Review : Johnson's Body Care (24 Hours Lasting Moisture Body Lotion & Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion)

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Hi guys!

How's your weekend? Mine... Well, it's not the best weekend i've ever had *sigh*. PMS was to blame to completely ruined my mood, plus Baby Boy's been unwell, he's coughing a lot so he's kinda fussy (like how kids are when they're sick). And whenever Baby Boy's not healthy, his grandparents go crazy with paranoia. Seriously, it doesn't help at all *sigh*, they've been driving me up the wall the last couple of days. 

Hey, it's totally befitting eh, because one of the things i'm about to review now is called Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion? I should slather it all over myself *or even drown myself in it?* and hope it'll reduce my stress? Too bad i've ran out of it :p.

I've been finishing quite some bottles of body lotions lately (they were all small-sized though), amongst other products and i've lined them all to review, but i've just been too lazy.. *and occupied, i wanted to finish my European trip series, but it's getting so long i feel the need to slip in a review :p*.. If you read my entry about beauty stuffs that i've brought to Europe, you've seen these two body lotions i'm about to review. 

I think everybody must've at least heard about Johnson's, right? They're most famous by their baby care products, i've used Johnson's since i was a baby and continue to use them for my own Baby Boy nowadays. I've loved Johnson's and always trust their products to be gentle and good for your skin. Anything that's good enough for babies skin should be more than good for ours, right?

If you're Indonesian, you're probably not too aware that Johnson's also has bath and body cares for adults because as far as i know, those adult lines aren't available yet here. I first realized the existence of these adult products when i saw their ad in Singaporean Cleo (i've read Cleo Singapore since i was in high school there, then for a while they're also available in Indonesia so i never stopped reading them, until we have our own Cleo Indonesia and the Singaporean and Malaysian editions no longer available here :(... I don't like reading Cleo Indonesia, not even Malaysian one, somehow i only loved Cleo Singapore, they have a different style then the rest), i fell in love with their baby pink and lavender packages!
Gonna review the left and middle one, i haven't tried the right one yet :p
It was fairly new when i hunted for them in Singapore and for some reasons i can no longer remember, i didn't manage to get them (either they were not widely available yet, or i bought too many other body lotions already on that trip so there were no longer space for more lotions). Then on one of my latest Malaysian trip, i stumbled into them. I remember purchasing them in one of the drugstores in Pavillion, KL. I think there were three or four types of those Body Cares Lotions available, but i only picked up two that i've been wanting forever.
Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion
Johnson's Body Care Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion
Yes yes, all of the names of their lotions in this line's super long, i know hahaha. Anyway, even though i've brought them both to Europe (since they're only 100ml each and i'm using them on both hunny and i, i thought one wouldn't be enough) i ended up finishing only the 24 Hours Moisture one there. That's probably due to the fact that i was always too tired when we reached the hotels i didn't always remember to put them on hunny ahahaha. And you can't expect him to apply them on himself, that'll never happen...

So i've brought the Melt Away Stress back home *silly, i know, my goal was to finish them all in Europe and throw them away there...*, but i also have finished the whole bottle since *faster because at home i remember to put them on hunny a little more daily..*

As far as consistency and overall performance, they both were quite similar. I didn't take detailed pictures for the 24 Hours Moisture, but i did for the Melt Away Stress, so i'm gonna review both (plus comparison) in one go.
Both lotions came with small (for the 100ml ones), uniquely curvy bottle (somehow i think they're imitating a womanly figure, maybe? Hahaha, totally made that up :p). Both came with super pretty and adorable colors. 24 Hours Moisture came in a baby pink colored bottle and Melt Away Stress came with soft lavender colored bottle. For pastel lovers like me, they totally caught my eyes in the rack *because my eyes are trained to search for pastel colors hahaha* and please me whenever i reach for them to put on my skin!
They came with a simple flip bottle cap that's quite easy to open (some flip bottle caps are super hard to open, sometimes i'd have to use my nails and therefore, ruining my manicures!). They also flip back easily and securely, no problem with leaking or overflow!
Both came with a light, quite dense (but not thick or creamy) lotion. It's not runny like most body lotions (as in if i put them like in the picture and raise my arm, they won't drip), but also not heavy and that's very good for me *coz i hate heavy lotions*.
Both lotions are easily absorbed. In the picture above i only spread them once, you can see how light and easily they are to spread. Those lotions definitely not the type that requires you to work extra hard just to massage them in! They also left no oily or greasy residue, LOVE!

Scent wise, they are both very nice smelling. The 24 Hours Moisture one's a little more floral i think. Both scents are very light and pleasing, however, i had a bit of an oxidizing problem with the 24 Hours Moisture. I didn't even know smells can oxidize (i thought only make ups would hahaha), but when i think about a way to explain it, the word "oxidize" was the only word that came to my brain, so i googled it and apparently smells CAN actually oxidize. I dunno if it was because of the cold and dry weather in Europe (coz i only used the 24 Hours Moisture in Europe) that causes the change in smell, because i have no problem with the Melt Away Stress in Indonesia.

24 Hours Moisture would smell really nice when i first put them on, but after a while the smell would turn a little musky and heavy, i'd say a little... moldy? LOLOLOL... I am horrible when it comes to describing smell, okay!!! Because the scents are quite light, it didn't bother me too much but i can't help but notice it. 

As for Melt Away Stress, i think it has a fresher, less floral smell (it states that it has hints of lavender and moonflower, i normally hates lavender smells but apparently when mixed with other secents i could love it!). Like i said, i've no problem with oxidizing. I love the Melt Away Stress one (not just because the 24 Hours Moisture oxidized, but from the very first whiff i already loved the Melt Away Stress' scent more) and even though they are light, they actually stays quite long on your skin. So even after a few hours if you sniff you skin, you'd still smell the pleasant scent of this lotion.

Melt Away Stress is actually meant to use at night before you sleep, they claim to promote better rest at night. I guess that's why there's lavender scent included in this lotion. I can't testify to this because i only put on lotions after i shower and don't repeat them at night. All i can say is that it didn't make me sleepy if i put it on during the day hahaha. I do slather them all over my hunny at night and he seems to be sleeping as fitfully as ever hahaha. 
I am severely insomniac though, i can even resist cold medication's dizzy spell *LOL* so a mere lotion wouldn't suddenly make me sleep easier at night. I do think the smell's very calming, so yeah, i think it'd actually make people who're less insomniac than me sleeps better at night. I still keep the empty bottle (because i don't throw empty bottles of the stuffs i intend to review out before i reviewed them) and kept on puffing the bottle to make the smell that still encased inside the bottle to come out, i so LOVE the smell!!! I actually believe it'll relieve stress too coz sniffing at the bottle makes me feel good hahahaha, but maybe it's the power of suggestion. I am quite prone to it *sigh*.
Both lotions are very soft and moisturising, they keptmy skin soft and supple. 24 Hours Moisture were also strong enough to keep my skin hydrated in Europe's drier climate, i've not encountered any problem with weather changes as well armed with these two *except for the palms area, i do have a very sensitive palms and they turned quite dry for awhile once i returned from Europe but they are better now*.
I can't remember the price (what's new? Hahaha... But i bought them so long already so that's a good enough reason right?), i googled and it stated RM 6 (about IDR 18.000), i think that should be around that. I don't think they're available in Indonesia (never seen them in any supermarket or drugstores, please tell me of they do tough!), but if you're going to other Singapore or Malaysia (or other countries, just check at their supermarket or drugstores!) you can try them out!

I think overall they are super great products, i would recommend them for anyone who loves affordable, light, moisturizing body lotions with light scents, and hates oily/greasy residue. For very dry skin you might need to slather a lot more (like i did on hunny), but i think-from my experience using them on hunny-they works to moisturize very dry skin too! 

I love Melt Away Stress more, down to the fact that i prefer Melt Away Stress' scent than 24 Hours Moisture (and because 24 Hours Moisture's scent oxidized on me, i dunno if i got a bad product or it was the weather/my skin's reaction to the lotion but that just what happened to me), other than that both lotions are equally as good.

Would i repurchase them? YES! The Melt Away Stress one especially, maybe i'll pass on the 24 Hours Moisture and try the other variants they have. This Johnson's lotion is definitely one body lotion i'd repurchase over and over again, on condition that i've finished all of those stocks of other kinds of lotions i have in my stash of course!

That's all for now, hope you find this review helpful!


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