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Hi Peeps!

The other day I decided to join Looxperiment’s challenge, Lolita. This is the first time for me ever to join such things because : a. I don’t consider myself that good with make up (okay, I do, for myself. But I am not creative or whatever, I mostly do the same things over and over again *LOL*) and b. because I am bad with rejections. I am constantly worried I’d humiliate myself and people would laugh at me FML. But seriously, the theme this time is Lolita, which is like… my normal make up look *gyaru. Lolita is a sub genre of gyaru*so if I’d ever join any challenge and not suck too bad then this is the perfect time! So I just wing it!

And since I am so kiasu, I would never just do a whole face and then wash it afterward (whatta waste of my time, energy and products!), I decided to throw two-or three-stones at once. I did the make up for the challenge on a Saturday night before going out so the make up would not go to waste and I also decided to make a *cough* tutorial for this look. Wah, damn embarrassed lah saying this as if anyone would want to know how I do my make up *eh but I have a lot of copycats! So maybe there are some people who would appreciate this* but whatever lah. This is the complete look that I submitted : 

I called it “Lolita in Blue” *very bad at naming anything*.

I will explain how to do this look, step by step… 

Oh, I must warn you, I just had a facial two days before so if you spot any imperfections on my face sorry ya, they are not acnes though, they are scars from milium extraction *that’s what my facialist said, no acnes but a quite a bit of of miliums zzzz*, I have no time to let them heal though *which usually takes up to 4-5 days* because the challenge’s closing soon :p.

First step is : BB cream     

I am using Etude House’s AC Clinic Daily Sun BB because as I mentioned earlier, I am very careful with what I use on my face (especially the base) after facials (wouldn’t want to clog your pores just after being cleaned!) and this one’s clearly stated non-comedogenic and said to help with acnes so this is perfect for me!
Goes on a little pale but blends right into my skin after a while. Afterward I set them with my Clinique powder, I always set my base with powder because my skin is very oily. Usually after a facial I’d only put on loose powder but since I need a bit of a coverage for this tutorial sake I decided to put on this powdery foundation.

This is my face with only BB cream+powder :

Sorry, a bit scary ah? Notice my dark under eye  -___- . I already put some BB cream on them so it’s already much better than bare-skinned.

Next step : put under eye concealer *I used Clinique’s* and dot on a bit of DHC concealer on the tiny extraction scars (five fots LOL). Also prep my lips with Vaseline.

This is my face after concealer+Vaseline

These are the “weapons” for base make up :
i used Pigeon pressed powder to set concealer under my eyes since i need a drier formula for it not to move and slide
Onto the eyes. These are the eye shadows I used (I didn’t use every colour, I will explain the ones I did use)

First I put on my E.L.F eye primer, then I used the mint green color on the lower left palette (I used all three color from this palette) all over my lids as a base, the pale blue on the outer corner of my lids and a little of the pink one (all still from the same palette) on the corner of my inner lids. Then I used the navy blue eye shadow from the upper palette on the outer part of my crease (my crease is quite deep but once I put on eye liners and open my eyes real wide you might confuse them as monolids) and also on my waterlines (I like using pigmented dark eye shadows as eyeliners because they are somehow smudge free for me! I hate ending up with panda eyes-which I sometimes get when I wear regular pencil liners. And for this look I am going for a softer style since it’s Lolita not gothic Lolita hehe). With the eye shadow as a liner I didn’t line them all the way, just halfway from outside in. And last I put on the white eye shadow from the lower right palette on my eyebrow bones as highlights.

Next : draw a thick *not super thick, just thick okay!* slightly winged tip line using a black liquid eyeliner (mine is from Christian Dior), I only use marker type of eyeliners because I cannot handle *okay I never even try them but I’m too much of a chicken to* the ones with skinny brush, and I’ve never tried cream liners too :p. 
OMG my face looks so chubby here zzz

I also used a silver eye liner the other halfway of my waterline that I left bare before, plus smudge a bit on the inner corner of my eyelid to open them up more, I forgot to take picture of this step zzz but you can see it on the final look.

Coming up next is the lashes of course. I’ve never tried falsies before, I’m getting interested in trying one soon though :p. I curled my lashes and then put on three coats of mascara (combined my Holy Grail Volum’ Express Turbo Boost with the crappy Hyper Curl Volum’ Express just because I have it and have to use it somehow, you’ll know why I have this in the next next Bali report) because I really want my sad eyelashes to pop out *and because it’s my signature look*.
Viola! The eye make up’s done! Opted for pastel color play because it screams LOLITA!

Used a lot of different products on my eyes LOL, these are all the products and tools used for my eyes
The hardest parts done! Only cheek and lips are left! For Lolita looks opt for rosey colors, I used my trusted ZA Blush on (click on it to see the picture in another entry). Don't forget to smile while applying!
Last but not least is lip color, I want to keep the whole look soft and romantic so I used a soft pink lip stick on my lips, used my Pop Shot lipstick

And since I am never halfway with anything I put on a dress to match the look (okay I actually picked the dress like a week before but somehow it goes together :p). My mum (who rarely praise my clothing) actually said “are you going to a party? Why dress so nicely?” and then I told her the dress costed IDR 50.000 or something and she was really surprised *went to watch midnite show with #Undecided and hubbies and she also was surprised on learning the dress’ price haha). Put on a vintage (really “vintage” okay, used to belong to my sister CW when she was in junior or high school, like a life time ago) necklace and for picture taking purposes also put on the head piece but I didn’t wear the head piece because it’ll be too much for the places we’re going to, I was already super over dressed on a few of the places we went to that night!
My actual FOTD

So I hope you like my Lolita in Blue tutorial, I am not a professional make up artist, just doing this to please myself so don’t you dare insult me ah *will hunt you to the end of the world”, thank you for reading! Check out all of the participants of the challenge here : Looxchallenge : Lolita

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