Scent-O-Logy 03 : Beyonce Midnight Heat

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Hellow ^^.

Geez, it's been EONS since the last time i reviewed a fragrance, and that's totally unacceptable if you count how many fragrances that i do have and how many i've bought since my last post :p. And to be honest with you, i have this post on draft forever, i dunno about you but sometimes some posts simply get stuck in my draft hahaha.

Anyway, today i'm going to review Midnight Heat by Beyonce!
How do you feel about celebrity perfumes? I personally LOVE them! They're a great alternative to super expensive designer perfumes-which not all of us can afford. Most of celebrity perfumes that i know cost significantly less (up to 50% cheaper in the right stores) than designer perfumes, lots of them smell great and they last pretty long too (in my personal experience, not as long as high end designer/luxury fragrances, but longer than generic perfumes for sure). And since there are so many of them now, we're spoilt for a choice. What's not to love?

My first introduction to celebrity perfumes was with Paris Hilton's (and since hers are so affordable, i built quite a collection >.<, they mostly also agree with my nose of course), in fact my wedding fragrance was Paris Hilton's Just Me-which sadly i no longer like -___-) and ever since, i bought more and more. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, even Justin Bieber's (dislike his music, have no patience for the person, but enjoy some of his perfumes). One that i never really give a thought of was Beyonce's, to be honest with you. I mean, i like Beyonce fine, but her image seems to be so sexy and fierce, i'm not sure that her interpretation of fragrances would agree with me..

Until my sis gave me one as a gift, that is. She actually got the gift set :
But in a true Asian style, i only got the perfume because the gift set was dissected and each product given away to different people hahahaha.
Since i simply couldn't get a nice enough picture to do the rather pretty bottle (that looks like a potion bottle to me) justice, here's a promotional photo i got from Mr. Google.

And here's my own, rather sad photo :
In my defense, the photos were taken so long ago, before i start getting better at product photography :p.
The 30ml bottle (available in 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml) is around my palm size and dominated by gradation of purple color, oozing sensuality and "heat" haha. At the neck of the bottle, on the silver band a word "Heat" is printed in one side and "Beyonce" on another.

The cap has "B" stamp on top.
Here's how Midnight Heat's individual packaging looks like :

According to the website :
Beyoncé Midnight Heat is a sexy, timeless fragrance that leaves a mystifying impression. The seductive scent combines the sensual side of Beyoncé with a blend of Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum.

Like i always said, i'm no good when it comes to describing scents (or colors) so i'll just say it as i smell it okay hahaha. When i first smell it (i was rather reluctant, but i was pleasantly surprised because i immediately liked it), my first impression is that it's a mature, sexy scent. It's very warm but not too cloying, strong but not choking. When worn, it gives me a sexy, confident feeling. It also feels very luxurious, expensive and elegant. I would mostly wear it at night, but i actually used it all day long when i travel and it wasn't out of place.

Again, for explanation of the notes, i am quoting from their website :
The fruity floral gourmand opens with juicy top notes of Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum. The heart is a vivid floral bouquet built upon the Purple Mokara Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony. Finally, the base seduces the senses with Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood. 

The lasting power is rather good, i'd say it's one of the best one in comparison to my other celebrity perfumes (still doesn't last as long as my luxury designer perfumes, which can last up to 14 hours or so) and it stay pleasantly good for me for hours. Oh, silly me just realize-it's an EDP, that explains the rather good staying power!

Midnight Heat (and other Heat perfumes) is actually very affordable, price range locally starts from IDR 300.000 for the 30ml. I honestly enjoys Midnight Heat so much that i purchased Heat Rush (which i also like, but not as much as Midnight Heat, i will review it separately) while it was on promo at a local department store (bought it for IDR 300.000). 

Midnight Heat is available in most local department stores and perfumes stores, also easily available online. But since there are so many fake perfumes out there, i honestly don't dare to make a suggestion on where to buy them online! But in case you're interested, maybe you can check out Lazada or (i'm pretty sure Strawberrynet only sells original products, not so sure about Lazada though!)

I just googled to learn more about Heat because i originally i thought there are only three Heat variants available, but apparently there are more! According to the wikipedia, there are actually 6? I'm quite interested to sniff out the other variants especially the Wild Orchid and the Mrs. Carter World Show's because of their attractive bottles' colors hahaha.

I personally would recommend you to check out Midnight Heat if you're looking for a rather affordable (just get the 30ml one and it won't burn a hole on your pocket, but be warned that you'd run out of it very fast because i used probably a quarter of the bottle when i used it nonstop for a week!), sensual, strong, luxurious and mature scent that's not too sweet/cloying.

Not recommended for those who prefers lighter, fresher fragrance, like obviously hahaha.

I would probably never repurchase the same fragance ever, but seeing how much i like it (that i bought another variant) and how affordable they are, i am considering purchasing the other variants as soon as i can sniff the scent (that's what i do, i sniff it at stores and then hunt it online because the price's better. But like i said, there's always a chance of getting fakes, so try to purchase your fragrances at trusted shops/the ones with money back guarantee).

Do you ever use any of the Heat perfumes? How do you like them?

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