Merry Christmas!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, you guys!!!!!

My church doesn't celebrate Chrismas so we don't so to church or whatever on Chrismases, but i don't want to miss out on all the fun so i decided to dress up in true Christmas style to go out and took lots of fun photos hahaha.
Thanks to Beauty Camera, i managed to slim the hell out of my hands and arms #sensitivespots
So yea, basically this is just a glorified outfit, makeup and nail post to be honest with ya!
My Christmas outfit, red is a must-of course. Maybe i should take a break and wear green next year...

I actually plan to wear an even more casual outfit, a red tee with white tutu (okay, so tutu is not exactly casual, but when you pair them with casual tee and sneakers they become rather casual i think :p) but as you know, i buy lots of my clothes from cheap local online shops, and true to cheap tee nature-the seam was off before i even put it on -___-. I totally thought the hole was pockets *WTF* and went on to put it one before realizing i had a huge hole at the side of my tee zzzzzzzz. Time was running out (we're watching a movie... Errr, we actually spent Christmas watching Ip Man-which is not very Christmassy at all, of course hahaha) so i just grabbed this (new) red dress from one of my new clothes piles (or should i say, mountains).
Okay lah, this one's okay too, casual enough no?
Still having my period, puffy as marshmallow *sad*
I recently purchased this cat face pillow (mainly for camwhoring purposes), again it's the cheap, replica one hahahaha but it looks okay in photos (which is all that matters, considering the reason i got it in the first place)
Had fun being silly, hunny didn't make any comment so i was encouraged *LOL* (he likes to tell me that i'm nuts, which is not very encouraging at all no-so i prefer silence. Annoyed silence *coz he hates my complaints hahaha*, but still better than being told that i'm crazy :p)
Look how happy i was hahaha. Had to auto edit all the photos because indoor at evenings=not very bright photos at all. If i have friends with me, i'd take pictures at the mall hahaha, but since i was with hunny (and later with L and her hubby) only... Sigh. Next year imma arrange an outing with my blogger/vlogger friends for photo purposes #determined
Decided to not be lazy with makeup and actually wear mascara and multiple eyeshadow colors hahaha.
I usually associate festivities with silver glitters, but since it's Christmas... Somehow gold is more appropriate?
List of products used : 
1. Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
2. Oxy Face Powder
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer  4. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer 5. Sariayu Martha Tilaar Eyeshadow Set in Merak Kasmaran
6. Maybelline Green Mono Eyeshadow
7. Turquoise Eyeshadow from Australis Makeup Palette 8. Mai Doll Brown and Black Liquid Eyeliner 7. Collection No Clumps Mascara in Extra Black
8. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Browne
9. Canmake Loose Cheek Blush On in 01
10. Oriflame Tender Care
11. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in 201 Downtown Red
12. Simply Stay compact powder for nose contouring 13. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder

Last year i got annoying comments due to my green eyeshadow, hopefully this year i won't get any more of those *LOL*. FYI, i wear any color that i want, i don't care if it's "not suitable for my small eyes" or whatever. Life is too short to care so much about that kind of sh*t, if i want to wear loud colors all over my face-what do you care? Don't like, don't look!
But the most fabulous of all are.... MY NAILS!
How pretty???? Made by the one and only Kiki Coroline, of course!

I have been resting my nails (which became brittle after months and months of nonstop gel nail art) for a bit, but now fabulous nails are back! Hahaha. The Christmas socks nail jewels are sponsored by Me-Nail-they have all kinds of nail jewels available!
Pressies on my thumbs :D
I've been asked many times how much nail arts with Kiki would cost... Well, since i'm sponsored, i didn't really know-plus it's depending on the style you ask for, and how many rhinestones/3D accessories/nail jewels are used so prices definitely varies. But for this particular design, it costs IDR 325.000-that's not as bad as i thought it would be hahaha. Gel nail arts can last up to a month (!!!) and Kiki's top notch quality's making her work worth every penny. Plus she's using high quality products (and mostly Swarovski crystals) that cost her a fortune really!

Btw, we're planning to have a giveaway to give out nail arts worth IDR 750.000 (!!!) soon, anyone interested?

Okay, back to my outfit please!
I bought that bobble Santa headband purposefully to take photos of course, got it from Scoop! After this all Christmas stuffs would be on sale, i should stock up for next year #sokiasu #suchaunty :p
My cute bag is from Brera (it's an Italian brand, i think), bought it from Blibli at 70% off, from 1mill to less than 300k. STEAL!!!
Outfit details :
Santa Headband : Scoop
Red Dress with Black Lace collar : Online
Bronze Flats : Odioli
Bracelet : Online
Bag : Brera

We wanted to go to the mall earlier to errrr... Take photos hahaha. But i was so sleepy that i took an unplanned nap and then got carried away playing with makeups hahaha. We also wanted to check out this new cafe called Common Grounds-which we did, but it was very rushed *sigh* since the movie's staring soon.
No edit at the lighting (i slimmed down my arms a bit coz they were just too huge zzz), it's so ideal for photoshoot hahaha
Sorry ah, i spent an hour applying my makeup (i think. I didn't actually keep tab haha) so must make my time spent worth it, no?

Taken with hunny's Samsung G-Note 3. Look at my tiny glass of iced coffee latte. Smallest latte i've ever had, with normal latte price too -___- *unhappy*
Borrowed hunny's phone to camwhore
Can't get enough of my nails

Nom nom nom (just realized that i put the headband backward zzz)
I look so gluttonous in that pic, but i wasn't hungry at all hahaha. A little note about Common Ground : i love the decor and ambience, but prices are way too high (spent almost IDR 200k for two tiny glasses of coffee and that burger to share)-the burger was okay (love the bun) but the meat's not thoroughly cooked so it got very... Haish how come the only word that comes to my head is "jelat" which is Singlish *LOL*. Let's just say that it made me nauseated after a few bites hahaha.

And the coffee... OMG the coffee... Almost IDR 50K per (tiny) glass-i'd rather drink Starbucks/The Coffee Bean -___-. I mean, it's not that it's bad or anything, it's so-so, but for 50K it's ridiculously small! All my life, iced latte (even hot latte) are always served in tall glasses-and at most cafes they'd cost less than that (just 10K less, but with much bigger portion). Seriously Common Ground, let's have a common sense here (pun fully intended), i really believe that if you plan to stay, you need to increase the size of your drinks serves (at least the cold coffee ones).

Needless to say... I'm not very enthu about revisiting, but maybe i would when i need to take sponsored photos *LOL*, but i'd never order cold coffee anymore, it's just so not worth it -___-.

Anyway, CW and her kids ambushed us, i really wanted to take an outfit photo at the white tiled wall but i was too embarrassed so i was happy to drag BB to pose with me hahaha.
Then we rushed to the cinema coz the movie's almost starting. Will talk more about the movie on my usual monthly movies review, but it's very recommended la. As my hunny puts it "Ip Man's always good" LOL. I, for once, agree with him!

I already posted this on my IG, but imma feature it here too... A sweet, tiny Christmas gift from hunny :
Just because he's sweet and he knows how much i adore kawaii things+Sailor Moon will always be my hero (okay, not Usagi per se. But the whole thing la. My fave's Sailor Neptune!)

I definitely had a great Christmas (and Christmas eve... which we spent eating suki with my 'rents followed with some shopping for moi-i got stuffs for our up and coming winter holiday in January!) even though it's hardly very Christmassy hahaha. Hope y'all had a great one too!!!
Happy Holiday!

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