IBB Make Up Challenge : Must Have Red

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Happy weekend, dahlings!

Hope y’all are having a smashing one! Anyway.. I decided to join another makeup challenge *grin*, and this is soooo out of my comfort zone because this is actually a competition.. and there’s no way in hell I’d win *LOL*, but that’s okay! As an aspiring beauty blogger I need to do this kind of things once in a while right :p. The make up challenge theme is “Must Have Red”.

So, I need to apologize first because of the kinda sucky picture quality because I had to take my own picture using the mirror (I asked hunny to take my picture but he’s… well… he kinda sucked. In none of the pictures he took you can see my make up *sigh* I probably need to upgrade my stupid pocket camera with something semi-pro in the future :p) since my personal photog *#Undecided* is out of town…

And the stupid camera made my lipstick looked not so red, it’s very very red in real life! This is the first time ever I am strutting my stuff around the mall with a vibrant red lips *LOL*, I’m a pretty much gloss person, I usually use my red lipstick as a lip stain then I’d coat it with a lot of gloss so there’d only a hint of color left. My hunny said I looked like a geisha  -___- I know, I tend to look like a geisha a lot pfffftt… but I also think I kinda looked like the lady ghosts you see in Chinese/Japanese movie. LOL. But I kinda like it :p it’s different from my usual looks *the lip I mean*. So, in case anyone interested (if nobody’s interested then whatever lah I’m still writing this LOL), this is a simple tutorial on how to achieve this look.

First and foremost : Base
Vaseline for lips, Lemon foundation, DHC concealer, Clinique's powder and concealer

This time I am using a very light foundation (I bought this before I got sucked into the whole BB Cream madness, but this foundie is actually very light and runny, much lighter than my BB Creams!), The Skin Food’s Lemon Foundation. It’s actually for normal and combination skin, I wasn’t really paying attention when I bought this (my skin’s oily) because I was attracted to the lemon name, always heard that lemons are good for oily skin *LOL*, stupid me. Then I used my usual concealers : Clinique’s for under eye and DHC’s for any discoloration or acne marks. Set the face with Clinique’s powder.  Also slicked Vaseline to prep my lips.

Face with base+concealer+powder+vaseline

Actually I cheated a bit because after doing the base I had to go to the Church first, only added the red lipstick (the same one as the one I used for the whole look) as a tint so from now on when you see my lips there’s going to be a residue of light red lipstick okay. Moving on!

Put on my eye shadow primer to make the eye shadow color pop out and also to make the eye make up lasts longer.
E.L.F eyelid primer
Spread like this then blend
Next I used a yellowish golden loose eye shadow (pigment) from Daiso (:p, cheapo) all over my eye lids, leaving my brow bone area clean. It’s shimmery with tiny particles of glitter, but the glitter’s so fine it’s not very visible, only shimmery color’s apparent. 
Daiso loose eye shadow
Very subtle color

Then I used this Clinique make up kit to complete the look.
Daiso eyeshadow+Clinique makeup kit

Used the brownish grey color on the outer corner of my eyelid.
Then using the leftover color on the applicator traced my eye socket so it created a deeper double eyelid illusion when opened.
I added a little bit more of the yellowish golden eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid to amp the sheen.Then lined my eyes with my Dior liquid eye liner (I forgot to take a picture of this eyeliner individually though), extend the line longer than my real eye line and flick it a little bit (up).

Using the light grey (almost white actually) eye shadow (from the same Clinique kit) on my eye brow bone, blending all the way. 

Next : Curled my eyelashes. I am actually very disappointed in my brand new The Body Shop eyelash curler, maybe it’s good for natural looking eye lashes, but I like my eyelashes to be super curly and thick and TBS’s curler sucks in creating this look I’m aiming for! My dirt cheap Stroberi curler does much better job so I went back to it (replaced the crumbling rubber part already :p).
The coat them with my trusty Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost mascara (combine it with the sucky mascara as usual), three coats did the trick :D
I've never had a bad hair day, only bad eyelashes day
Before and after mascara LOL
The coveted final look for the lashes

Then blush on! I used the plum colored blush on (also from the Clinique kit) on my cheeks, I always smile when I put on my blush on.

Then I lined my waterline with a black eyeliner (I don’t know the brand, bought it in Sogo as a part of a make up kit package), from the outer halfway through.

Then I used my Oriflame’s Vision silver eyeliner to line the halfway part of my waterline that I left bare, also smudge a bit on the corner of my inner eyes as usual.
The two eye liners i used :
Then I piled up on this dark ruby colored lipstick (also from Oriflame’s Vision, old package) on my lips
Wah, looked like i'm eating the lippie in this pic LOL
Tadahhhh… I am DONE!

Warning : more cam-whoring pictures ahead, you can just skip them LOL
And I completed the look with a bright red maxi-dress and went to Galaxy Mall with my hunny and Baby Boy. With my bone-straight long hair (they are real and natural, it’s never been rebonded or going through smoothing session, ever!) no wonder I looked like a geisha. Or a ghost. There was this little girl who was so “mesmerized” when she saw me she almost fell off. I bbm-ed #Undecided telling her I had this very strong urge to giggle “IHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI” and glide off, Kuntilanak style huauahauahuauaa *oops*.

Oh, look at my coffee cup with a stained rim *LOL*, since I almost never wear very strong lipstick colors this fascinated me :p.

That’s all! Hope y’all like this Must Have Red make up tutorial (or geisha/Chinese ghost lady make up tutorial)! Have a great Sunday!

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