Rosemary Online Part 2

8:18:00 PM

Heyylloww heyllowww!

How y'all doing today? Weekend's only a day away, yay??? How's your day? Mine's pretty rough -___-... My Baby Boy got a little sick, he threw up twice (last night and this morning) and he said he's got a tummy ache, i suspected him to caught a little cold because we got rained a bit when we went to Malang last weekend (he wore a rain coat, but five year's old's immune system's not the best out there, yea?). Now, i'm not the kind of mum who panicked at the slightest sneeze, but my parents are.

They freaked out and shooed us to the pediatrician, and at the hospital (because Baby Boy's pediatrician's practicing at the hospital in the mornings) we had to wait for one and a half hours even though we already booked an appointment by phone and the nurse told us to come at 9.30 AM, we never go in before 11 zzzz.

Waiting is super annoying, plus Baby Boy was super fussy and kept on crying (not because he's in pain, but because he's scared of the doctor, he's afraid he's gonna get injected or something, LOL). Anyway, as suspected, he's okay, just got a little digestion problem, and he's already up and about since we got home. He spent his day away from school playing X-box *LOL*. 

And then i spent my afternoon in front of my lappie, working on this *ahem* new project. I won't talk much about it this time, let's just say that i will get paid *LOL*. Thing is, it's something i've never done before, and it's completely out of my comfort zone *yeah, i'm spoilt. I've only worked for myself my whole life* and the little details fed me up *LOL*. Oh, and i couldn't sleep last night, probably thanks to the extra coffee i had yesterday (1 cup of coffee a day #Pink! Please!), plus hunny's been snoring like it's on stereo OMFG. So, that's my day *so far*, pretty stressful (for me, told ya i'm spoilt).

I didn't have any plan to blog today but i find writing really therapeutic, it calms me down and relax me. Probably because writing makes me focus on one thing (write!) and stop tiring myself with a thousand thoughts and plans at all time -___-. Anyway!!! Today's entry's actually *ahem* can be called a sponsored post *wahahahahaa, i feel so ridiculous saying this, so shy lah LOL* because the item i'm gonna show you is especially sent (for free) for me. It's a pretty top from Rosemary Online.

Now, for those of you who have been reading our blog since the beginning you'd know i made a special entry (not sponsored!!!) dedicated to my favorite good quality imported clothing online shop, Rosemary Online (click to read my first post). Now, Rosemary has never asked me to do a piece to promote her online shop at all, i made that decision myself to spread the words so that more people would about know this awesome shop. So, you can rest assured that everything i write is 100% honest okay ahahahaha *never doubt my sincerity, people!*.

Anyway, one day Rosemary BBM-ed me, asking me if i'd like a free top/dress. Who'd say no to such thing, i ask you??? Of course i said YESSSS, thank you dear Rosemary dahhlenggg, i loph you so much!!! LOLOL. And she was even kind enough to send me pictures asking me to choose myself. Isn't she wonderful? (now, now, don't go on asking her for free clothes and all okay, i'll hunt you down and terrorize you if you do such thing *grumble grumble*).

I opted for this awesome black long sleeved (long) top with lace details on the chest area. I asked Rosemary for the catalog picture but i guess she forgot or doesn't have it anymore because i never got that picture (a good thing too because then you'd not compare me with the teeny tiny model *LOL*).
I wore it tucked in inside my draped ballon satin skirt (skirt from Body and Soul), completed the outfit with a wide obi to hide any bulges *LOL*. Here's a closer look on my make up that day :p :
Wore darker colors on the eyes, blues and purples to match the skirt
This outfit's more on the sexy-ish style, and i'm anything but sexy *LOL*, especially with my newly cut hair that day, so i was kinda lost :p. I was pissed at hunny and was scowling and stuff, and suddenly #Undecided said "Wah your face doesn't match your bitchy scowls" LOL. So sad. This top is very comfortable (material : stretch cotton and lace) as well as pretty, in fact i believe it's prettier (IRL) than in the catalog picture! (I know sometimes we're let down by the actual item being not as pretty as the picture, but it's definitely not the case here!)
Wore it my New Look bag *again*, i guess i was still loving that bag back then (okay i lied, i was too lazy to move my stuffs to other bags -___-). Wore it to GM and met up with #Undecided and hubby later that night. Here's a picture of me at Dome, Galaxy Mall (proof that i wear it out *LOL*)
Steak. Yum...
The top's super versatile also, i actually wore it two times already.
Second time i wore it i paired it with my pale pink tulle skirt (is it a petticoat? I remember some fashion bloggers calls this kind of skirt petticoat but i'm not sure it's puffy enough to be called so). It's one of my very favorite skirt (and that's something because i have LOTS of skirts) ever, it's not new, i bought it in Singapore on that trip i took with LL and A, i think it was in 2010 (because LL was actually pregnant then but we didn't find out until much later when we're already back in Surabaya LOL). Bought it on sale at Joop (have you ever heard of Joop? I love their stuffs but they are very pricey if it's not on sale), LL also have the same skirt but i don't know whether she still have it or not :p.

Put on a wide belt also because this kind of material is very clingy and it's just more comfortable if i put on something to conceal it haha.  

Oh anyway, i wore it one day after Valentine's day, and if you read my Valentine's Day entry you'd know that i got plastic flowers by accident ROFL, hunny actually made it up the next day by presenting me with the ONE stalk of rose *as i like it*.
Oh, Rosemary actually asked me what kind of bra i wear with this top since the strap would be visible through the lace. The sensible answer would be a strapless bra LOL, but i cannot wear strapless bra really, i'm too flat. It'd fall off for sure zzz. (If i seemed busty in some of my pictures, rest assured they were all fake, i wear lots of padded bras :p). The fact is... i don't pay attention to such things. I don't really care if my bra straps are showing *slutty alert? LOLOL*, i like to buy cute bra straps you know, it's a real shame if nobody *but me and hunny* gets to see it, no? LOL.
So, if you're looking for good quality apparels, you should totally check out Rosemary Online! Tell her i sent you her way (so she'll send me more free stuffs) LOLOL! 

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  1. I hope your baby boy is better now. I really love both of your skirts!!!! just fab! :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

    1. He is, thank you :D! Thanks for dropping by, sweetie! Love your blog!

  2. omg I love your skirt! pretty ^^