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Hellooo hello....

By the time you're reading this i'd be in Korea having our winter family trip (BRRR, i've been so stressed out thinking about the temperature!). I never mentioned my destination in this blog before (and i actually tried to avoid mentioning it in my social medias too but when people blatantly ask me where i'm going, i can't exactly lie to them, no?) mainly because most of the time the reaction that i get would be "You're going to Korea???? Can you buy me this this this this this?????". And let me be brutally honest here, it annoys the sh*t out of me.

I mean... I don't know how to explain this without sounding like a total B, but for a frequent traveler like me (who travels at least 3-4 times a year), there's nothing more annoying to hear than that. On and the "Don't forget to get me souvenir!". Especially (and USUALLY) coming from someone that hardly knows me (if you read this and you're one of those, please don't be offended. I'm just being honest here). 

If you're close enough to me, you'd know i'd get you a souvenir without you having to ask for it. And don't keep on saying that, because it turned into a demand and i really hate demands -___-. And if you're close enough to me, you'd know that i travel with my hunny and Baby Boy, which means we're going sight-seeing and do family stuffs (play at amusement parks, mostly), not shopping. I always try to squeeze in a bit of shopping of course, but having two boys waiting very impatiently means i have to be as fast as i could possibly be, most of the time i wouldn't manage to get what I want to get, how could you force me to try to get YOU stuffs when i don't even know if i can shop for myself?

And yeah, nowadays with my active blogging life, that means more friends and more friends doesn't mean they understand you (that's why i told you not to get offended, that's precisely because you don't know me enough and i hope to address the issue once and for all here) because they hardly know you and i guess it's a knee-jerk reaction to ask to help people who are going overseas to help buy this and this. Problem is, when more than 10 almost strangers keeps on badgering you to help them buy things, i get really sensitive and pissed *LOL*.

So, i'm really sorry. But if you travel as much as i do, you'd understand. I'm a traveler, a wanderer, an adventurer. When i travel i want to immerse myself fully to the experience and the culture, not being pressed to get stuffs for other people just because i happen to go to a country where the stuffs people wants are so cheap. There are others who are much nicer than me and would happily help you buy stuffs, just know that i am not one of them. I'm so sorry, but i cannot be someone who i am not.

Oh phewww, what a long ass opening *LOL*, and this is supposed to be a very lighthearted post about beauty products that i bring on this trip! It's just been bothering me for awhile and it feels great now that i finally can open up about it (if you hate me afterwards, well.. That means you're petty and i don't want to be your friend anyway *LOL*), so let's (finally start!).

All of my beauty related stuffs in three different bags hehe
Love doing this kind of posts, i also hope that this post can help my readers when it comes to packing for their own trips and learning from my mistakes hahahah. I never experience a full blown winter before (i went to Europe in the last leg of winter last year, just before spring fully sprung. It was super cold in Netherland and of course, Alps-but the rest were okay and Italy was actually quite warm) so... I don't know if i packed all the right things (fingers crossed i did!), i will keep you updated if there's anything i need to add or eliminate from this!

First up :
It amazes me when i see people dragging a drawerful of their makeups on trips, coz i can't do that! I tend to do very simple makeup on my trips (no mascara. I would never wear them so i stopped bother bringing them a few trips ago) so i only brought those (which for non beauty junkie would be pretty excessive already anyway).

For base : Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation, Etude House concealer and Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream (sample size which is generous enough for three weeks trip, i've used up another tube so i know how long it'll last hahaha)
Eye : e.l.f eye primer, Oriflame Black & White eyeliner, Clinqiue Cream Shaper for Eyes in Egyptian, Mai Doll liquid eyeliners (brown and black), Revlon makeup corrector and neutral colored eye shadow palette from Color Concept (part of a package)
Eyeliners are more important for me because they open up my eyes, i'd use a single color eye shadow (i'd rotate the colors *LOL*, OCD talking here) mostly on trips just to give them a bit of color. Cannot be bothered with too many techniques that i do not master anyway *LOL*.
For face : Face on Face blush and my trusty Esprique powder to highlight
And lippies : The Body Shop Cranberry Joy lipbalm, Oriflame mini lipstick, Mustika Ratu lipstick and Guardian house brand's lipgloss
A lip balm is a must for me, and a winter trip means it's even more important! I usually would only bring one lip color but since this is a pretty long trip, i decided to bring two with very different color to match my outfit/mood. And i hate dry lips so i would also never forget to add a lip gloss in my bag.
Very dark (i think the shade's called Black Cherry) lipstick that i really love latelty and a soft pink (it's a lot softer when applied) for days when i feel like looking girlier and softer hehe
It doesn't matter how cold the place is, my skin's oil would never disappear so i have to have these buddies in my bag at all times
Airplanes and winter, nightmare for my hands! I'm getting used to the routine of using hand creams lately so i gotta bring them!
Next is skin care :
It might look like a lot, but they're all (except the masks, of course) very tiny, travel/sample sized!
Therapeutic products that i got from Miracle's goodie bag which i've been using and loving the past week, Etude House Collagen Moistfull-mainly for hunny, Skin Food Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye as a backup
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask for our weekly ritual and some sheet masks too
Cleansers : Iaso Aroma Clear Cleansing Foam, Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil, Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes, Mustika Ratu Herbal Facial Wipes
Because no matter how tired i am, i will never forget to cleanse my face thoroughly-and so should you!

Body products :
Elianto "Mysterious" body lotion+shower gel, also The Body Shoop Cranberry Joy Body Butter+shower gel. Hunny's super dry skin would be even worse in very cold climate, body butter is a must!
Of course, you should not forget you private part's hygiene too!
Hair stuffs :
Kerastase Hair Mask, Mylea Shampoo, Peter Thomas Roth Conditioners and Dove Hairtheraphy Repair Cream
Batiste Dry Shampoo to keep my hair fresh at all times!
Also must not forget my perfume and deodorant to keep myself smelling and feeling fresh all day long!!
Rexona Deo-Lotion and Silky Girl's Hope Eau de Toilette
I always bring brand new fragrance for every trip *__* i know i'm taking the "scent will take you back to the place by bringing vivid memories everytime you get a whiff" thing over the top, but that's your super OCD blogger at her normalcy *LOL*.

I know it might seems like such a LOT of things, but remember that most of them are mini/sample/travel sized, and they also show you how seriously i take my skin care routine! 

That's all for now, hope you enjoy this post and maybe find it helpful for your next trip!

Until next time,


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  1. banyak juga ya ce bawaannya, beginilah wanita XD

  2. Duh aq lupa bawa hand cream sampe tangan ngopek2, minggu lalu juga baru ke korea :D

    kalo muka kering kayak aq sih face oil + balm tu wajib, kalo ngga bisa perih2 ini muka
    plus evian mist juga mesti *_*

    1. Haha koq ga beli aja dsana kan byk dan murmer :D

  3. Ehmmm ternyata.kalo diuprek uprek banyak juga #mikirmaugondol hehehe eh btw itu jujurr banget lohh cece , haha

    1. Hahahaha kapan sih aq ga jujur? K byk an sdh abis, gondol gih bungkusnya hahaha

  4. I think the people here are just the same- they ask for souvenirs or gifts from the places visited by the person they know who'll travel soon. It's called "pasalubong" in Filipino, so for us it has just become normal to think about friends/ family when we're in another place and buy something unique for them. Eyeliners are also I use to have bigger eyes and I rarely use mascara as well when traveling. Lip balm is always great because my lips become chapped when in colder places.

    1. Yeah, i always bring souvenirs for family and friends without them having to ask, it's those who are virtually strangers who keeps on asking me to buy them stuffs that really bother me. Especially those who ask me to help their friends buy stuffs, that's just weird. Do they go around telling people they know someone who's going abroad?

  5. aku tunggu postingan haulnyaaaa hahahahaa >_<