Unboxing : November Beauty Treats

12:49:00 PM

Hellow, everybody!

Beauty Boxes unboxing one after another because they also arrived back to back hehehe. It's Beauty Treats this time :

I have one word : it's the saddest beauty box yet
LOL. I know i know, that's harsh. But i seriously don't know how else to describe it! It arrived soaking wet at one side, my hunny immediately BBM-ed me the picture that i posted in Twitter. I honestly was super freaked out, you know, after more than three times receiving ruined products (or worse, a ruined whole box), every minor problem with the condition of a beauty box that just arrived totally pulled my over reacting trigger.Thank God only the outer box (and the bonus magazine) was ruined. In fact, i din't have to use scissors to cut the cellophane off, i just dig through the soft and crumbling outer box *LOL*, kinda like a mole digging its way in/out :p.

I was also worried because BTI customer services were notorious by their errrr... unfriendliness (and a bit of sassiness as well, not a great thing for a customer service) and their unwillingness to get back to complains quickly and efficiently (that mainly was the thing that freaked me out the most. I gotta be honest and say that i wouldn't freak that much if it were Lola Box and VT because of my previous experience with them where they'd answer your e-mail almost immediately)-i'm not just saying that coz i've come face to face with this problem with them in the past (about updating my subscription's date status, not about ruined products). But they were being very professional this time because it didn't take them long at all to reply to my Twit asking if anything's broken inside the box. Restored my faith in them tremendously.

The soaked part
Free Cita Cinta magazine. Errr, the girl on the cover... i really don't like her *LOL*
Since the magazine was placed outside the inner box, it was soaked and pretty much ruined
One side of the box was very damp, but it'll dry off i guess. It looked fine in general, thank God!
I dunno what's this supposed to mean though *LOL*. Usually my BTI would arrive pretty neatly wrapped and tied, i guess beauty boxes has issues with their wrapping/tying part this month *LOL*
My hearts sinks as soon as i opened the box. It was virtually empty....
I'm not being dramatic!!!! There is really nothing to be excited for!
The first four items were sachet samples. PFFFFTTTT. Just after being excited about not getting any sachet samples in my Lola Box (see previous post). I was so disappointed that even though i'd usually take detailed pictures, this time i actually managed to completely forget snapping picture of the 5ml Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion. Not only they've been giving us samples of Crabtree and Evelyn for the past three months, it even got downgraded from body lotion sachet+vial perfume to one sad sachet of body lotion. LOL.

Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream (1 sachet, 2 ml)
Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum (1 sachet, 2 ml)
Trilogy Vital Moisturizer Cream (1 sachet, 2 ml)
They also listed another product from Trilogy : Nutrient Plus Firming Serum. I dunno if you're supposed to receive all four sachets (since they listed very limited products in their pamphlet, all of which i found in my box except this serum), if that's is the case-where the hell's my fourth sachet? OR, you're supposed to receive three random one out of the four they listed. It wouldn't make any difference either way, still very very sad. The next item's no better.

Nextcare Acne Cover (2 dots)
LOL. Seriously? I mean... I actually am Nextcare Acne Cover's fan you know. I've been a loyal user for quite sometime now because they works really well on me (as well as #Undecided, we're planning to write a double review, but that's clearly not gonna happen anytime soon due to her hectic office schedule) and always stocks up, so if they gave out decent sized (okay, decent sized would be a full size since their full sized product doesn't contain THAT many dots anyway) samples, i'd be very happy to receive this. But two dots? That feels almost like an insult.

Having said that, the two dots were HUGE *much bigger than their normal dots*. I always cut off only the portion that i need to cover my pimple whenever using them *i don't get zits a lot, and when i do-they are usually very small and hormonal*, and right now i have three tiny blemishes (because i'm PMS ing BIG time), i only used up half of one dot for all three zits. Unless your pimples are as big as boiling ulcers (that would be the size of the sample cover, i imagine), you will get more than one usage for this sample.

It's great for people who never tried acne covers ever (but even so that's still very sad, they should totally give this as a bonus product and not be counted as one DELUXE sample. Heck, almost everything in this bleedin' box should not be counted as deluxe samples *LOL*) so they can try out this product without having to buy them.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please (0.8 ml)
0.8 ml, really? I guess that would be one time usage, yes? LOL. I can't smell anything from the bottle and can't try to spray them because i might use it up as soon as i try to sniff it. LOL (Okay lah, i'm just bitter i guess, but it definitely not going to be enough for more than one time use, especially for someone who loves to douse herself in her fragrance like me!)

And the last, and supposedly the full size product.

Koji Etiquette & Travel Eyemakeoff Sheet (real size-15 sheets)
I'm not a fan of facial sheets, i guess they come in handy for traveling, but i'm not big on them. And i'm 1000% sure they put too much 0 on their price list in the flier (IDR 475.000, REALLY? What are these, Hermes facial sheets? LOL. I guess it's IDR 47.500). It's the only decent product in this whole friggin box, and it's not a good item either *LOL*.

Seriously, WTF BTI???? You chucked in four sachet samples, one tiny vial and one pack of facial sheets and call it a beauty box??? What kind of a tragic story this is??? I don't need to tell your how abso-bloody-lutely disappointed i am with this month's box! And i thought last month was bad!!! How can they raise their subscription box, come out with ONE decent box and then began giving out craps immediately???

If i am not still subscribed to their services, there's no way in hell i'd renew my subscription! I cannot imagine the feeling if there's someone out there who subscribed for the very first time and receive this crap instead!!!! I usually still try to find good things to say, if there's at least one decent item in the box, i'd point it out. But i'm running out of excuses for BTI. I gave them wayyy to many chances already, and this is the final straw *LOL*. I won't even put up the link to my affiliation program because, WHO THE HELL WOULD SUBSCRIBE AFTER SEEING THIS POST? LOL. 

The real price for the box' IDR 125.000 (i paid IDR 95.000 because i subscribed to their no longer operating Gold Box, and frankly-even their worst Gold Box was 10x better than this box) and honestly, i wouldn't even pay IDR 25.000 for this box. Maybe not even IDR 10.000. LOL.

Less than pleased #Pink

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  1. errr... so disappointing -_- their service seems getting worse month by month..

    1. It's not disappointing Shel, it's... a crap. LOLOLOL!

  2. Thanks for the info dear, I need to think twice before purchasing.


    1. You're welcome, dear! Totally :(... It's just so sad because they used to be so good!!! To go from awesome to downright SAD within a few months... TSK TSK TSK BTI!

  3. aku udah lama say good bye sama BTI Lol
    BTI ga ada bagus2nya blaaahhh

    1. Hahahaha aq kalo ga terlanjur subscribe 6 bln juga udah ga bakalan nerusin Winnnn :p

  4. aku udah lama gak subs BTI lagi,,ternyata keputusan aku tepat,,kayaknya isinya makin lama makin menyedihkan ya? lama-lama BTI semacam jual box doang,,hehehe

    1. Betul skali, good call! Iyah, jualan empty box *LOL*. Kyknya mrk skrg focus malah k online shop nya zzz. Ya udah jd online shop aja ga usa sok2 beauty box2an hahahaha

  5. Oh no! That's such a bummer. I hate getting sachets in beauty boxes. Technically you're paying for the items inside, right? Who in their right minds would go and pay good money for measly sachets that won't even cover the pinkie finger? Either they should send 5-6 sachets of each product so we can try it out a bit, or they should stop sending sachets. #gigbloggers GiGlove

    1. Yes, you're totally right! It's the WORST beauty box ever, possibly in the world hahahaha. And the box's not even that cheap, it's around the same price (even more expensive when the exchange rate's on its better days LOL) with Ipsy bag zzzzz.... I'd prefer no sachet samples at all, sachet samples should be banned!!! Thanks for dropping by, sweety!

  6. That's not a beautybox.
    It's beauty sachet lolol..
    Sachet samples bisa didapet free tanpa harus bayar sekian puluh ribu wtf joking banget BTI.


    1. LOL, even the free sampling box in Singapore gave out 10x the items BTI did. Horrible horrible horrible.
      Yup, this should be a free box, and even free it's not that fantastic anyway hahaha

  7. Omg..your post is hilarious..I love it. hahaha
    It worries me now. I just paid BTI subscription a month ago. It wasn't for this month I guess. Hope I will get better box...wait I should revise that..I hope I'll get better box and its content too..lol
    I had bad experience with BTI and Crabtree too..wasn't planning to post it, but after reading this..I feel like I should spread the word.

    1. Why so many ppl say it's hilarious? Hehehe, i didn't mean it to be, but thank u!!!
      Oh, fingers crossed (not just for u to be honest, for me too!!!) they will never again give out such a horrible box!!! But i honestly doubt they'd ever come up with a good box ever again *oops, did i just burst your bubbles? Apologies!!!*
      Why??? What happened witht he Crabtree?? I know it's somewhat frowned upon for beauty bloggers to post bad reviews, but i'm sure there are more people out there who'd appreciate and benefit from our total honesty, right?

  8. very very dissapointed.....................................
    the first and the last im subcribing BTI
    i feel them havent over friendly .. totally verry sad :( inside your box same with my box exaclty i dont wanna share that .... hmmm i think im only one dissapointed like that

  9. keq nya udh pertama dan terakhir .. cs nya ga bagus juga ..aku disangka ga ada transaksi juga xxxxxxxx padahal histori nya ada #curcol
    pelayanan ga memuaskan .......hueeksss dan isinya hmm tidak membahagiakan wkwkwkw tp ttep thank you lah nunggu 2blan

    1. It's so sad krn dulu mrk oke loh, makin lama koq makin kaco dan yg terakhir ini bener2 menyedihkan abisss! Hehe... Iya nih, CS nya BTI emg paling ga OK makanya aq plg males kl harus urusan dengan mrk zzzz

  10. Thank Lord my subscription ends by last October and I decided not to continue subscribing. Somehow they kept getting worse and worse each month compared to their first box. I'm totally kinda pissed since May/June (I forgot which one) and I no longer excited for their box afterwards. Lolabox gained my interest now, but I haven't subscribe to them yet hehe
    Oh and did you join their beauty workshop with Crabtree & Evelyn? I have an event report you might want to read in case you want to be pissed off LOL

    1. LOL, yes i know lots of the members got really pissed since months ago-i however am a very easy to please person, so i wasn't as pissed as others before. Until this box happened *LOL*. They did sent me more stuffs later so i'm not as mad anymore *yes, i'm cheap, don't judge hahaha*.

      Oh, i read your entry already before and the whole goodie bag thingy was f*cked up for sure!