Body-Tale 03 : Vienna Whitening Milky Body Lotion (Rose)

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I just got back from Bali last night (our flight was delayed for half an hour, then when we just about to touch down-literally almost touching the tarmac!-the plane suddenly took off again! Something went wrong with the airport system so we were "stranded" in the sky for another 15 minutes or so WTF). Super tired and i can always can see how people would say that the beauty of traveling is how you'd know that home is where you belong (whenever i just got back from any travel i'd feel it! Of course then i'd get so bored and long to travel again in less than a month, but you get what i mean right?), we did had lots of fun (and annoyance too of course) and i can't wait to share the trip with you guys but i am still super exhausted (and sick. Dammit. Not again!) but itching to post something, so i fished through my drafted reviews for something to post. Enjoy!

I'm on a roll! I actually just finished writing another review but since my hunny's snoring away since very early in the evening (we've been sleeping latter and latter lately, mostly at 2 AM zzzz, dunno why. Watch too much TV and play too much with our gadgets i guess. Not enough sleep plus been having too much festivities lately, our bodies demand a pay-back! I napped for hours earlier today so i'm good, i guess hunny's gonna sleep through the night LOL), i decided to be productive (i am anything but, lately... Too much temptations!) for once and write another one!

It's from a local brand this time called Vienna, ever heard about it? I didn't. But i was attracted to this HUGE bottle of body lotion when we were shopping at Ranch Market. It was cheap (it was cheap enough to tempt me so it must be very cheap. I forgot how much lah, i did try Googling it and i found online shops selling them for IDR 18.000 which is cray cray because it was HUGE-wonder if they are selling the real thing? I'd be really interested to buy from them if it's the real price because i definitely didn't pay IDR 18.000 for this!!!) even though i cannot recall how much i paid for it. The one i got came in Rose (which is one of my all-time favorite scent) and it's huge so it'll lasts for quite some time (which it definitely did!) so i couldn't say no! (UPDATE : I checked and apparently it's IDR 27.000 in Ranch Market so the online price was actually reasonable!)
Vienna Whitening Milky Body Lotion in Rose (picture courtesy of Google)

I didn't even pay attention but they apparently came in five different variants :
Aloe Vera, Rose, Goat's Milk, Bengkoang and Green Tea

Seriously, i'm so disturbed by the fact that all of those online shops sells this 750ml bottled lotion at IDR 18.000 (some even at IDR 17.500), i wonder if one needs to buy them in a huge quantity to be able to get that price? Coz it's so ridiculously low zzzz. I definitely paid at least twice the price at the supermarket! I'm so going to check the price next time i'm in Ranch Market! (Hahahaha, sorry, i was so irked when i wrote this. Now i'm pacified because i know the real price already but i think you guys like it when i'm being weird like that so i decided not to edit my lines and be my usual neurotic-self)

750ml is no joke okay, it's huge
Took me about three months to finish the whole bottle!

Vienna, like i mentioned earlier, is a local brand, it was manufactured by PT Cakra Daya Makmur, Jakarta. I admit i sometimes underestimated local brands, and i didn't have too high of an expectation for this lotion so i was pleasantly surprised when i realized that this lotion's quite good really!

Came with a simple flip top

The consistency was on the thicker side (compared to other drugstore brands like Vaseline or Nivea) and as the name suggested, milky. It's very easy to spread and absorbed on a normal skin like mine, however it needed to be massaged into hunny's very dry skin. I dunno why but his skin is quite weird, i always need to rub thicker lotions in quite a bit on his skin (on the contrary, body butters would seep right into his skin, while i would need to massage it into my skin a lot because they're too greasy). Once it is massaged in, it disappeared FTL on his skin though. ZZZ.

So from that fact, i deduced that this body lotion's more suitable for people with normal skin. It keeps my skin moisturized very well (the whole day!), my skin felt supple and slightly damp (so it didn't disappear immediately on my skin, instead it stays and keeps it hydrated without being overly greasy) without oily residue-in short, it works very well on me. Unfortunately since this is a lighter feeling lotion, it didn't exactly work on very dry skin. Not only it was difficult to be absorbed on hunny's skin, it also didn't really do anything for his skin. It stays dry and parched without any improvement whatsoever. So sad.

The scent however, wasn't exactly what i expected. I didn't actually detect any Rose scent whatsoever from this lotion *LOL*. It just... smelled generically powdery-floral perfumed. You know, like how most local body lotions tend to smell. It didn't smell very cheap or whatever (that would be horrible! A product should always be cheap but cannot actually ooze cheapness!! *being totally unreasonable as usual*), but definitely didn't smell rosey (well, maybe i'm being picky, maybe you can actually smell a hint of rose if you sniff real hard hahaha) to me. The scent actually lingers pretty long on your skin (in a pleasant way) but subtle enough not to interfere with you perfume/body mist. I am not particularly in love with the smell, nor that i am bothered by it. I can say i'm... pretty indifferent with the scent. It's nothing special. Other than that, no complains!

In short, this is surprisingly a pretty recommended local branded (support local brands, people!) body lotion with a very low price (or dirt cheap, if it's sold for IDR 18.000 online! And IDR 27.000 offline-so considering the shipping fee for such a heavy lotion, that seems to be quite equal!). With such a huge bottle, it's definitely a very great value for money!

I'd recommend this lotion for people with normal skin who are looking for a cheap (i can't even call this affordable, it's very cheap!) light weight, fuss-free but still hydrating body lotions that doesn't leave greasy or oily residue-and doesn't mind lightly (generically) scented lotion.

Won't recommend this for people with very dry skin, those who are looking for heavy weight ultra moisturizing body lotions (i'd recommend you use body butter or this Palmer's Cocoa Formula Body Lotion instead. Or if you're looking for a cheaper and or local version, try Vivelle. I will review Vivelle body lotion on the next ep of this Body-Tale's series!). Also those who cannot stand generic powdery-floral scents (i imagine someone like my mum would deem this lotion to smell like "mbak2", i beg to differ though, i think it's very subtle and pleasant in the most humble way!).

Would i repurchase this? Yeah, why not. It's cheap, it does the job... (of course i would need to investigate how come the price online's crazily cheaper than in supermarkets! Update : No, i solved the mystery already ahahahaha) if my body lotion stash' going low and there's nothing new to try, i'd repurchase this. Preferably in other variants though, since even though i find this "Rose" one okay, i'm not exactly attached or fond of it. Maybe if it actually smell a little more like rose then i would hahaha. 

Anyone ever tried this lotion out? How did it work on your skin?



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  1. kayanya bagus nih :D coba aah~ hehe
    btw you look pwetty as usual :3

    1. Iyah, and so cheap!
      Awwww you're so kind, sweetie :D!

    2. hahah I think we have something in common : love cheap stuff :p

  2. Min, any recommendation for a very dry face? Tried khiels it doesnt work well, body shop a big na ah, haseline snow ok lah but slow result

    1. Very dry skin? I'd say Etude House's Moistfull Collagen works wonder on Candra's super dry skin!

  3. Could u please send me d online address to purchase this product from pls