Unboxing : October Lola Box (Make Up and Beyond)

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Hi everybody!

It's been such a HOT day (well, it's been super hot the last couple of days) i couldn't really function properly. #Undecided and i kept on BBM-ing each other, daydreaming of laying inside a cooling pool all day long but then as usual our crazy imagination got the best of us and we began worrying that we might fall asleep and drowned. Pfffftttt. I dunno what's wrong with us, how come our conversation still sounds like our note-exchanging days in junior high school (i actually read a blogger describe her relationship with her long time BFF like this and couldn't relate more!)? I guess we've never really grown up, haven't we? I'm so jealous of those of you who lives in four-seasoned countries and experiencing autumn right now. Pfffftttt. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

I can go on and on all day, but i guess i need to get the priorities straight and actually write the main point of this entry :p, unboxing October Lola Box :
At first glance? Meh. Hehehe
I received the box on Thursday together with BTI (which i will unbox next, be patient okay), i was torn on which of the two boxes (which were equally uninspiring this month :(...) i should unbox first then decided to do the one that i am ever slightly more excited about. Very slightly okay.

Unlike previous months' boxes, they change out the outer "bread box" into one embossed with their logo
Ta-daahhh. Unfortunately the box itself snugly fitted into the outer box, making it hell to slip out of! I literally had to shake and topple it upside down to take the actual box out. And of course, making a total mess of the products inside in the process..

In real life the box' color's more of a neon-ish pale yellow (if i make any sense. It's like baby yellow but with an injection of fluorescent), of course there's no way my stupid camera would be able to capture (anywhere near) the real color!
The theme this month
See what i was talking about. It actually was very neatly wrapped, not haphazard like this. But there was nothing i could do, otherwise i wouldn't be able to take the box out of the outer box!
It was really light (as well as the BTI) so i was already prepared that it wouldn't be a wonderful box haha. You can pretty much see all of the products featured in a first glance
Looks better after i re-arrange them, yes? LOL
Vouchers from Luxola and Elianto. Thinking of using the Elianto one, but not 100% sure yet because they have promotions all the time, i'm not convinced that this voucher (IDR 50.000 off with minimum spending of IDR 250.000) is a better deal than their usual promotions. Not very interested in the Luxola voucher since i've gotten better ones before (20% off) and still didn't convinced me to purchase anything there so far...
The list of products featured in October box
To be completely honest with you, i wasn't sure why themed their box "Make Up and Beyond" this month. I dunno if it's just me, but i'd be expecting a lot more make up products with that kind of theme! Instead there's only one make up product featured in this month's box. Doesn't make any sense to me...

Oh yeah, i must apologize in advance for the worse than usual photos, i was in a hurry and didn't pay attention to my own shadows blocking the products zzzz. Sorry!!! It'd be equally bad for the BTI one but you can still see everything clearly lah :p..
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and Water Bank Gel Cream (one sachet each)
Yea... I don't think i need to explain to you anymore how i feel about sachet samples, right? Hehe. Received the exact same sleeve of Laneige samples from BTI so i was freaking out a little bit, but apparently they featured different variants. BTI's one's slightly better since they featured three sachets instead of two *LOL*. Not that it's a good thing (sachet samples, pffffftttt) but still like 1% better haha. Also got a little card (that i forgot to take picture of here but will be making an appearance in the unboxing of BTI next) that can be exchanged for trial set samples at Laneige's counter BUT only available in Jakarta. PFFFFFTTTTT. Why bother?

Elianto Eyeshadow (2gr) 12 Earth Brown (worth IDR 45.000)
Usually Elianto's products are manufactured in Korea but the eyeshadow was manufactured in Italy! I dunno why a Malaysian brand would manufacture their products so far away?
This is the only make up product in this box and the sole reason why i liked Lola Box a teeny tiny bit better than BTI this month (BTI didn't feature any make up item, boo!). It's from Elianto, which is a (cheap but) nice brand and i am thinking of getting their empty palette and fill it with their eye shadows (which is always on a buy 2 get 3 promotion) so this is a start (the eye shadow's refill style that can be slip in the palette easily). I'm not keen on the color though... pffftttt.... earth brown, what color can be anymore boring than this? LOL.

Speaking of Elianto, i wonder why there's no further confirmation on when i can actually collect my prize after winning their giveaway earlier this month? It's been more than two weeks already. None of the winners got any further confirmation yet, i guess i should be more patient....

Vitamin Science Vita Advanced Whitening Multi BB Cream and Vita Advanced Multi facial Gel, one sachet each
Another sachet samples *YAWN*. At least they are from a brand i've never heard of before *consoling-self*. But seriously. Stop giving out sachet samples, beauty boxes!!!

Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum (full sized worth IDR 73.700, but i'm pretty sure i saw them at a much cheaper price at supermarkets)
The only other full-sized product in this month's box, i've actually received the exact same product at BTI's May box but since it's from another beauty box service, it's forgivable i guess. I am currently using the one from BTI and it's pretty good (review coming up, i think that's what i always say whenever i'm mentioning a product i'm using haha) so this is actually my second fave item (other than the eye shadow, obviously. Which i'm not even that thrilled about considering the shade haha) from this box.

La Perla Divina Eau de Parfum vial
Oh, this one's okay too lah. I love perfume samples and this one agrees with my nose on the first sniff. Definitely gonna make a use out of this...

Beauty Editor's Pick : Manicare Magic Buffer
Lately Lola Box' extra beauty tools are even more exciting than the actual products. LOL. This buffer got four sides with all different colors
And it's foldable
And that's all. Like i said, not very inspiring at all. My Lola Box' subscription's just finished (again. I took their three-months subs) and this last box makes me very unsure whether or not i should renew the subscription. I am very torn though because the previous two boxes were quite good.I dunno lah, i probably would and hope next month their box would be better than this one... 

Personally i think this box' products were the lowest-valued products in total Lola Box had ever gave out. There were only two full sized products (and one extra tool) while the rest are not even "deluxe" but just sachet samples. Totally not worth the price one had to pay for the box :(. Disappointing because Lola Box' actually one of the beauty boxes that is the most consistent so far. Alas, if anyone's interested to subscribe, please use my referral :

Okay, i'm done with the unboxing, but i still got a few things to tell you. One is actually a whine LOL. I've been craving.... crazy cosmetic shopping lately! OMG. What to do? I know i have hundreds of new products still sealed (Rosemary always told me i have enough products to open an online shop... But of course i could never part with any of my stuffs zzz). I've just purchased two Nature Republic's flower-shaped lipstick (purely for their shapes, obviously) and placed (6 items...) orders on Etude House's Disney limited edition line... But i really feel the urge to go CRAZY.
How can i resist this?
And this???? HOW????
I am also currently obsessed with vampy, dark colored lipsticks (a very new step in my beauty products life LOL). I only own one (that's not even that vampy, it was more gothic because it was super dark brown-almost black instead of very deep berry colors i'm craving for) and feel the strong need to add at least like, 10 (i almost purchased one from Wardah, but then the kiasu in me pulled the brake because Wardah's like almost always having a promotion always and there wasn't any yesterday. I can wait) in my (soon to be) collection (i mean, i only have one. ONE! Can't hardly be called collection, can it???). I've tried it out a few times (with no strong reaction from anyone, which is surprising) and will blog about the look soon.

Anyway, i don't think i'd be able to curb this obsession. Am currently browsing through online shops and felt like buying EVERYTHING. I might go absolutely MENTAL again. Oh well, it's been a few months since my last "break down".

Moving on now, i know i never really shared "what i've been listening" kind of stuffs before. That's because i am never one to actively look for new songs (a far cry from the teenage me who's always be the first to know the hottest latest singles, thanks to my constant obsession with MTV and radios). Now i rely on my hubby to look for new songs (and he only does that like, once i a few months LOL) and keep on listening to the same play list. 

Ever since i became obsessed with Kim Jong Kook, his songs (he has plenty because he's been in the industry for 17 years, FYI. I don't listen to his Turbo days songs though! Dun like them >.<) are the only songs i've been listening and singing (or more like mumbling most of the time because it's not really easy to sing a song in a language you don't speak more than 5 words of) to, like... non stop. I have plenty of favorites but my current one's this song that's an OST of a Korean drama (no worries, #Undecided. I have no intention to watch the series. LOL)

I am obsessed with his voice (as well as himself) OMG. And keep in mind, that sweet, soulful voice? Belong to someone who looks more like a martial art athlete physically. And someone that's always been portrayed like this :

Angry and scary Kookie. They don't call him Sparta Kook for nothing :D
Anyway, i was looking for a close up picture of him looking scary or mean, but found none. He's always smiling cutely in all of his pictures PFFFFFTTTT so i had to settle for that. I just find his voice even more amazing, coming from someone that's physically built like that hehe.

Okay lor, that's enough rambling for one entry! Toodles!

I was wearing a much brighter lipstick than my usual safe colors but sadly it didn't translate well into the picture zzzzz. It looks very sheer here, eh? Bold my a**....


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  1. While I loved the packaging despite the tight-fit, I agree with you totally about the sachet samples. WHY do they add them?? It is an insult to customers! I've decided to stop subscribing to any beauty box that sends me a sachet sample after I email and tell them not to! #gigbloggers #giglove
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Yes! I totally hate sachet samples, i mean... Brands give them out for free at the mall, they shouldn't feature them in beauty boxes that we paid for zzzz... Sadly, most Indonesian beauty boxes services always feature them heavily and we don't have that much choices yet :(

  2. Hi :)
    I also find difficulties to take the box out of the outter. Hope they can change the outer for the next month box.
    But so far, the products are okay. I got same products like you except the eyeshadow. I got Elianto Lip Balm and it is nice. How's yours?

    Thanks for your reviews ^^

    1. Hi dear :)... I agree, it's just a shame that we have to topple it over to get it out of the outer box and mes everything inside!
      Elianto eye shadows are really nice (i'm very familiar with this brand, i collect their nail polishes :) ), it's just sad that i didn't like the color haha! But it prompted me to build my own Elianto eye shadow palette!
      Thanks for dropping by dear :)

  3. Ahhh jong kook opppa!!!
    Btw belakangan ini mmg beauty box pada meehh semua ce isinya :( *kecewa* btw, dirimu beli etude yg disney collection?? Omoooo ditunggu reviewnya!! Pingin beli tapi lagi bokek abis :(

    1. Jong Kook Oppaa, sarangeeeeeeeee *kumat*
      Iya Sha, meh bangettt... jd ga minat subscribe lg tp kadang kuatir kalo tiba2 bln depan isinya bagus *kiasu* hahahaha
      Iya aq psn blush on+lipstick+kutex2 nya Sha, tp aq ga yakin dapet biasanya suka susah gitu kalo limited edition....