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How's everybody doing? I've been too lazy to blog lately (thank God for bursts of creativity that happens once in a while that i always milked and force myself to hoard post after post whenever that appears! That's how i can still update new posts in this blog very regularly :D) zzzz, i have no idea what or who to blame. Lemme try,  i'm blaming the weather (still too hot to handle zzzz), Plant VS Zombie 2 for finally being available in Android, and way too many distractions. Yes, i've been shopping like mad online and offline lately, hence the title *face palm*.

Usually i'd line my haul posts in order of when i purchased them, but this time i'm making a special post of a girlie day out with G (you can tell that i haven't had a full day shopping with my girls for a while now) when i shopped like a maniac! I've had too much fun not to share the nitty gritty with y'all! Oh, there'll be occasional complaints here and there (okay, A LOT. I am immensely dissatisfied with Surabaya's service standard nowadays! Lina told me "That's why it's best to shop online" and i couldn't agree more! This way we won't have to face snooty, stupid and unprofessional sales people at the mall-i'd say 3 out of 5 belongs to that category, it's THAT bad!) so you might think i didn't actually enjoyed myself, that's not true! I am capable of being pissed at times in one day and still thinks that i've had a perfect day *LOL*.

Me and my shopping buddy. LOL, that's how short G is without her heels! She's around 17 cm shorter than me :p
G was like, let's wear something simple so we can try out clothes easily! In most people's book that'd probably be a short+t-shirt, in mine that means a pretty sundress-because it's perpetually HOT in Surabaya!
White Off Shoulder Cotton Dress with Eyelets Details : N.Y.L.A, Purple bag : Bonia
Decided to "screw autumn shades" for now and went back to my (summery) gyaru, girly roots :p. Dunno if it's wise though, because dressing like this makes people thinks i'm way younger than i really am and that in turn, makes sales people treat me like i'm a poor kid who cannot afford their stuffs. Eff them.

Of course i had to deck myself in costume jewelry to avoid feeling bare hahaha. Ring, earrings and lace-detailed bangle all from Shine, white rabbit hair clip from Warna (in Jakarta, we have no Warna stores in Surabaya. Warna means color, btw), and round silver plate necklace with china pattern from an accessory brand from Australia in Sogo that i cannot remember the name...

Abandoning dark, vampy looks for my beloved girly colors
D'oh, my bangs are driving me insaneeee-ahhhh!
Pink and purple eye shadow, pinkish cheeks and pink lipstain (G gave me the Collection lip stain i coveted because she doesn't like lip stains. I will def review it!)

Here's what i got after shopping from AM to PM (left home around 11.30 AM and returned around 10 PM LOL). We went to TP (Tunjungan Plaza) until around 5 then continued to GM (Galaxy Mall) hehe.

Obviously i went a little nuts, as you can see
Before we really started to shop, we went to Kiehl's counter in Sogo first. Not because we wanted to buy something (Omo, Kiehl's stuffs are so expensive, i kinda choked when hunny asked the price of a deodorant and the BA said "275.000". LOL. And i thought IDR 99.000 TBS' one was excessive!) but because a few days ago i stumbled into some Indonesian beauty blog's (i honestly can't remember the name though) entry about this Vote and get free samples thingy : Feel The Power.

They're having a campaign where you can vote for your favorite design of Mr. Skeleton's (their icon) historic lab-coat, all four designed by well known Indonesian celebrities (or two out of four, at least) and public figures. By voting, not only you'd be eligible for a free consultation and trial sets (three sachets for every voter), you'd also help donate IDR 5.000 for SOS Children Village. Getting free samples and do someting good at one go? I'm in! (And because i'm kiasu i told some of my friends too hahaha. I made hunny and G vote so we could get the samples together) I wanted to vote for Arie Wibowo just because he's handsome, but then i snapped back and voted for Sigi Wimala because i really liked her design hehe.

The BA who attended to us was quite nice and very very professional. She answered every questions clearly and nicely, and she didn't push us to make ANY purchase. That's gotta be a very rare thing, yes? I really like that, i believe most people can relate-if we want to buy something, you do not need to push us. The more you push us, the chance of us buying anything at all would actually get smaller. I hate pushy SAs, but better pushy than downright bitchy i guess. More about that later.

Kiehl's counter (i've been there maybe once or twice before because MM's husband's friend worked there) was very nice, too bad they wouldn't let us take any pictures. They could've gotten a free advert here if they did! LOL. Their loss i guess.

Anyway, the "consultation" was actually the BA flipping out a "magic paper", a tiny round thingy and stick two of them on our faces, one in our forehead and one on our cheek. It'd tell you the skin condition that we each had. She told us that G's skin's normal to oily (hydration level a little low)-much to her surprise because she thought her skin's really dry, hunny's skin's normal (must be that Etude House Moistfull Collagen cream that i slather on his face every night, it really works!), and mine's normal to oily with very good hydration level (i totally thought my skin's super oily!) and gave us samples according to our skin's needs.
Three for hunny and three for me
Mine : Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser and Gel Cream
Hunny's Kiehl Ultra Facial Cleanser and Toner
She gave me an Amino Acid Shampoo for the third sample (much to G's jealousy...)
Kiehl Facial Fuel Transformer : Age Correcting Moisture Gel for Men (obvi this one's hunny's) because the BA noticed some fine lines on his forehead. Am i married to an uncle? LOL
The BA also didn't let us off so fast, she kept on making us fill in some forms "You might be the monthly (or was it weekly) winner! The prize's not bad at all!" LOL. Well, we had a lot of time and she was nice, so we did it anyway. I am a glass half empty kind of person so i don't think any of us would win, but that's okay *LOL*. Feel The Power voting's still open now, hurry and vote (don't forget to like their FB page first!) There's even a weekly winner for the voters as well! It might be you!

Next we went to Make Up Forever's counter and... got ignored by all fo the BAs. LOLOLOL. We didn't look like people who can afford their stuffs, meh? I can afford a Bonia bag, of course i can afford MUFE's stuffs lah hallo. LOL. But again, it's better to be ignored (at one point G was trying out their shimmery finishing powder-and a BA actually TOOK the brush out of her hand because she wanted to use it on some other customer! LOL) than being scoffed at. 

At least we managed to swatch a lot of things (i promptly fell in love with their lip glosses and the aforementioned finishing powder! I never thought i'd ever want a bling2 face, but never say never when it comes to make up i guess *sigh*). Not entirely happy of being treated like we're invincible (or not a valued customer when we asked some questions to one of the BA). I am putting the shimmery finishing powder in my wishlist but would prefer to buy it somewhere else because i did not like the BAs in Tunjungan Plaza. LOL.

Then we started to really shop...

At Aldo
They were having some sale, and we were so shocked when we saw two clutches at less than IDR 200.000! This particular clutch was one that i've been eyeing since it first appeared in Aldo stores months ago (because of obvious reasons, look at the pastel colors combo!) but wouldn't even consider buying (it was almost IDR 500.000 i think. I'd prefer pay more and buy something more high end...), but now it's been reduced to around IDR 185.000! Since G also bought a clutch (a shimmery leopard one that might make #Undecided wants to claw her eyes out if only i had the picture for her to see hehe)-we got 10% more discount! This clutch costs me IDR 171.100
I'd say it was a total steal!

G kept on saying she wanted to learn how to put on falsies, but she doesn't have any glue despite of having a few falsies -___- WTF G! I told her to get something cheap for practicing purposes, so i dragged her to Daiso because their eyelash glues are cheap and works okay. We saw some super tiny cute ones, they are not the squeezy type (which is very very messy zzz) but came with tiny wands and they tempted me to get some too zzzz. My squeezy Daiso tube's almost dried out anyway. I told her we should get 2 sets of different types and get one each. So we did!
Daiso eyelashes glue, from two different types haha i just put them both in one package
Most of Daiso's stuffs were made in China so i was quite (pleasantly) surprised when i realized that these eye lashes glues were made in Korea!

We went to Elianto's counter at Matahari TWICE. Okay, bitching session starts here *LOL*. Actually the BA was not annoying or bitchy, she was... er.... unhelpful and clueless. I got an Elianto voucher from Lola Box and it clearly stated that it can only be used in Elianto counters in MATAHARI Department Store (otherwise i wouldn't bother to go to TP really. It's not very close to my home and we have Elianto counter in Centro-GM-which i went to (at least) every weekend!), so we went there at around 1 PM first. The BA was flustered and told us she knew nothing about it. And she had to check with her supervisor (how's that our problem, duh!!!) but the supervisor's not there yet, maybe she'll arrive around 2. Since i knew we're going to be there at least until 4, i said okay, we'll come back.

Then at 3 (!!!) we got back (just after having a bad episode in Magnolia *LOL*, more about that later)  and she was like "Yes, sorry, but the supervisor didn't show up..." "I never saw that voucher, i have no idea about it..." "It cannot be used, sorry"-and she tried to show us an exactly the same voucher (but for IDR 30.000 instead of IDR 50.000) that expired months ago. I was seething and immediately twitted both Elianto and Lola Box (which replied pretty speedily!), but i didn't expect G to explode! LOL. I never saw G exploded much, she's probably the most patient (and clueless) one in the group-so it was quite a surprise.

She hurled the word "fraud" (Ho, CL's famous line came in mind immediately, THIS IS FRAUD!!!) told the BA "I DON'T CARE. You take care of this. You think i'm trying to cheat or something? YOU check it out with your supervisor or whatever, i don't care. All i know is we have this voucher and i want to to use it NOW". And sure enough, less than 3 minutes later after clicking on the computer very briefly, she returned all (even more) flustered and apologetic telling us it's valid and can be used now. WTF? -____-. I personally didn't hate her or whatever, she was nice and friendly (and not to mention visibly frightened by us), i just didn't get why she was trying to reject the voucher! Has she been trained to ward off anyone who's trying to use vouchers or something?

BAs in Matahari TP's quite troublesome in general though. I had an unpleasant episode with Maybelline's BA (where she scoffed and talked to me like i was a beggar when i asked her about a discount)-and that exact day Olin was actually also in TP and she was being treated like a dirt and actually being shooed off-by Maybelline Matahari's BA. Tsk Tsk Tsk, just because your stuffs are constantly on sale doesn't mean you can discount the service as well, no??? Geez, i would definitely explode and threw make ups on her face if i was Olin *LOL*.

Okay, bitching part 1 finished, there's part 2 and 3 in this post alone. LOL.
This is what i got from Elianto TP

In order to use the voucher, i had to spend at least IDR 250.000. I've always been attracted to their eye shadows (very pigmented and beautiful, very affordable too! IDR 45.000 to 69.000 each-the shimmery "top coat's more expensive) and i've also wanted a customized palette-while i am not interested in MAC's prices, Elianto's right up my alley. I paid IDR 244.000 for the biggest palette (can house 10 eye shadows) and 5 eye shadows. Very cheap, no?? Knowing me, i thought i'd fill it with colorful eye shadows, but i ended up picking mostly subtle colors! I can't believe my first customized palette would consist of very boring shades *LOL*, but they are oh-so-pretty (shimmer lovers would approve), i just gotta have them!
10-eye shadow palette (empty) IDr 69.000
Elianto Safari Shadow in 02 Creamy Yellow (IDR 45.000)
Luscious Shadow in 03 California Gold-despite looking very opaque it's actually more of a "top coat", very glittery but not pigmented like the other lines of eye shadow. It was supposed tp be IDR 69.000 but when i made the calculation at home, the BA totally gave me the wrong price and charged me IDR 45.000 instead! LOL.
Lustre Shadow in 01 Snow White (IDR 45.000) it didn't look like it's that appealing, but once swatched-it actually turns out to be glowy, shimmery white, and super pretty!
Lustre Shadow in 05 Dusky Pink (IDR 45.000), i have a lot of pink eye shadow but not enough of the shimmery one!
Madigra Shadow in 04 Brilliant Blue (IDR 45.000)

I actually went and purchase one more of them in Centro the next day because i got an IDR 30.000 (from shopping of the stuffs i will tell you about) voucher that expires today.
Luscious Shadow in 01 Platinum White (IDR 69.000), another one of the "top coat" type, paid IDR 39.000 only after using the voucher :D
Just like that i almost finished filling my palette within two days (i also have one one of their eye shadow from Lola Box before). Three more to go!

Of course, my hauls almost always contains accessories, right? This time's no exception!

Double rings on sale for IDR 30.000
I especially love the golden one, it's super super dainty!
Then some more in Bling. I can never resist their promotion!

Two ring sets for IDR 59.000, that'd be IDR 29.500 each!
This must not look very nice like this
But they actually spelled out the word LOVE! How cute???
Seriously, ring sets are my biggest accessories weakness now!
5 rings for IDR 29.500? Score!
Like i said earlier, we went to one of my fave local clothing store, Magnolia as well. It was (still is! You might want to check it out if you have Magnolia stores in your place! It's one of the biggest sales they've ever had, meaning the selection of sale items were pretty vast instead of one or two racks like usual) having a sale and i ended up with three tops that i've been wanting for quite a while. Not without any drama though.

The only non-sale item, a studded cropped top
Dreamy pink chiffon crepe see through top, 30% off-paid around IDR 82.000 for this
Lacey tye dye outer. I always loved the super pretty color combo but couldn't justify the IDR 197.000 price tag (for something from Magnolia, that's too pricey). It's now on a 30% off, and i didn't mind paying IDR 137.900 for it!
Oh ya, the drama. See that studded cropped top? I've been eyeing it for weeks (yes, i like to sleep off most of the stuffs that i wanted because of my wardrobe's condition), there's only two pieces left and i painfully checked the studs-one of the two pieces left had studded the almost fell off. So, naturally i picked the better one and the SA put it in the cashier. Then i went to the cashier to pay for my stuffs, there's a pair of mother and daughter paying for their stuffs ahead of me, and out of nowhere i saw the daughter pointed to MY top and said "I want that." and the STUPID cashier scanned it into their receipt! WTF! If nobody claims that top, why the hell would it be in the cashier,*#y*^@$%^!@$%^????

G hurried and found (she's really a good sidekick that day hahahaha) the SA who then told the cashier the top was mine. Both the SA and the cashier tried to avoid being responsible and kept on saying "I dunno!" "I dunno!". Right, of course i exploded HAHAHAHAHAHA. G told them to make a switch and give the top i picked to me. I would've walked away (hurling abuse to them all the way) without paying if they refused! 

I got even madder when the customer in front of me bitched about "Wasn't it the same color anyway? What's the problem??" Hello *&#*^&%&*@, I picked that top specifically okay! Who died and made you queen that you can just point to any random things that other people already picked and they should give it to you? WTF, THE NERVE!!!! So i hurled some more sailor words to them (and thankfully that shut them up). However whenever i'm very very angry, i lost my capability to curse in Indonesian, so i was bitching in English at rapid fire at G. Not sure if they understood me fully, but at least they behaved better after i exploded. WHY IS IT ONE HAS TO BE A TOTAL B TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT???? It's so tiring!!!!
Ok lor, that's bitching number 2.

We moved to GM already and bought all these stuffs :
From Centro. Also bought a toy for Baby Boy (because he's been having very good grades) but of course i didn't take any pictures
Hahahahaha buying towels i also want to show you! I've taken up hot yoga classes (but only went once last week because my partner-L-kept on bailing pffffftttt. Will go again on Wednesday) and i don't really have any mid-sized towels.
Super cute bear cap for Baby Luca!
Then the cashier told us we're short IDR 30.000 to eligible for an IDR 30.000 voucher! So i went to hunt for something, anything! This comfy navy loose cropped top from Korz was on a 70% off, IDR 50.000 something so i got it! I love simple stuffs to mix and match too you know!
Then i also shopped at N.Y.L.A... only one balloney-sleeved chiffon bolero (LEOPARD pattern ahahahaha) that's on a special price, IDR 75.000. It's just hanging sadly there on the racks (with her three other sisters in different colors), for untrained eyes it looks like a lump of fugly thing, but hey-i'm the shopping diva okay! I knew it'd be cute! Guess what, as soon as i threw it on (and went to the mirror), two women noticed me and squealed, and proceed to grab the other two in the rack (that they already passed disinterestedly a few minuted prior). PFFFFFTTTTTT. I'm a little unhappy. I totally think N.Y.L.A should pay me or something, it was like i was endorsing them-and still buying their stuffs! LOL. Kidding (or not).
It's impossible to photograph though, you need to see it ON
Eh, remember i spilt all those vajeje wash that i got from Singapore? Then i made #Undecided buy me one? I also forced G to buy me one *LOLOLOL*, after months she finally did!

I'm not sure how many Indonesian bloggers would post a picture of a Vajeje wash on their blog *LOLOLOL*, considering the circumstances on how i got them-i totally should post this!
That's actually all of the stuffs i got! Plenty huh? But the bitching only got to two? Yeah, third one about The Body Shop's birthday program. I never knew that a member's entitled of a free gift on their birthday (if anyone else didn't know-#Undecided didn't so i wasn't the odd one out!-you're welcome!), until yesterday when i accidentally read their twitter! Then i also read "gift can be redeemed max 1 month after your birthday". I went to all the trouble asking them if exactly one month (it was the 3rd yesteday right) on Twitter, but even though they replied to a lot of other people, they never bothered to answer me.

We went to ECC to watch Emergo (sucks. Don't watch it!) and there's no TBS in ECC, because i'm #1 Miss Kiasu, i actually asked hunny if he'd mind going to GM (and then back to ECC after to pick up Baby Boy who's having too much fun at Chipmunk) to use the Centro voucher and also check with TBS. On the way there, i realized i didn't have my ID (which is needed to get the gift) with me-i put it in my work out bag in case they needed it at the yoga place last Tuesday for registration and then forgot to put it back in my bag) so we had to make a detour home.

So imagine my disappointment when the BA first said "Oh yes, it can be redeemed" first but quickly followed with "Oh, no. It can't. Have you redeemed this already?". Errrr.... i just told you that i ONLY heard about this program today, and now you're asking me if i've already redeemed it? Would anyone be so brazen as to try to redeem something they already redeemed before? Well, if anyone would, that wouldn't be me! It already took me so much courage to come up and asked her about the free gift (such things embarrass me to no end you know). PFFFTTTT.

Of course, i didn't really blame the BA, the whole thing was automatic after all. She wasn't the one who refused to give me the free gift, it just confuses me how the receipt printed out stated "Do not issue birthday gift, it has been issued". BY WHOM???? 

I complained in multiply twits to TBS, but never got any response *even though they kept on twitting*. That makes me realize, that not every brand would respond to your complains (ahem, Carrefour), they would only reply to nice things. So i am immensely impressed with the ones that does (like Elianto and Lola Box).

Bitching finished (for now) *LOL*. Btw, there's this HUGE Christmas tree (already???) in GM and i had to take pictures :
Can't even capture the tip :p
I have a very strong urge to steal one of the bears...
Baby Boy's hair cuts are always a hit and miss with me, even though he went to the same hairdresser! This time's not up to my standard either :(
There's LT Pro's Fashion and Beauty parade or something and we watched a while when we're having a coffee break at Starbucks (because i just want a few sips coz it's late already, and hunny's addicted to their Salted Caramel one). I am not trying to be rude, but... Errrr.... I was confused with their model selections. Let's just say they made the clothes looked bad *LOL*. I guess it was ill fitting (wayyyy to loose, it was probably normal people's size worn by super skinny models, so...) or something. 

But... not only that, some of them looked like they thought they were hot stuffs or something, in short G and i agreed that some of them really pissed us off just by watching them LOLOLOL. Not to mention the walk. I mean, i know they wouldn't walk like America's Next Top Models or something, but there's this particular girl who walked like she's the prettiest girl on earth, all snooty and with excessive "OH I'M SO HOTTT" vibes and crazy hips throwing, next thing i know.... down she went. LOL. I burst out laughing obvi. Oh God, i'm such a horrible person, i'm going to hell!

Before i finish this longer than-i-intended post, here's a picture of BABY LUCAAAA!
AWWW So chubby! So CUTE!

A golden bangle from all of mummy's BFF!
In case you're wondering why we got a gold accessory for a baby boy, that's because in Chinese tradition it's compulsory for close relatives to get gold stuffs for a new baby-to wish the baby well and also to strengthen them familial bond. We're practically family already so of course we gotta get them something made of gold!

Okay, i really gonna stop now hahaha. Happy holiday for Indonesian!


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  1. OMG Ce, kemarin aku juga ke GM dan lewat pas LTPro itu juga hahaha Cuma aku ga nyadar kirain fashion show apaan, baru pas pulang dan lewat area yang sama liat sponsor board yg item di samping panggung ada tulisan LTPro byk gitu :D

    Anyway, kemarin di GM tuh aku juga dikecewain sama Periplus. Jauh2 ke GM cuma mau ambil pesenan di Periplus eh keburu diretur dong padalah udh pesen seminggu sblmnya -_-* Udh komplain ke twitternya, untung responnya cpt bgt :)

    Oh ya, soal para BA yg judge the person by their looks itu ngebetein banget emang. Cuma itu ngebantu ketika kita cuma mau liat2 doang, jd ga diburu2 pertanyaan2 atau tawaran2 yg annoying gt lho. But, waktu mau beli ya servisnya hrs oke. So far sih blm pernah 'dijutekin/dicuekin' BA konter kosmetik, karena beli di situ jarang kl ga titipan mama hahahaa

    Yes, it's a long post and I know, it's a long comment as well :D
    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hiahahahaha sayang km ga liat say, you'll know what i mean :p. Eh tapi kalo yg hari Minggu punya cantik2 modelnyaaa, ga tau d ganti apa d tambahin dr yg hari Sabtu. Yg Sabtu itu yg.... yuck. LOL

      Iyah, kalo d respons cepet itu kan kita ga terlalu kecewa, msh d anggap lah sebagai customer. Kalo di cuekin itu loh... jengkelnya zzzz.

      You're so lucky, semoga ga usah encounter BA2 yg menyebalkan itu lah ya. Aq juga sblmnya jarang krn jarang bgt belanja d counter, cm blkg an lg suka hunting2 gitu. Tp ya biasanya yg high end gt (kecuali MUFE PFFFTTTT) jauh lbh OK pelayanannya. Sering nemenin cc n mmku k Anna Sui, Estee Lauder, SK II (pernah cm ambil sample jg tetep baik bgt), justru brand2 yg kelas drugstore gt BA nya suka belagu, Menyebalkan.

      I love long comments, do drop by often, dear :D

  2. Waktu balik sby bulan kmrn, sebel banget ama BAnya Make Over yg di TP, MDS. BAnya nggak membantu sama sekali, tanya harga lgs dikasih katalog suruh ngecek harga sendiri. Minta liat tester juga dicuekin, tester displaynya amit2x kotor en berdebu. BAnya make over diem aja, yg jelas2xin malah BA nya Missha. Lgs ilfil deh nggak jadi beli.

    1. OMO, BA nya MDS yaaa OMG banget... Udah Maybelline, L'Oreal, ada yg komplen Elianto juga (incl aq) n skrg Make Over pula? Lah banyak benerrrr... Perlu d training ulang rupanya! Sayangnya aq twit ke MDS nya gak d tanggepin (sama Maybelline nya juga) LOL. Bener2 standar service di Surabaya jeblok banget deh :(

  3. Walah kalau BAnya matahari mah nggak ada yang beres ce.. jahat2 semua. kecuali yang Elianto agak baik *mungkin karena baru ya* tapi ya itu kayaknya masih kurang paham sama produk2nya *IMO*.

    1. Iya Sha bener, kenapa bs gitu yah???? Bener2 kaco tuh Matahari! Jd males kan belanja disana. Mendingan di Centro aja atau d Sogo jauh lbh ramah2 gt BA2nya