Clean-O-Matter 01 : NuTeen Oil Away Cool Cleanser

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Hello, my dears!

I wrote this review sometime ago, so this is actually a Tuesday and a public holiday in Indonesia (Happy 1 Muharram/Islamic New Year for my Moslem readers!)-i actually just went for a facial earlier today and planned to go visit Baby Luca at his home (he came home already!) with Baby Boy, hunny and #Undecided but the new mother's very overwhelmed (the new baby refused to sleep all night!) and needed her rest-i ended up writing two other reviews while lazing at home! Yay creative bursts of energy! LOL. What did you do today? Happy reading!

I'm typing this on a Sunday night after having another family time at CW (while using a very tight and straining "lifting" sheet mask, you know-the type that has a hook for your ears? OMO, i dunno if all of those types of masks are like this and my face's just too big, or this mask is designed for ridiculously small faces. Should be the latter since most sheet masks usually are too big on my face! I will do a complete review about this particular mask so i should stop yapping about it now). Baby Boy, knowing that his mummy is the fun one (while daddy's the strict, boring as hell one hahahaha he's such an ahjussi), dragged me to ride this wave thingy at Funworld (when i asked him if it's okay if his daddy went instead, he looked so disappointed so i couldn't say no zzzz). I dunno why he always make me ride such crazy rides whenever i am wearing a short skirt pffffttt. It was fun though :p.

Anyway, as the title suggested, i am reviewing a facial cleanser called NuTeen Oil Away Cool Cleanser. 
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I know from the name of the brand it's already obvious that this cleanser's targeted for teenagers. I haven't been a teenager for more than a decade. LOL. But what can i do? My skin, though improved in a lot of ways, doesn't seem to know that i am way passed my adolescence already. They are still super oily and sometimes around my period, one or two zits would appear. Nothing much changed since 10-15 years ago zzzz (okay, less zits lah). So, i am forever looking for stuffs that can help me combat the extra oil on my face, therefore i cannot pass on trying this cleanser when i read the "oil away" part.

I did some research and apparently NuTeen is a little sister of the brand Ginvera. And if you're not familiar with the brand new NuTeen (like i was), i think you should at least heard about Ginvera, right? It's pretty well known, especially if you shop at Singaporean drugstores frequently like i do (read more about Ginvera here). Ginvera is well known for their high quality products, so have no worry if you want to try out their (or their sister brand's) products, for sure!

As you can see from the professional photo above, the cleanser came with a simple, non-appealing (LOL) squeeze tube dominated with white and blue color.
NuTeen Oil Away Cool Cleanser
The description on the backside of the tube stated that the cleanser was specially formulated for teenagers (obviously) to help fight blackheads (which i have plenty) and acne (which i have a profound fear of, despite very rarely have any). I have finished the whole tube (and dying to get rid of the empty tube, which my OCD prevent me from doing before i write a review on it, that's why i'm writing this right now!) and... well.. It certainly didn't break me out, but the fight blackheads part? Not so sure about it. It didn't make my blackheads multiply or anything but not particularly helpful in fighting them either, i belive. 

The consistency :
It was really thick and creamy, almost mask-like before i lather it with water. It has a very strong, perfumy smell that i cannot explain *LOL*. As this cleanser said to be enriched with Thanakha extract, it did cross my mind if the scent is thanakha scent? I do not know how a thanakha smells, obvi, i never even heard about it before reviewing this cleanser *LOL* but... Nahh. I don't think so. I think the scent's too perfumy for a root. I like the whole Thanakha thingy though, it makes this cleanser to be more exotic and interesting to me hehe. Maybe i am outdated or something, but i never heard of other cleansers containing thanakha before (i said I never heard of any, not that there aren't any out there).
Comes with a regular flip top, see how thick and creamy the cleanser was until they kinds congealed around the mouth of the opening
This cleanser was really soft and gentle, it cleansed my skin really well. As for the oil battling part? It does help to get rid of any extra oil *or dirt* on my face, like every other facial cleansers, but it didn't help to keep them away. My face's natural oil will creep back on soon after i finished washing my face *LOL*. So, personally i find this cleanser to fail to keep oils at bay, but that doesn't mean it's not a good cleanser still.

This cleanser also claimed not to cause discomfort or over-dryness to skin after use, and this is 100% true. No tight, stripped bare feeling, just soft and supple *and clean, of course* skin. However, it also claims to leave a cooling sensation after wash, which i did not experience. 

I'm not so sure about acne battling thingy (but Thanakha is said to help get rid of acne, so the ingredient's definitely on the right track) since i never suffer from acne much, it sure helped to keep my skin acne-less anyway. So, i'd say this is not a bad choice for teens looking for cleansers for their oily, acne-prone skins to try out!

I couldn't be sure, but i don't think this brand is available (at least not widely and not in Surabaya) in Indonesia yet. But i got this from Malaysia's Watsons (the tube stated that it is made in Malaysia as well), so it could be available in Jakarta's Watsons (if anyone knows, please let me know), i didn't see (i wasn't looking though) them when i went to some of the branches in Jakarta last time though. Next time any of you are in Singapore/Malaysia, you can pick this cleanser up from Watsons/Guardian if you're interested!

I would recommend this cleanser for people who are looking for affordable acne preventing, creamy, gentle, suitable for oily (it won't make your skin oilier, at least haha) and teenage skin (and for more mature skin as well since it worked pretty well on me), fuss free cleanser from a trustable brand. Oh, also must not mind strong scent on their cleanser lah.

Won't recommend this for people who are really looking for cleanser that would keep your skin oil free the whole day (i have yet to find a cleanser that works like this though, so if you have any suggestion please leave a comment below!), have sensitive nose and mind strong perfumy smell on their facial cleansers (i don't mind the smell, but i always notice how strong it smells whenever i use this cleanser on my shower).

Would i repurchase this? Sure, why not. It works well as a cleanser and it didn't hurt the pocket either!

I have a rather strange habit of keeping at least two facial cleansers at once, one in my sink's shelves (which i use at night after removing my make up) and another one on the shower shelves (which i use every time i shower, and since i don't wear make up everyday, this cleanser that's stationed on my shower is used more frequently than the other one. This NuTeen one is one of the shower shelves-dwelling kind hehe) so... I actually have another one (and a few other that i've finished sometime ago) or two to review.

Hope you find this review helpful! Til next time!

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