Lip-Talk 11 : Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 01 Naked

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Helloooow :D!

I hardly post any makeup review this month (errrr, how about none?) so i decided to close the month with one!

One of the biggest collection that i have in my makeup stash is definitely lippies (lipstick, lipbalm, lipgloss, lipstain, you name it-i have it T.T) so don't be alarmed if i review lipsticks after lipstick, okay!

For today i'm going to review this super affordable lipstick from SilkyGirl ^^!
SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstick
This brand is, obviously (to Indonesian haha), easily accessible in drugstores and cosmetic stores in Indonesia. SilkyGirl itself is a well-known, mass market Malaysian cosmetic and i personally quite love this brand-their products are very nice and cheap! I just hope they'd improve on the packaging, they actually have some really cute ones like the lollipop lipgloss (i love those!!!) or the Pop Soda Lip Jelly (i've reviewed one of them here), well technically the lip jelly itself is cute but the packaging's quite meh as well. 

Anyhoo, somehow in their Indonesian website, i can't find this lipstick! Hm, that's so weird because i remember still seeing them in Guardian not too long ago, have they stopped distributing this variant in Indonesia? Because it's still in the Malaysian website.  Now that i think about it, they kept on having this variant on promotion lately, was that a way to finish out the stock quickly? I dunno. But anyway, SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstick actually has quite a lot of shades :
My shade is 01, Naked
Their words :
A moisturizing lipcolor that provides full coverage with a lustrous finish. Enriched with Vitamins A & E to ensure lips stay soft and supple all day long. Contains Aloe Vera Extracts to prevent dry lips and soothe chapped lips.

I didn't purchase this lipstick myself, Matahari Department Store's SPG actually gave me one for free after purchasing two of their perfumes (i quite love their perfumes too!), that explains the strange color choice because i would definitely go for red, pink, or purple otherwise!
Like i mentioned earlier, the packaging is oh-soooo-boring, just a silver bullet with no ornament whatsoever except for the SilkyGirl print. It's sealed with a clear plastic with all kinds of information about the lipstick on it. I hate that kind of stuffs -___-. Once you ripped the plastic off, there goes all of your information *LOL*.
Such a plain Jane, for someone who buys lipstick by their appearance, i might never consider to try this out myself if i wasn't given this!
There's the indication of the shade's color at the bottom of the lipstick, i'm guessing that every shade would have a different sticker color similar to the actual lipstick color? (Heh, i actually have another one that i haven't even opened, i should check it out *LOL*) With this kind of packaging, there's no way to know which shade your holding (if you have more than one) without peeking to the bottom. That can be quite frustrating
Shade 01 Naked looks brick colored on the tube to me
I don't know about you, but i actually thought that Naked should be a name for... well... Nude colors? Something similar to natural lip colors? So i was quite surprised that it's actually quite a strong color instead. 

Let's see how it looks on my lips :
Bare lips with clear lipbalm
SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstick 01 Naked
On my lips, the color turned to be slightly corally-quite nice actually! Much nicer than what i initally thought it would be based on the way it looks on the lipstick. It's not as dark and brownish as the tube color-but it doesn't mean that it's not pigmented! It's actually very pigmented, even when i'm wearing oily lipbalm (like the picture above, sorry-my lips were so dry i have to use my stronger lipbalm to make it better) which usually means i would have to apply my lipstick very very liberally for the color to pop, not in this case. A couple of light sweeps' more than enough for the vivid color to appear.

I don't remember to snap a pic of my close up lips wearing this lipstick without any lipbalm underneath but here's how it looks :
Although i wouldn't pick this color for myself, i find it suit my pale skin nicely and brighten up my face without looking too much
Moisture Rich Lipstick doesn't have any annoying scent that disturbs me, it has a good staying power for me (most lipstick does, though so keep that in mind!). When i used it with lipbalm, i kinda felt "It's called Moisture Rich!!! Why is it so drying???" because i felt it drained my lipbalm and left my lips chapped and flaky >.< so not a good look! This actually turns me off this lipstick and i didn't pick it up again for the longest time. 

One day, my lips felt healthy enough and i braved trying it again without any lipbalm underneath, strangely some lipsticks can perform better on its own without the help of lipbalm (i have a similar experience with this Etude House Lipstick)-provided your lips is in a moderately good condition (coz if it's severely dry and chapped then i'm sure it'd still not be any good!) and sure enough, this lipstick is in that category!

It glides pretty easily on its own and actually feels quite creamy instead of draggy, very pigmented and it didn't dry out my lips at all! I wouldn't actually call it moisturizing, but it's definitely not drying at all (how strange is that). It has a creamy finishing as well, not shiny but definitely not matte either. I love it on its own!

In comparison with their words? It sure does have a full coverage as it is very pigmented, and it's good enough to not dry out my lips but definitely not soothing or any good for preventing dry lips haha. Oh yeah, the price is around IDR 30.000 (but i VERY OFTEN find it on buy 1 get 1 promotions especially in Guardian so may i suggest you buy only during promotions to avoid any heartache hahaha).

I would recommend this lipstick (i think you can still find this variant in their counters, cosmetic stores and drugstores but if you can't-lots of local website still have stocks on them, like this one) for you who are looking for creamy, pigmented and long lasting lipstick with affordable price tag that is easily accessible if you're in South East Asia.

Wouldn't recommend this for... I dunno, those who has chronic dry lips? Coz i find it not performing well with lip balm but cannot be used on flaky lips on its own as well!

I obviously will not be buying the same shade again, but i wouldn't mind buying them in other colors especially on promotion! (Edit : I actually already did >.<. It was only IDR 17.000 in Guardian and i found a shade of bright pink that i really like lately!)

Have you ever tried anything from SilkyGirl? Do you like their products?

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  1. Aku punya ini yang sensual sama pure Ci. Tapi teksturmya beda padahal serinya sama. Yang pure lebih creamy daripada sensual yang lebih matte.
    Shade naked coralnya lebih ke merah ya.. Looks nice on you Ci..^^

    1. Hoh emg ya produk2 ini suka aneh ya, line sama tp texture bisa lain2 hahaha. Makanya aq kalo review suka per shade, biar jelas (tp jdnya jg males review krn kebykan #eh ). Thank you, aq ga nyangka hasilnya lmyn ok krn waktu liat d tube ga suka warnanya hahaha

  2. warnanya tuh cantik banget, pas gitu dimuka jadi seger, tapi cepet banget hilang, sama agak panas di bibir aku.

    1. Wah untungnya di aq aman2 aja nih... Apa km sudah pake lip balm sblmnya? Kalo udah mgkn emg krg cocok ama formulanya yahh