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Hey guys...

Time for another filler post hehe, i have a few sponsored posts coming up that i need to be working on more seriously, no time for other posts (my God, when am i gonna finish that Spore-Malaysia trip post, it's almost time for my next trip T.T) at the moment so of course, outfit post to the rescue!

As you might already know, i kinda have a dual taste. I love anything frilly, flowy, pastel colored and girly-but i'm also drawn to crisp silhouette, dark colors and simplistic approach in style. There are days when i want to look like a unicorn with all the rainbows and other days when i prefer to look like a cast of Twilight in all black (sparkly skin is optional :p). I was in no frill mood when i dressed up for my third birthday celebration at Calibre with #Undecided and Lid.
Photos were taken at night in my room, lighting was definitely not sufficient enough and i am totally helpless when it comes to editing (photoshop? Don't make me laugh, i dunno how to operate them) so i have to resort to use "beautify" feature in my Beauty Camera app *LOL*.
But honestly, i don't get all the rage with beauty camera/camera 360. I like them because of their soft tone and dreamy effect, but i don't see them changing my features or skin dramatically at all. Maybe because all i can do i snap a pic (or beautify it) and can't for the life of me, figure out how to "slim", "remove acne", ect properly. Oh, i can "stretch", but that's totally idiot proof, no?

I had no idea what to wear actually, then i was rummaging through (one of) my closet of shame (i have a few, obviously), i found this navy blue lace dress that i don't even remember having. I bought loads of this fit and flare kind of dress a while ago (2 years?) when it was on a rage, it's one of my fave silhouette and i'm a firm believer when a style of clothing fits you perfectly it's almost a crime not to stock them up :p, like in every color and all
But like most made for Asian-market mini dresses, it's crazily too short for me. I don't think it even covers my butt *LOL*. That's when my trusty black mini skirt that i always wear as underskirt comes to rescue me from my fashion disaster. I need more underskirts... This one's honestly starting to fall apart
I put on a bit more effort into my makeup than usual too :
Played with colors on my eyes, main reason is because i dropped my container that holds all of my basic makeup and current products i am using, and this relatively new Sari Ayu eyeshadow palette just BROKE zzzz. I'm too kiasu to ever throw out broken products so i always put them in a new container and use them as it is. In this case, the powder eyeshadows became pigments...
Heh. No judging in my eyeshadow application. LOL. I'm no expert, but i think i did alright
I think the colors are really pretty, i just with Sari Ayu would try to make their eyeshadows less fragile!!!
List of products used :
1. SKII Stempower Cream Compact Foundation
2. Oxy Face Powder
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer 
4. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
5. Sariayu Martha Tilaar Eyeshadow Set in Merak Kasmaran
6. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
7. Collection No Clumps Mascara in Extra Black
8. Oriflame Tender Care
9. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in 403 Plum Perfect
10. The Body Shop Born Lippy Lychee Shimmer Lip Balm
11. Simply Stay compact powder for nose contouring
12. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
13. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Browne

Chubby cheeks don't careeee #flipshair
I totally forgot to move the pink stool from my background again zzz. And hunny the photographer was not in the right mood, all the photos were taken slanted and crooked i could just bite him GRRR
I totally ADORE this black shoes from Odioli but it's only the second time i used it since i got it (back in May or something) because it's so high and not super comfortable so i can only wear it for a short period of time (and more importantly, when i spend most of my time sitting) without wanting to take my feet off afterwards
Outfit details :
Navy Blue lace dress : Online
Black Obi : i can't remember >.<!
Black mini skirt : Magnolia
Coral and see through clutch : (X) S,M,L
Leather wrap bracelet : Coach
Heels : Odioli     

Most of the pics are so blurry *sigh*, told ya Marshmallow was being a total B that night. I love how the outfit turned out though so i'm still posting it!



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