Beauty Related Stuffs I'm Bringing To Bali

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Hello, everybody!

I'm going to Bali later tonite! You know how much i love traveling, even just somewhere super familiar and nearby makes me pretty excited hehe :p. I love doing this kind of "Stuffs I'm Bringing On Vacation" kind of thingy, i always try to make them whenever i have the time (and the will too)-and since i DO have the time now, i totally feel like i should blog about this hahaha.

Going on a vacation is always one of the perfect excuse for the highly OCD me to prepare and use a whole new set of make ups, but for this quick (errr, if you can call a 6 days trip quick anyway... And yes, i am yanking Baby Boy out of school for three days. Hey, he's only in 1st grade, i dunno when else i can justify yanking him out of school for a vacation! And his friends' mum does that all the time too anyway *defensive* *defensive*) getaway, considering that we're going to Bali (i wear very minimal make ups in Bali! Or any beachy destination, really)-i decided only to open up these stuffs below (and that's already including hair cares, etc!)

Most of them are tiny sample/travel size!
There's even a fresh Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (my skin multiply its crazy oil production whenever i'm in places like Bali FML) and Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum (i have finished a whole box of this serum with this final bottle!) which shouldn't count as new stuffs (coz that's something i've been using for a while, or forever-for the oil control film). If you know what i mean :p.

New fragrance is a must :p! Needs something cheery, light and tropical for a beachy (be careful with your pronounciation :P) getaway! Bringing this SilkyGirl Sweet Temptation in Charming
Face stuffs : Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, natural and shimmery eye shadow, glittery clear lip gloss, tiny lip tint from Tony Moly (which was the first liquid lip tint i've ever purchased just because it was so adorable. I didn't think liquid lip tints were for me, i might've changed my mind by now...) and EOS lip balm

Kerastase Chroma Riche (sample/travel size) and Rudy Hadisuwarno Serum

Thanks to my addiction to beauty boxes, i no longer need to bring my full sized products on my travels :p : H2O Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex
Of course, that's now ALL of my beauty related items to bring to Bali! That's just the NEW ones hehehe. I'm bringing my normal BB cream, powder and eyeliner too from my (very very messy and crowded) make up drawer. And some stuffs like skin cares, blush on and concealer, i have special ones that i use on my travels (okay, honestly i was just too lazy to take them out of the pouch :p). My skin care inside the traveling pouch right now's Etude House's Moistful Collagen travel set (minus the eye cream that i've already finished because i loved it so much and the moisturizer that i've been using everyday on hunny now :p) that can be used both by hunny and i. Review coming soon *i hope :p*!

Here's my make up organizer that's been following me everywhere for the past... year or so (forget already lah :p).

The outer's quite durable and easy to clean
Sadly the compartments' mesh are not as sturdy, i managed to ripped one open on the side of the zipper somehow already :(
Also bringing a see through plastic carrier for our (hunny and i, Baby Boy has more bath and body cares than both of us combined in another, bigger plastic carrier!) bath and body cares :

The ones inside i also never bothered to remove, they are always ready for the next trip hehehe. I just add more stuffs inside
Dove Shampoo, Conditioner and Deodorant. SilkyCare feminine wash. Razor. Oriflame 2 in 1 Cleanser, extra contact lenses' container and Acnes Vitamin Cleanser (not available in Indonesia, bought it in Vietnam)
Thank God for blogging and pictures taking, if i didn't do it i wouldn't realize that i forgot to bring shower gels and contact lens' solution before it's too late! LOL.

Vaseline body lotion, ROC sun block, Soffel Mosquito Repellent and Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes
And that's about all! Now, i hope i didn' forget anything else!!!! Must go an do last minute check now!
Peace and out :p!


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  1. Replies
    1. Masa rapi say? Please tell my mum that! Hihihihii, she thinks i'm the messiest person alive!

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  3. Oooo! That's quite a bit of stuff I would love to try haha! :) I would totally love to go to Bali one day... *sigh* Would be sooo nice especially since it's so cold and snowy over here! Have a good trip! :)

    1. Hehehe, i will do reviews for most of those stuffs-so stay tuned :D! Bali is definitely one of the few places i'll never get bored of, you have to come and visit it some day! Actually Bali's been quite cool because it's rainy season in Indonesia right now, but of course that's for us-tropical dwelling creatures! Now, i'm actually jealous about the whole snowy thing!!