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3:28:00 PM

I hate it when hubby is BBMing and all in a sudden he's this person that cannot be spoken to.



I'm in a foul mood because I just told him that I was going to nap and that I might have eaten a bad chicken curry and he completely ignored me for a good 10 mins before answering with: "okayyy... have a nice nap".

WTF right?!
His wife could be dying with food poisoning and yet he calmly answered me with that stupid line!! *dramatic*

Okay, to give him the benefit of doubt, I'm pretty sure he was busy working (and hubby's work requires him to be on his BBM all the time), was so engrossed with his own stuff and replied me quickly so I wouldn't be pissed.


I hate being ignored!! And stupid answers are no better.

This brings me to my own personal battle with gadgets. I mean, I love my Blackberry (albeit the cellular provider I'm using sucks ass - but I won't change it because I'm too lazy to deal with all the shit that follows after one changes their number, i.e.: dealing with banks and insurance), and I don't think I can function well without it (because I won't be able to connect to the internet obviously), it still irks me whenever I see someone having dinner with their friends but instead of having a normal humanly convo, they keep looking at their phones. Texting. BBMing. Browsing. Should I keep listing!?

And even worse, if you let gadgets be a bigger part of your life than it should be, you're surely gonna miss out on the REAL important things in life!! 

Let me give you an example, and this is what hubby would usually do:
1/ Having a nice dinner with his fab wife, BBMing his friend in Solo talking about their Koi fishes.
2/ The said friend from Solo came to celebrate his birthday, BBMing me at home because I was not in the mood to tag along with them.

Messed up, right?!

Why do we need a gadget to be connected to other people? Have we lost our speech ability so there's no other way but to BBM each other?! No people, NO!!

Therefore I hereby vow to always let my gadgets take a backseat when I am with my family and friends (oh but seriously I have no difficulty leaving my BB behind when I'm with my dogs - I just use it to snap photos of them hahahaha), and I will make hubby do the same thing. I vow to sulk and sulk until he obliges. 

Yes, I sulk whenever I don't have things my way. Don't judge me, I'm sure you do that too to your hubbies yet I'm not judging you hahahaha... 

Okay now I feel slightly better. Let me continue with the good stuff.

Oh btw, this is #Undecided (just realized I haven't greeted you LOL)!!! Hello hello helloooo...!! Man, I missed blogging LOL. But the good news is: I think I finally managed to settle into my new work routine (same job, just more workload because A is on her maternity leave) so I most likely will blog more. But no promises (have to say this of #Pink will start badgering me again LOL).

Okay where was I...

Oh the good stuff. Okay, let me list them:
1/ Today is the 22nd and you know what happens on the 22nd, right... Yes yes, Starbucks day!!! Don't forget to bring your tumbler and you'll get 50% off for any drink purchase. And now since it's finally the holiday season, their holiday drinks are back. Besides the usual: Peppermint something and Toffee Latte (my fave!), they also have a new drink this year: Ginger Bread something something (sorry I'm bad with names, but since this is not a sponsored post, who cares right hehehe). I think I'm going to try that new drink tonight. Hopefully they can serve it as a latte because I simply don't drink Frappucino (their blended ice drinks). 

Now have I tempted you enough to go to Starbucks tonight?! Please say yes because I have a Bachelor degree at Marketing and it will break my heart if I've lost my marketing skills *dramatic*

2/ Dreams do come true! You know, growing up I wanted to be a vet (true story! But I couldn't handle math, biology and all the natural sciences so I gave up LOL. I know, I have no determination hahaha) and now hubby and our fave vet share ownership of a vet clinic!! Well, this is the next best thing because what do you expect? Me going back to school studying to be a vet?! Highly unlikely hahahaha...

Anyway, the name of the clinic is (drum roll please!!!):
911 Pet Service, how may I help you?

I'm going to write an article about 911 Pet Service soon (promise!!), but in case you need urgent vet attention, you can always email me (at: and I will hook you up (yes, with discounts if you go through lao ban niang hahaha). Oh btw we also do house calls in case you don't have the time to bring your pets to us. Super convenient, right!

3/ Ellis has found her mate! Hahaha... Seriously even dogs choose their mates! It was so funny when she saw DamDam (what a weird name for a dog LOL) for the first time her ears perked up and she got excited (not that way! She's a dog you perv! LOL), but when she met The One (weirder name for a dog!) she hid her head under hubby's armpit! It was hilarious hahaha... Here are some photos of them mating. Avert your eyes if you're under 18!

Yes, DamDam has light gold (almost white!) coat which is not my fave, but my baby wanted him, so my baby got him. Hahahaha...

Okay, that's a long enough post (should appease #Pink for now).

Baby Luca, #Pink's Hunny and me!

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