I Wear Tutu... Problem with That?

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Hey guyssss *wave wave*

Still PMS ing badly but my mood's 1000x better than before! If i'm being brutally honest, one of the reasons why i was a bit down (so not so reason-less after all) is probably (subconsciously) is because (again) i felt like i was being overlooked and even looked down by some (effing) brands *LOL*. It just boils my blood with the way some brands treat bloggers like me (make advert for us for free? Why not? Who the hell are you anyway? You're not a big enough blogger to give us ultimatums!) and i guess well.... I am no good with rejections WTF, i'm not competitive at all but when i'm already in the race then i want to be number one godammit!!!

Anyway. I read someone posted a photo saying "Every rejection i got leads me to a better, bigger things"-and voila... That's exactly what happened to me, in a matter of days! Didn't i say God loves me too much? Hehe. Anyway, loads of exciting things coming my way in this blogosphere (so excited imma screaaaammmm!!!)-making those small "rejections" i got seemed super silly and trivial. I feel stupid for beating myself up over them when it's clearly their loss to pass on someone as awesome as moi #flipshair. Sorry, modestly seriously ain't my strength.

Now about the post. I always say that outfit and makeup posts are great blog filler for me, that's definitely the same case now. Other posts demands so much from me, so in the meantime... Some self absorbed photos of me decked in a tutu!
This is the look that i pulled together for Clinique Indonesia's Breast Cancer Awareness Event!
Isn't the title of the post hilarious? LOLOLOL. I drew inspirations on how people reacts when i wear tutu sometimes (OMG you're wearing tutu! How cute, you're wearing tutu! Huh you like to wear tutus, like seriously???). WTF people, i love tutus and guess what-i rock them like nobody's business!

The event's dresscode was (obviously) pink and i only have black and white basic, tulle tutu-and i immediately remembered this cropped jacket i bought eons ago from Gaudi (never been worn before of course-but i've been recycling it nonstop lately *LOL*) and thought they'd go nicely together. The jacket being pink but not too sweet (style-wise) so it would give a nice balance to the saccharine sweet tutu-to make me look less like imma perform a ballet piece or something. And i decided to pair them with my beloved New Look sneakers (they've been worn far more than their price's worth, so a very good purchase indeed!) to tone the look down even more
Honestly, the jacket's material's not my favorite for a jacket. It's stretchy and hugging, accentuating my huge arms-but there are days when i feel confident enough to not letting that kind of things bother me and rock it anyway *until someone makes a comment about my huge arms, that is*
Speaking of body commenting, a Facebook friend been posting about people making comments of her weight and she feels bullied-i can so relate to that! I receives "big" and "fat" comments on a daily basis, from someone smaller and bigger than me, it's super irritating! I wonder what makes Asian (Indonesian, specifically) thinks that body commenting is such a nice topic. Why do we care if someone lost or gain weight? Why do we like that topic so much? Everybody's different, but i do know a lot of people like me-who are uncomfortable with body commenting (that's why you won't find me commenting on anyone if they gain/lost weight unless it's something that i know would make them feel good about themselves. When i know it's only going to upset them, i KEEP MY EFFING MOUTH SHUT. I wish people would treat me the same!)
I also don't understand why people who are (A LOT) bigger than me (like, 5 sizes bigger, and if they think otherwise, they're severely, sadly delusional) thinks it's okay to make big and fat comments to me just because we're in the same boat (as in we're not skinny haha)? And it offends me even more when someone (big and small) ask me my clothing size then got shocked/unable to believe my answer. THAT'S SO EFFING INFURIATING! Why would i lie about being able to slip into allsize clothing, why else do i shop at cheap local stores all the time do you think?
I really didn't mean this post to be about body image and stuffs, they just kinda came to me as i type this *zzz*. I do feel passionately about this subject (i wish people would respect other people's feelings better and stop thinking they're better than some people who are bigger than them! Stop making body comments as a small talk, it's tasteless and RUDE!), i wrote about this subject a few times in the past (you can read them here and here) if you're interested!

Back to the more light-hearted subject now! Here's the FOTD :
Is it too much if i say that i'm mesmerized with my own eyes here? LOLOLOL
List of products used : 
1. Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
2. K-Palette Zero Teka Oil Matte Powder
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer 
5. Color Concept eyeshadows and blush on
6. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Browne 
7. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
8. False eyelashes (i can't really remember which one, probably the M Lash Beauty Perfection!)
9. NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Baby Pink
10. Oriflame Tender Care 
11. Rimmel London Provocalips in Dare to Pink
12. Simply Stay Mustika Ratu compact powder for nose contouring
13.  Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
Rimmel Provocalips definitely needs some practice to master hahaha, and flake free lips are a must! I still need to practice coz it kept on flaking on me!
After wearing some real crazy Halloween makeups, i felt like going back to my soft, pastel colors!
I apologize for the greenish tint on these outfit pics (same greenish tint's found in the event report photos hahahaha). You know i'm so bad with gadgets and i someone switched the mode to "forrest" on my NX300 zzzz
My ombre has faded so much by now that it's almost yellow, time to color it again soon!
Outfit details :
Colorful flower necklace : Av's online shop
Pink Jacket : Gaudi
White tanktop : from my old boutique (part of a set)
White tutu skirt : Quinnbee Jogja (custom made online shop)
Pink leather bracelet : Charles & Keith
Pink Bag : H&M
Unicorn Socks : New Look
Sneakers : New Look   

Tomorrow's election day so it's a holiday for Indonesian! Little O refused to go out tomorrow so imma have a date with hunny! What's your plan for tomorrow?


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