Rich Girl

10:57:00 PM

Hi y'all!

Hope nobody's annoyed with the post-title! LOL. It's a backdated outfit post today :D! I mentioned before that a certain look from Emily (Cupcakes & Cashmere) inspired me to re-create her whole look, so here's my take on it :

Of course, i rely on selcas and pocket camera so please do not compare the pictures' quality with her professional, editorial-quality ones! The whole look was quite casual and androgynous, but totally gave off the "rich girl" vibe (a certain song keeps on playing on my head as i type this), hence the title!

This look might seem odd in comparison to my usual pastel Harajuku style, but actually i love to dress like this from time to time. Preferably when my bangs are longer so i look maturer and can pull the look off better! I can't remember when was the last time i wore a pants, but it's not jeans (which i haven't worn for years already, i got too caught up with my signature dresses and skirts) though. I forgot how crips and clean (and elegant) a nice pair of pants can make someone look.

Emily paired vampy lips with denim in her look, while i went with a denim COLORED boyfriend blazer instead haha. I wore the same Revlon lipstick as before (told you i only own one of this dark kind of lippie, i need MORE!) and keep the rest of the make up minimal.

I wore a very pale greyish eye shadow+eyeliner+mascara and bronzer

This kind of dark lipsick always makes my face looks scarily white though. I dunno why but it does. It's okay la since vampires does have a very white complexion, don't they?

And it looks less scary on a non-close up pictures, weird.

The long mustache necklace was one of the accessories my niece BB got a bunch of from her relative on her birthday, she doesn't like accessories so she gave a lot of them to me :p. The vintage golden bangle was my sister's when she was a teenage million years ago hehe
That boyfriend blazer really was  a BOYFRIEND blazer, as in it was marketed as a male blazer. But it'd look quite ridiculous on a guy actually (except the very metrosexual ones, not very common for Indonesian guys). 

I always (ALWAYS! It's been on my wish list forever) wanted a loose, oversized boyfriend blazers but couldn't justify buying the expensive ones, so when i saw this on my usual PO replica local made OS, i placed an order for a whole series (it only comes in two shades, don't worry. I have another one in pale gray). It won't fit into normal, i mean regular sized guys anyway. It'd fit smaller guys though, probably gonna drown very small ones like G's hubby *LOL*. I can't picture any guy i know pulling this kind of blazer off anyway. I love totally love it though, i'd love to have a lot more of them hehe *keeping my eyes pasted on the male blazers on that particular OS*.

My lips looks extra pouty but small like Geisha's with dark lipsticks *sigh*. 
Boyfriend Blazer : Online, Grey loose tank top : a bonus from a Magazine (!!! Love it and i obvi only bought the magazine because of the bonus), White pants : my mum's (Promod), Bag : Rosemary Online, Shoes : Everbest
That white pants was my mum's but never been worn before. She bought like, three or four of them from Zara and Promod when we were in KL but as soon as we got back, she decided that she didn't like them because they were too constricting and uncomfortable so she gave them all to me! She does that a lot haha. My mum's skinny but she's got quite a tummy, while i'm a lot bigger than her but with flat tummy so this pants' a size or two too big around the waist area, nothing i can't handle though (my massive thighs might not squeeze into a smaller size anyway, story of my life).

I totally love this look and can see myself putting this kind of style a lot more! Hope you like it too :D.


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