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Hello, dears!!

I usually wait until i finish my travel entries for a trip before posting the haul, but since i'm writing about the Taiwan trip with #Undecided and she's super super super busy (and most probably wouldn't be able to blog for more than one month from now! *cries*) and i'm pretty sure we're not gonna be able to finish them on 2013 *LOL*, i decided i'd go on and blog about my haul first before i used everything up haha.

No picture of the entire haul altogether, but i did snap one of the beauty related stuffs together :
It's not that much, isn't it? At least compared to my JB/SG haul... I guess it's still quite a lot *boo*, but i really really held back okay. I can easily go like, 10x crazier (and God knows i've done it before) especially because everything's super cheap there!!! Well, maybe not everything, but beauty stuffs (and food....) are CRAZY cheap! I am already mentally planning to go back sometime soon (during winter, please) and shop like mad! I just felt guilty for shopping so much less than a month earlier, a good thing too or else i dunno how i'd bring all of my shopping home! 

Almost all of my beauty related stuffs were bought at Sasa, Guardian, Watsons and Family Mart (and lemme tell you something, if you see something you like in one Family Mart, don't think twice, because most Family Marts stocks different kind of stuffs!)
Sheet Facial Masks, crazy cheap there! The Hello Kitty one was on promo (don't remember how much, a few hundreds NTD for two boxes, it was really really cheap though) and the Beauty Buffet ones were like... NTD 10 each. That's IDR 3000. WTF RIGHT?????
Nextcare 3M and Acnes' acne patches. Been a huge fan of Nextcare's and use them whenever i have any pesky pimples showing up, i heard that it's super cheap in Taiwan (it was quite cheap) and probably originated from there (i cannot be sure about it though, i just heard that) so i bought quite a few
I think these were NTD 60 each? (IDR 18.000)
Actually Acnes' was not super cheap, it was a lot more expensive than Acnes', but i cannot help myself whenever i see something non-familiar from a familiar brand. I also spotted Acnes' BB Cream (definitely not available in Indonesia yet) but it was quite expensive, so i didn't get it. Acnes' there were a lot more expensive than in Indonesia, for some reason...
Same reason for this Nextcare Oil Control Film, a novelty reason hehe. Must not be cheap or else i'd have bought a lot more than one!

Hunny and i are huge fans of konjac sponges! We tried Nicole's Natural when we went to Bandung and been loving it so much that we've been keeping an eye for a replacement (it's totally crumbled now and he's using the white one from this picture as we speak). It was crazily cheap there OMG, bought the white (for dry skin-my hunny's)and black (for anti blemishes and oil control-mine's) ones for NTD 59 each (that's less than IDR 18.000 WTF )while the mint (for body usage) one which is about twice the previous two's size was NTD 99 (less than IDR 30.000). I will review the sponges, but in short-i prefer Nicole's natural (but i can get like, 4 of them for the price of one of Nicole's!) but hunny said they're equally awesome!
Btw, i clearly completely forgotten the prices of the stuffs i got, the ones that i can tell you about actually got the prices still tagged and i deliberately took pictures of the prices as well so it's easier to blog. Hehehe... the ones from Family Mart and Watson's didn't have any price tag on them though... Anyway, moving on!
I cannot resist lip balms HHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU don't ask me what i'm gonna do with them, i just love buying and looking at them, DON'T jugde me!
Bought one lip gloss from Docile at Sasa, it was NTD 80 or IDR 24.000 *sigh* *how can i resist*
Smiths's Minted Rose Lip Balm for NTD 199 or IDR 60.000. Always wanted Smith's lip balms, but it was quite pricey in Singapore, for IDR 60.000 however, i must get it!
Shill's Lip Balm in Vanilla Milk for NTD 99 (IDR 30.000) just because i cannot resist anything that looks like or contains milk -___-
Lovely Penguin Lip Balm NTD 168 (IDR 50.400), obvi because of the packaging!
Heme Chic Color Lip Balm in Cherry Pink NTD 149 (IDR 44.700) that i got at the very last minute (like a few minutes before we left for the airport!) at a Family Mart nearby our last hotel because i kept on thinking about some stuffs that i saw from another Family Mart but sadly they didn't stock them in the latter one (hence the previous advice i gave!) so i consoled myself with this, the packaging's irresistible for me. Carousel and all...
Hello Kitty. Nuff said. NTD 99 (IDR 30.000)
Watsons house brand Plum Black Tea Lip Balm
Got it because i also cannot resist unusual ingredients, black tea's definitely not something i am familiar with in my lip balms, and i'm sure it was dirt cheap too...
Kose's Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Body Soap, i'm a HUGE fan of Happy Bath Day line and been thinking of repurchasing for years haha. Saw this and it was so much cheaper than Singapore's price so i grabbed them immediately!
I'm in love with the scent, but i must admit i also cannot resist the baby pink bottle
And the beautiful embossing!

I tend not to buy a lot of make ups on my travels *but then i'd order tons of them online, what's the difference WTF* unless the price's insane *for this trip i deliberately stayed away from the make up counters though!*, but cleansers... I 'm a lot more lenient to myself with them because i use them daily and go through them pretty quickly.
Oh God, i don't even know the brand's name... Is Perfect Whip the brand??? It was on sale in Watsons
And so was this was, Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion
Got this the first night (immediately once we reached Taipei, actually) at Family Mart (nearby our first hotel), Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil. My current second favorite form of cleanser (i love the balm/lotion turns watery type more now since trying out Oriflame's! Review will be up soon). Never heard of this brand before and that intrigued me even more to try it out!
NRK Essential Bitter Melon Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion. Also got it with the cleansing oil. Attracted to its unusual ingredients and it was endorsed by (presumably) famous Taiwanese male make up artist (made Joe translate everything for me of course), plus it was made in Taiwan (which is pretty famous for making high quality and affordable beauty stuffs, and while in Taiwan... buy Taiwan made stuffs, right???)
Still from the first Family Mart, Unt Nail Lacquer. Joe translated that i'd get a small nail polish remover if i purchase a nail polish, but i guess it was lost in translation (or maybe because i should buy more than 1 to be eligible for the promotion) coz they never give me any freebie *LOL*
It's actually more of a glittery top coat thingy. No idea how much it was, but i paid around NTD 700 for the oil cleanser, lotion, nail polish, one acne patch, some food and snack+coffees. That's insane because NTD 700 was like IDR 210.000!
Another impulse buy in some random Family Mart, Ma Cherie travel set
I still got a lot of brand new perfumes in my stash so i tried to stay away from the perfume section, but Hello Kitty beckoned T.T
I don't remember how it even smells like but the Kitty's transparent and glittery! Too pretty to pass!
More Kitty!
Heme x Hello Kitty nail remover

Random cheapo nail wraps i got from Zhiqiang Night Market for NTD 100 for three!!!

Haven't tried any of them because i kinda gave up on nail wraps, they're supposedly to be an instant nail art thingy but i found them to be too much work! Maybe i'm just not used to them yet. Will try to use them soon

Okay, this is not beauty thingy but health thingy. Stock on Centrum (coz i get sick very easily especially on travels...), i wonder why they are always so much cheaper anywhere else but in Indonesia... Also bought a nose drop for the perpetually congested me, but that's not photo worthy hahaha
Next one i didn't actually purchased, they're freebie toilettries from our last hotel but since it's damn L'OCCITANE i gotta feature them!
All these for two nights stay
So awesome i gotta add one more pic of them haha

Speaking of freebie, i got this at Taipei 101 when the SA just randomly handed out samples. I used it already and it's super nice, feels totally luxurious and expensive *LOL*. It's from the brand Envie de Neuf that i've never heard of before. I'm looking forward for the day when SAs in Indonesia would just hand out awesome freebies like this. LOL. Dream on #Pink, they even sell out the sachet samples...

While we're on the topic of freebie : free pins from the Hot Air Balloon Festival

Also got this masks sets for my female employees because i was running out of options (touristy and souveniry stuffs were surprisingly quite expensive there!)
Was on a huge promo, like... NTD 67 (IDR 20.000 WTF!!!) for one box (which i guess contains like, 5 sheets?)
On second thought i really regret not picking up one for myself!

When we got back from Hualien, i saw them selling some contact lenses at the mall on top of the train/MTR station. Even though it was endorsed by Jolin Tsai (whom i DETEST. EW), i really wanted to try one Taiwanese contact lenses and it was cheap (yea, don't remember how much... I think less than IDR 100.000!) so... i just got them
It's so cute that they're selling in single packs, not by pair-so you don't need to get two of the same degree if your miopia's different from one eye to another! How convenient!
I also bought a few clothes (not too much! Maybe like, 10? Hehe) but like i said before, i don't really post my clothing hauls unless i got them in a HUGE sale (the night market clothes prices was okay, but not fantastic. Singapore/Malaysia's cheaper when it comes to this kind of stuffs), but i will show you my other fashion haul : the accessories.

Spiky arm band, NTD 100
Blown glass flower necklace
And another one with a huge butterfly pendant. Can't remember how much, was it NTD 300 for two?
Jade (looking) bracelet from Chiang Kai Shek's Memorial Hall's souvenir store, it was not very cheap-NTD 250 (IDr 75.000) but better than the NTD 6000 necklace i was eyeing hahaha
"Marc Jacob" baby blue clay flower necklace NTD 300 (IDR 90.000), not usually a price i'd justify for a little (non-branded) necklace, but it was too pretty...
Got this tiny elephant bracelet at the same store for NTD 150
Dainty winged-heart neckace from CKS Memorial Hall, it was very cheap maybe NTD 100
Got these special necklaces we got while strolling a stretch of street full of little stores in Danshui (or Tamsui as i read it at the MTR hehe)
Apparently it was filled with your birthstones (or something like that)! #Undecided and i wasn't paying attention at all, she bought G and A one each (and one for herself), A was the one who pointed out that it's got birth dates on each bottle!
NTD 60 each
Accidentally picked my own birth date necklace!
Also got another one filled with black stones hehe

Can't ever ever resist Hello Kitty
Got this at Xi Lin Night Market for NTD 150
More random stuffs :

Cute pink Starbuck's tumbler that even caught local baristas' attention whenever we used them
Like i said before, Taiwanese seems to be very influenced by Japanese culture. There were lots of cutesy stuffs, including the famous Japanese egg toys dispensers (gachapon) that were EVERYWHERE in Taiwan. Even got stores that only sells them! Hunny and i are such kids at heart and we've loved silly cute things like this forever, so we got quite a lot. It was quite cheap too (starting from NTD 60) considering the high quality of the toys they dispensed! Sadly we've lost or ruined lots of them (hunny even managed to lose a pluggy he got in Ximen Ding within a few days and my own super cute kitten one's lost together with the handphone itself FML) by now *LOL*. We need to stop buying such nonsense (coz we keep on losing/ruining them)!!!!

Cute Pentax bag charm
Hunny put it on his bag and by now the "lens" already lost

My current phone strap, drunk Manekineko popping out from an edamame beans! I love edamame and Manekineko supposed to bring you good luck, hope this drunken kitty will guard my phone better than the other (lazy) kitty on my previous phone did. I also have a confession : always want to put on like, 12 or 20 phone straps at one go and make it like those crazy Japanese girls' ones. Hehe.
Super cute cupcake pooch! I gave it to Au
Look at the details!
Super cute and fat hammie! LOVEEE!
Our first gachapon. Lost it already *FML*

Transvestite Banana pluggy hahahaha gave this to Baby Boy
Even though the face's super annoying, the detail's still amazing!

The only bag i got (and not because there weren't cute ones, i wanted like 10 from the same store alone. Also not because it was expensive, this Balenciaga inspired bag was NTD 400 or 120.000 and the quality's amazing, it'd be sold at least three to four times the price in Indonesia). I must find new space before i can buy a lot of more bags *sigh*

Dirt cheap headbands at Hualien's Night Market (the second one)
Bling2 in real life. Don't remember how much, was less than IDR 20.000
Yep, a fan of spiky things, if you haven't noticed by now...
It was hard finding stuffs for Baby Boy there though! Because all the kiddie stuffs and especially the clothes looked like those fugly cheap ones you can find in errr... local markets. LOL. Got kinda desperate so when i saw this super cute dancing Damper Baby, i forced hunny to buy it for him.
Switch it on and it will start dancing (or rather, marching) accompanied with a very cute and cheerful song. It was expensive though, NTD 1000 i think

Cute post card that will "move" if you pull the little paper sticking below
Hunny didn't buy lots of stuffs there, he did bought a pair of shorts in Uniqlo on an emergency (his short's zip failed hahaha, too much good food in Taiwan!) and this pair of Crocs that was on a 40% off
It was quite cheap after the huge discount! So lucky he wandered into the store exactly on father's day! One day difference-no more discount!
#Undecided and i, the geeks, also bought a book each. Just because. It was a bit sad because the bookstore (that was quite hell to find) was HUGE but they only had one lonely shelves of English books *LOL*. At least we have Periplus in Indonesia!
There wasn't a lot of choices and i kept it safe by choosing one of my favorite author's work : Jodi Picoult.
Got this cute bib for William, hunny's nephew
Well, i think that's all i got from Taiwan (sans the clothes, i actually already wore one of the clothes i got from Taiwan on Baby Boy's birthday, the blue chiffon one!)! I'm gonna leave you with a SUPER DUPER yummy snack that i regretfully only remembered to try when we got back (or else i'd at least bought like a dozen or two to bring home!!!). I've heard Xiaxue and Qiuqiu raved about Jagabee but i was always like, how nice could it be? SUPER DUPER nice, apparently! Only got one tiny cup and Baby Boy finished more than half of it, despite the fact that they're quite hard and he's got a lot of missing teeth! That's how nice it was! Must buy by the dozen if you ever encounter them!
Drooling now. Looks like french fries, yea? The vacuum dried one hehe
Can't wait to travel more on 2014, and shop a LOT more of course!

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  1. Wow sweetie really heavy post, but was very cute for all that cute stuff!
    Btw now I´m following you in Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back!


    1. Hahaha i think almost all of my posts are heavy though :p, i'm a very word-y kinda of person (not to mention needs as much pictures as an illustration of my words) LOL..
      Thank u :)

  2. Hi, may I know where did you get the Balenciaga inspired bag? Did you have to

    1. Sorry, i didn't notice this comment before, got no notification for this...
      I got it in some random store in Tamsui, and no i didn't bargain, most of the stores in Taiwan seems to have a fixed price policy (even if you can bargain like in night markets you can't bargain too much unlike in China or Bangkok)

  3. I loove Jagabee too ever since I tried it on a whimp (I think 5 or 6) years ago and whenever my relatives go to Singapore I always ask them to bring me a these lol. Anyway, the one from China Town is cheaper, I think for a bag of 5 pouches is SG$3.50 :)

    1. Ohh, Jagabee's available in Singapore already? I didn't even know that! LOL. I did bought a big packet of them in our last trip to Hong Kong so i have my fill for now, might be craving for them soon though!

  4. Nice haul ;)
    Where did you get the starbucks tumbler ? Do you think that it's limited edition ? I really want it ><

    1. I got it in Starbucks (well, doh haha) just outside Tamshui's MTR station :). I have no idea if it's a limited edition or not though, sorry!