the subtlest hint of lilac) on my cheeks. I didn't expect to like this much, but the compliments i got means this shade seems to suit my skin tone nicely *LOL*. As for myself, i like this blush on okay, not too crazy about it or whatever *so far my favorite blush on is still the very first blush on that i've ever had. An even older version of Etude House's blush on in a very cute baby pink. It was from years ago and i've finished it years ago as well-it was still in a round white, no fuss, super simple packaging!*.

Consistency of the blush on was pretty normal, it's not very buttery (the most buttery blush on i own so far is my Estee Lauder blush on. I guess you can't really compare high end products with the mass market ones though. I will review that blush on the next Blush-Off series!) and a bit dry, but like i said, it works well if used with the original brush, i had no problem with this blush on anymore. It's also not powdery, so the case's always quite clean at all times!

Somehow this became my "traveling blush on*. I guess i just got too lazy to bring it out from my travel cosmetic pouch, i've since used this on my Europe, JB/SG/Jakarta, Taiwan trips (and just every time i stay the night outside my own house) so if you want to see more pictures of my using this blush on, there are hundreds of them available *LOL*. Just search any of those places i mentioned on the search box to the right of this blog :p. Staying power's very well, i wore this blush on every morning on my travels and they're still firmly there at the end of the day when i took them off (even withstand snow and blizzard!). My skin's very oily and on a humid and hot places, i'd have to use up to 8 (!!!!) pieces of oil blotter films, and they're still there! Results may vary (because for some strange reason, all kinds of make ups tends to lasts all day on me. I really dunno why) though!

Since this blush on's no longer on the shelves, i cannot recommend this to anyone yes? But as far as i'm concerned, Etude House's blush on seems to be pretty similar in formulation and consistency (just with different packaging!), as well as the color choices. If you're interested in this shade, i'd say that their permanent blush on line, Lovely Cookie Blusher has a similar shade : #3 Raspberry Tarte.

I've been using quite a few different Etude House blush on and in my experience, they're pretty similar. Not very pigmented, has soft and pretty color selections, easy to use (and won't be too much even if you're heavy handed like me), soft, affordable, and not (very) powdery. The ones that i've used also didn't have any particular scents.

So in general i'd recommend this blush on (and the similar ones from Etude House) for people who are looking for a cute, affordable, soft colored and non powdery blush on (also perfect for beginners). 

Definitely won't recommend it for people who are looking for pigmented, great color payoff kind of blush on (i'd recommend European/American brands instead. Or better still : Local products! Indonesian cosmetic brands' strongest suit is pigmentation!).

Would i repurchase this? Not this one, it's obviously not available anymore! I will keep on buying Etude House's blush on, that's for sure!

I hope nobody's annoyed that i review discontinued products, this is not the first and definitely won't be the last either!

Btw, how's your Saturday so far? I spent most of the day sleeping (cough syrup and yoga classes kicked my ass this week... Well, at least it'll get me in shape i hope haha, the yoga classes not the cough syrup!) then went to GM with hunny and Baby Boy. We (sans Baby Boy of course) went to watch The Big Wedding (it was okay, nothing spectacular, not as funny as i hoped it to be either) and shopped a little bit *sigh*, went home early and met with my mum's surprise reaction (usually we never go home before the mall start to close haha)-it's just so so HOT even the mall was more similar to an oven than an actual mall PFFFTTTT. I just wanted to go home, shower and hide in my fully air-conditioned room! If it's cool where you are not, I ENVY you!!!!!


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  1. i was super curious at first because i've never seen this blusher before,now i know why lol.the colour is very pretty on your cheeks!

    1. Yes hahaha, old thing (ancient for Etude House standard :p). Thank you dear :) u're so sweet :D

  2. Ini blush on nya kayaknya jadull banget ce :O bahkan namanya pun masih etude, belum jadi etude house wkwk
    Beli hrg brp nih ce? :O

    1. Hahahaha iya jadul, 2011 kalo gak salah sih Shel keluarnya. Beli nya jg pas clearance sale kan :). 168rb dapet 2 tuh

  3. warnanya bagus ya, pigmented :)

    1. Gak pigmented Win, itu gosoknya sampe stgh mampus supaya hasilnya gitu hehehe :D