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Hey, y'all! 

If i manage to get any internet connection in Bali, i'd post this as a filler post so y'all won't miss me too much while i'm away BAHAHAHA. So... This is not exactly your typical wishlist, i do have a very long wishlist (my last one got to the three digits category, but then i lost my phone where i kept the list and now i'm building a new one, it's currently around 50s already FML) but i reckon they all seems to be make up stuffs and quite unspecific (like i want Sleek and MUA stuffs, but i don't have any current shade or item, anything colorful will do *LOL*), not to mention boring (because i tend to hold on very long until i finally get the stuffs so what's in the list never really change, only grow in number hahaha) so i decided to mix it up a little bit and add other things i am loving *and obsessing about* at the moment, from music to make up to fashion!

1. Jordis Unga 
I've been a HUGE fan on this super talented woman since her days in Rock Star INXS. I fell head over heel in love with her voice when she performed Imagine by The Beatles (and the fact that she's so pretty didn't hurt either), and until today, it remain the most beautiful version of the song i've ever heard.
I didn't think about her for YEARS now, but suddenly, out of nowhere, i yearned to listen to that song again so i Googled it. And much to my surprise, she joined another reality TV singing competition of a MUCH bigger scale, The Voice! It's actually an old season (2nd) and she seemed to be eliminated pretty early on, i am surprised that #Undecided (who's both an avid fan of the show and a fellow admirer of miss Unga) never told me about this! 

#Undecided had been trying to make me watch the show for a while now but i've lost all interest in this kind of show (or any other TV shows-except for Running Man that we can only watch via internet anyway-for that matter.. This is radio all over again. When we were teens i listened to radio non-stop, and then never listened to it ever again. And when we were young adults, i'd be glued to the TV and can never live without it, but now... I almost never turn on the TV anymore *LOL*, i am permanently attached to my tablet instead :p)

Anyway, even though Jordis never (got even close to) won The Voice, apparently she's already signed up for an album and i couldn't be more excited! It's so great to see someone you admire for years that strived to do what she really loves and ended up a winner (in a way!). And she's getting even prettier!

My sudden reignited obsession with Jordis' led me to browse for her performances in the Voice, which eventually led to my second obsession

2. Andrea Begley and Leah McFall from The Voice UK
Andrea Begley

Leah McFall


I clearly didn't watch The Voice UK (heck, i didn't even watch The Voice USA, hello... We clearly have less exposure with UK tv shows here. #Undecided and i been told we have "American accents" time and time again, and we've never even been to America (yet) *LOL*. We always answer "American TV shows" whenever asked where we got our accents :p. That should be enough indicator that we have a lot of access to American TV shows, too much maybe haha) so i don't really know how it went down, but reading their Wiki pages (and the fact that the eventual winner, Andrea, had a very shaky blind audition and only one mentor picked her), Leah McFall was the front runner while Andrea's more of a dark horse.

They are like, polar opposite of each other style and sound wise! Andrea (who apparently caused controversy with her winning, causing even of the mentor who happened to be Leah McFall's mentor-to storm out of the studio when they announced her winning) has an angelic, out-of-this world voice that i simply fell in love with when i first heard her. It also helps because she chose some of my eternal favorite songs as song choices! I loved her version of "Angel" (Sarah Mclachlan's) and of course, what eventually became her winning single, My Immortal (Evanescence). Oh yeah, she also partially sighted caused by Glaucoma. That made me admire her even more.
While Leah McFall is this quirky, unique and very stylish girl (even though i am not keen on her make up style, which is a bit Lady Gaga-ish to me *LOL*, but her fashion choicest are pretty cool) with equally quirky, unique and stylish (and oh so so sweet) voice! I love love love how she plays with her vocals! While i think her blind audition performance of R.I.P (Rita Ora) was super "ear-catching" (for lack of better words), my favorite performance of her in The Voice that i can find on You Tube is firmly "Loving You".
I can't choose between the simplicity and naturally beautiful voice of Andrea and Leah's highly stylized and unique voice so they are both my current obsession!

3. Peripera Love Fairy & Heart Glow
I never paid much attention to this Korean brand before because it's not as well known as some other Korean brands locally. Also because i was more drawn to different type of cute when it comes to packaging. You know, princessy like Etude House or downright kiddie cutesy like Tony Moly and It's Skin. I never find the cartoon girl they used on their packaging to be particularly appealing. Until i saw their F/W collection in Elisa's blog. Now i am obsessed with several items (but not sure if i'd want to get it because i've been shopping for wayyyy to many make ups lately, and also because Peripera stuffs seems to be more expensive then the usual Korean brands i go to zzz). Still, i want to post some of the stuffs i covet from those lines here!
Peripera Love Fairy Glow Sticks (OMOO, even the name so attractive!!! Glow stickssss??? Me wantttt)
Peripera Love Fairy Lip Butters
Peripera Love Fairy Tint Essence
Peripera Heart Glow Pact
Everything's so CUTE it's sooo annoying!!!

4. Lipsticks
My least favorite make up item (i said it over and over again, i was more of a gloss kind of gal! Sheer to no color was my choice of lip color!) has became my number one obsession right now. How ironic. There was a time that despite having a pretty huge collection of lipsticks, i almost never purchased them! I got them from my mum and sis (and sis in laws), even from friends (who finds the color not suitable for them). Hand me downs (mostly new!) and gifts. And now i can't stop buying them FML.

I think my craziness over lipsticks began when i started loving plum and vampy lips (came fall and all) because i don't really own any of the colors that i craved so much, for the first time in my life, i actually hunted for lipsticks based on colors (instead of buying them just because of the packaging and nothing else) and boy, was it so much fun! I bought local brands lipsticks (Wardah, Pixy), catalog brands (Oriflame, Sophie Martin), online (e.l.f, Nature Republic, Etude House) and that's just a few of them (and multiply numbers for every brand... yes, all within this month FML). 

Not to mention craving cute shaped lipstick that i might never have the heart to use. Like, ever.
Like this
Or this! GYAAAA!!!
5. Make Up Palettes
I'm not an MUA, nor that i am all that great with make up *LOL*. But like a lot of other girls, colorful palettes just play at my heart string and i often overcome with unreasonable desire to purchase every single one of them even though i have more than enough make up (and palettes) to made up a few 1000 guests weddings. Thank God i am mostly drawn to cheap brands (like L.A. Colors, e.l.f, NYX, etc) when it comes to palettes, the bigger, the more colorful, the better!

Talking about palettes, that reminds me that i used to be obsessed with the brand Pupa because they came out with the cutest, quirkiest make up palettes ever!
Like this!!!
6. Make Up Sales
Receive this at my mail from Papuros OS *sigh*
Just last year i was still blissfully unaware of these seasonal crazy sales that's happening outside Indonesia but can apparently still be enjoyed by us via online shops! Dammit!!!!! I am extra pissy about this e.l.f one because just last week i placed an order for two jumbo lipsticks (and a baked blusher...) on their original price and now they have a set (consists of 3) that i can get with the same amount i paid for two! GRRRR. And there are still so many pretty things, especially the huge palettes (see number 6 again), so colorfulll i can't even ^)!@&^#T&*!!!

Haish, i just got my bill for that Etude House Minnie collection, not to mention already paid for Cherry Culture and Ulta haul (thanks to Katherin *stare*), ordered Sophie Martin+Oriflame stuffs (just because i really wanted to do some make up shopping spree at that time) but those sets keeps on beckoning and seems to be such a good deal to pass. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO???? I really hate being a such a girly girl sometimes #noidon't.

7.  Loose Kimono Cardi
Always love this kind of things though! Then i saw one (it's white, from a high street brand, with blue embroidery. I can't remember the brand arghhhh it's driving me crazy!!!) in one of the blogs i'm following (i am now following too many blogs to handle zzz. I used to know every blog i followed by heart, i guess i just got greedy and added everybody hahaha) and immediately obsessing! It's just so stylish yet comfortable, and so easy to pull (well maybe not if you're petite), not to mention would be able to conceal my thunder arms hehe. 

Since i cannot find the white one that i craved, i unconsciously began hunting to something a bit similar. The black kimono pictured up there wasn't exactly similar (just the shape's similar, everything else's different) than my dream kimono, but i fell in love with it anyway (despite the fact that's it's slightly higher than my usual clothing budget) and already placed a PO order on it. I almost ordered it in one online shop at IDR 260.000, thankfully i changed my mind and ordered something else because then i found out Bubble Talk Shop (an online shop that i quite frequent, where i bought my Unicorn clutch and O.P.I Pussy Galore, among others) selling it for IDR 230.000!!! Immediately placed an order, can't wait for it!!!

8. Statement Accessories

Another thing i didn't think i'd like, let alone obsess about! Used to be attracted to cute, dainty and girly accessories-i still like them too, but i cannot get enough of big, bold ones now! Here are some that caught my eyes :
Unfortunately the crazier they are (and the better quality, of course), the more expensive they are. So i can't justify buying them in bulk (like i always do whenever i'm obsessing about something) so i just buy two or three at a time (and add more and more to the wishlist FML). I already ordered that Tristan bracelet above (from Bubble Talk Shop. Again, i am not in any way affiliated or sponsored by them, just a satisfied customer! The owner's pretty nice and friendly as well!)

9. Pastel Colored Bags

I am not a bag snob. I do love my designer bags, but i would never hesitate to wear an IDR 50.000 bags or even free ones (i got a few freebies from magz and i love them!). I didn't even care about wearing Replica bags before (but now i prefer not to buy any replica, if i love them enough i'd buy the original, or else i'd just buy an inspired by ones, not just because i am more aware of respecting designers and their works, but also because the quality of the replicas, even the KW 1 or whatever-i'd never buy KW super because of the crazy price, i'd rather buy something mid-branded than pay a fortune for fake ones-they'd crumble within a year or so. My cheap ass bags lasts like, 10x longer than them!). 

I've been seeing lots of pretty pastel colored inspired by bags in Bubble Talk Shop (okay, this really began to sound like an advert, i SWEAR it's not! It's just that they have so much stuffs that i love!!!) that i totally fell in love with. You know how much i love my pastels!!!
Spiky ones. One thing i have not been able to cross off my wishlist for the longest time's actually a black studded bag-still searching!
Yeah, i might already placed an order for one of these...
10. Skull Hand Hairclip
I first saw those unique hair clips at an Indonesian beauty blog, as usual i cannot remember whose or i'd definitely link it up >.<. She was actually reviewing something else (wig??? Contact lenses???) but i was instantly drawn to the funky skeleton hand shaped hair clips holding her hair! I can't keep it away from my mind (i think the white ones might be too much and my mum probably gonna yank it away together with my own hair if i wear it in front of her, but i think i can get away with the brightly colored ones. Especially covet the hot pink ones!) and am planning to hunt for it in e-bay or something. If anyone knows where i can order it locally (at a reasonable price), do let me know! Much appreciate it :D.

11. Hot Yoga

I am a beginner (only started less than a month ago and already almost finished my second payment package, planning to take the bigger package soon) and in no way any good, in fact even when i do it for years already i doubt very much that i'd ever be considered good in it since i am not super nimble (but i am, compared to #Undecided *LOL*) and have a very bad balance :p. I just love how calming but effective it is (i sweat a bucket on each session, plus the soreness would lasts for days-i actually think that all those soreness are proof that it's doing something GOOD with your body), and how good i feel after each session. I am planning to stick to it (once i start something, it's the most natural thing in the world for me to follow through, it's the starting part that's always the hardest part) as long as i possibly could. This is another (rare) type of work out that i actually enjoy (i also love to swim) and i'm very glad i took it on!

A little bit of a rant, i don't understand CW at all. She used to diet like a crazy person and scoff at my attempts of working out ("Been working out regularly but you don't seem to be any skinnier?") -i'd like to point out that while i'm not gonna lie that it'd be fantastic if i do get skinny, but i work out mainly to strengthen my body, to SHAPE it, to make it leaner and most importantly-to improve *my rather sad* health (and secretly : so i can eat like a pig and not gain weight. I may not lose any, but i won't gain any!!!). The she tried out this hot yoga thingy before i even started and tried to drag me into it. Like i said, starting is always the hard part for me, and i was in a such a bad sloth mood that i totally refused. Now that i am doing it regularly (2 to 3 times a week) , she's gotten into a crazy diet/fitness/swimming fad (trust me, she'll get bored of it pretty soon) and everyday she'd try to drag me to do the same thing, AND scoff at my hot yoga routine! OMG! How can anyone be so effing self-righteous i can't even imagine!

Thing about people under the pig Chinese horoscope (believe it or not, but i do see this as one of the common traits we share!), we HATE it when people tell us what to do! The more you force us to do it, the more unlikely it is that we're gonna actually do it! I am not 5 years old, if i want to go swimming, i WILL go swimming! No need to text me on and on and on about it! And please do not dismiss my soreness (please, i do hot yoga and hot exercise-the latter will kick anyobody's butt!) and do not ignore my refusal! I hate it when people treats my answers like something insignificant and keep on forcing me anyway! Oh, and i DO NOT want to go swimming while i'm having my period! I don't care how safe or whatever you think it might be, it's GROSS!!!!

12. Babies

Baby Luca
Huahahahaha looking a bit like super cute baby sloth here! Dun kill me mama A!

No, not my own baby. Still don't feel like having another one (don't judge me!), but i love love love being around one! Especially Baby Luca of course! He's so tiny and cute, and also a bit annoying on how he'd refuse to wake up whenever we come around haha! #Undecided and i are practically like his godmothers and we've been visiting him every week without a fail (well, he's only around three weeks old!)-i'm so gonna miss him while i'm in Bali! Next week that is!
Scaredy #Undecided who has no courage to carry him, even after three weeks :p

I dunno where CW got the idea that i'm too scared to carry a baby (i know, i think i'm in that hate mood right now towards her LOLOLOL, hope she won't read this!! If she does, LOVE YA CW!!!), i mean... i had one!!! He's 6 now, but i am still capable of carrying other babies! Heck, i love babies so much i even carried LL and L's (but the latter i prefer not to anymore due to Eek's over reactions that annoys the F*** out of me) at one or two days old! I may not be screaming around wanting to carry any baby i see around me, nor that i am a traditionally super fussy mummy (i am super nonchalant according to my family, but #Undecided who has seen me with my son sans my family would beg to differ), but that doesn't mean i am allergic to one! That couldn't be more wrong!!!
Bonus photo of hunny carrying Baby Luca and #Undecided hovering around him *LOL*

And here's William, another baby that i enjoy to be around (even though i don't see him much actually, more to fact that my MIL is un-beep!-believably annoying and she'd keep on yelping about me having a cold or whatever whenever i try to carry him, so i prefer to stay away from him unless she's not around. Don't think i'm being a b*** or whatever okay, even the usually very tolerating hubby of #Undecided's agreed that she's too much and super annoying AHAHAHAHA. Those of you with amazing MILs, I ENVY YOU!!!!!!) :
And that was the super long winded list of my current obsession! What's yours?


PS : All photos except for number 12 were taken from Google and other blog that i already credited and linked

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