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Heyy guys!

No, i didn't go and dye my head rainbow colors (not that i don't want to!) but... Yes, it's always been a dream of mine to have a CRAZY hair color (i did dye my hair HOT pink back in uni). I think ever since i rekindled my love for Xia Xue's blog about 2 years ago and saw how pretty she looked with her baby pink hair, i've been obsessed with pastel colored hair ever since!

Unfortunately not only pastel colored hair seems to demand such high maintenance (i know i don't look like it, but i am totally fuss free when it comes to my hair! Seriously, i just wash them every day and put some serum on then blow dry them, i very rarely comb as well hahaha)-not to mention super expensive (yeah, i am quite stingy when it comes to these kind of stuffs) and fades super fast *sigh*, so until there's a hair salon that would sponsor me like Xia Xue (LOLOLOL, kidding. Or not), i think i'm gonna have to go with other alternatives. Oh, also if i can make sure my boring, auntie slash sister wouldn't froth at the mouth, that is.

I've also been seeing bold colored streaks on celebs for a while, and while it's nowhere near as pretty as a full head of pastel colored hair-i thought this was a more achievable look in the meantime. Due to laziness (hahahaha, you should expect that from me) and the "maybe later" mentality, i never actually get to do them, until my niece BB told me she wanted to put in some colored hair extensions and when i told her i want some too, we decided to go and get them together last week.

And here's the result! I got 10 strands of hair extension clipped in (purple and turquoise) but its sadly not as noticeable as i would've liked :)

A clearer look
Of course, i haven't abandoned my pastel colored hair dream, in fact i was hoping the salon would have a pastel colored hair extensions (but sadly they didn't) coz my ultimate goal was this :
Avril Lavigne's hair in her Hello Kitty MV
I quite like Avril Lavigne (i think she's gorgeous), i didn't like the song Hello Kitty though (thought it was a total crap, sorry Kitty-i am still your #1 fan but a song with your name on it doesn't make it cute automatically) but i definitely do not get why she's being attacked by so many people of culturally generalizing Japanese fashion culture. It's super silly and stupid! It's just an MV for goodness sake, and check out Japanese singers' MV-they're like 100x crazier than this MV. Or the fact that they're attacking the way she's dressed because she's 30, WTF. She CAN pull it off, so i don't see the problem. I am around the same age as her, and i also love to wear crazy stuffs she does, it's a matter or taste, preference and whether it suits you or not. Age got nothing to do with fashion and i wish people would find other things to bitch about than someone's cute fashion sense!

Okay, enough angry vomits, so we went to PTC last Thursday because the hair salon that BB knows does this hair extension thingy is Yoppie Salon there (i bet other Yoppie branches has the same services though, i just didn't want to risk it *LOL*. Plus it was a holiday and the road to PTC was actually smooth and traffic free for once!).

Snapped one picture while on the process of getting them (coz i was already very embarrassed to do so lah, Surabaya people aren't very familiar with bloggers, i bet the hair stylists all thought i was extremely vain *which i am, of course* for wanting to take a pic for such trivial matter hahaha)

Now, i totally thought that each piece of the colored hair extension (which costs IDR 12.500 with free clipping on fee, you should give your hair stylist some tips of course) would be a bit thicker, but... Each piece is extremely thin! I thought we could get like, four pieces and it'll be noticeable already. HA. Dream on. I ended up adding 10 pieces (originally planned for 8), 5 in each sides and it's still can be barely seen zzzz.
Me and BB after getting colored streaks extension, you can't see them right *___*
BB got 7 pieces clipped on her hair (electric blue, purple and turquoise. Basically because those three are the only nice colors available)
Closer look
You need a close up to see them hahaha
Me posing with my drink *LOL*. I am on a semi liquid diet+almost no carbs diet (i allowed like a spoonful of rice or so in a day. It's been good-it's only been going on for a week so i'll tell ya more in a month!)

Asked hunny to snap this pic when we reached home. I hate my profile...

Next set of pics are taken on another day, still with the same top because... er... it was still clean lah plus it's so cute and comfy i ended up wearing it like 4 times before chucking it to the laundry bin (coz when i do God knows when *or if ever* i will ever touch them again) LOLOLOL
I clip my hair side like this whenever i go out now because i want the streaks to be visible!!! No other choice because if i let my hair down like usual nobody will see the streaks and it'd be a total waste of IDR 125.000 alrigtht!
I don't care much about the permanent clip showing...
I do like the result (even though i'd LOVE it to be a lot more bolder) but i don't think hair extension is for me! I'm having a hard time washing my hair (even though i only had 10 clips on my hair, imagine those people with a head full of extension!!!) and accidentally yanked them real hard a few times (SO PAINFUL!!!) when i shampoo, and it felt uncomfortable to be slept on! Thank God i didn't get any on the back of my head (i always sleep on my back).

Not only that, but i actually managed to pull off one hair extension on the second (or third) day! How sad is that? I have no idea what happened, i was just drying my hair with hair dryer and off it goes! I also don't think colored hair extension is for people who wash their hair frequently like me (i have to wash my hair everyday or else my scalp would be crazy oily and itchy!) coz the color fades super fast! It's already a lot paler now even though it's only been a week, i think they'll completely lose their color in another week haha.

Still, it was a nice experience and i am pretty happy to finally get the colorful streaks on my hair (to match my always colorful self haha) for once. I probably would not do it again because i think hair extension's super uncomfortable and if it fade that fast, i might as well get my own hair dyed in the first place. If you don't wash your hair super often (maybe 2 to 3 times a week) and very gentle with your hair, hair extension is a recommended alternative to get a colorful highlight!

I still haven't given up on my dream of having pastel hair (or at least, pastel streaks) and i've been obsessively browsing the internet (you know how i can get when i want something) until i found a local (in Surabaya as well!) online shop that sells pastel hair clips! I immediately contacted them, unfortunately they have run out of the pink ones :( so i went for my second choice which is pastel violet!
A pack of four pieces that is a LOT thicker than the hair extention. I mean, one hair piece is probably thicker than the whole 10 i have on my head at the moment. They're having a promotion right now and a package of hair clip costs only IDR 100.000! So if you're interested you should hurry and buy them at Kanubeea Shop (i am NOT sponsored by them, i am just a very satisfied customer)
I haven't use them properly but i immediately tried on one after i get the package and it's super easy to use, super soft and super pretty!!!
To say that i am extremely satisfied with the hairclip's a total understatement! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! If only they have stocks for the baby pink and baby blue ones, i would def order them again straightaway! Sadly at the moment they only have stocks for the pastel violet, pastel green and pastel orange :(... I would make another post when i finally wear them for real and review them!

On a totally different note, i am currently also VERY obsessed with unicorn/my little pony everything! Actually it's been going on for a while, i saw Aud (Fourfeetnine) and QiuQiu wear pastel unicorn earrings/necklaces and i almost bought a ticket to Singapore (coz QiuQiu found them in Chinatown, Singapore in an episode of Budget Barbie!) just to hunt for them! 
Aud and her unicorn earring, i WANT IT!!! Photo credit : http://fourfeetnine.com/page/4/

I kept on searching for them locally, but didn't see any... Until recently!

I am desperately looking for this :

Or anything (earrings, bracelet, necklace) that looks like this (it has to be pastel and made from acrylic, and 3D of course), so if any of you reading this post sell this kind of stuffs (i ordered this from two different OS but they all sold out HUHUHUHUHU) or knows where i can find them, PLEASE LEMME KNOW!!! I really really really want them (and i will order in bulk!)!

Please help me find my pastel unicorns/little ponies!!! I would be forever at your debt!

Crazy about pastel,


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  1. nice :D

    visit back >> www.berbagisesama123.blogspot.com

  2. Tipis banget ce hair extension nya
    Tapi suka warna nya
    Kalo lebih tebel would be so nice


    1. Haha iya, aq sendiri kaget waktu liat extension nya tipis banget. Mgkn utk 12.500 per piece jgn ngqarep tll banyak kali ya *LOL*

  3. klo mau permanen cb cat pake manic panic ci XD yg sebulan / 3 bulan ilang juga ada kayanya :D ak mau di cat warna warni gitu si mama lsg ngomel ga dikasih lol XD

    1. Iya lmyn tertarik nyoba manic panic tp kalo d suruh cat sendiri agak2 ribet yah... udah gt agak kuatir sm bleeding :(... Hahaha kl d keluargaku yg suka ngomel2 gt ccku, maklum ai2 LOL

  4. Wow! Pastel colors for the hair looks super nice like a doll. On the other hand, I also can imagine the amount and intensity of chemicals that will be applied to make it happen. :(

    1. Yeah, but as someone who's constantly coloring her hair anyway i don't really mind the chemicals, i'm actually more bothered with the maintenance :)...