Our Tips To Get Through a Sucky Day

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Heyhooo!!! Happy Sunday, everybody!!! You know what to expect on Sundays, yes? Yes, our joint post! 

Honestly we didn’t know what to write today, so considering that tomorrow is Monday *sad face*, we’re thinking of sharing tips on getting through a sucky day. 

Number 1 is mine: bitch about it (FYI, #Pink and I just LOL’ed when I said this out loud). Mondays are the days when (this is a personal opinion, and as always, to each their own, so don’t judge me!) things have the tendency to go wrong and people get stupider. Especially my coworkers (ugh). As you know, I’m a very opinionated person so in order to restrain myself from being too mean to them, I prefer bitchin about it to #Pink. Or hubby. But I prefer #Pink (naturally). 

Number 2 is when the day is really really bad and you feel like the world is against you and there’s nothing you can do about it : cry your heart out. LOL. Yes, I do that a lot, yes I am a cry baby but hey, this keeps me balanced and sane haha! Especially if you’re fortunate enough to be a female, around that certain time of the month you definitely will be much more emotional, right? For me personally, when I feel like everything’s against me and I feel all alone *somehow*, I wouldn’t hold my tears back (but in private ya, I’m not that embarrassing bursting into tears in public LOL) and soon I will feel much better and be that happy and bubbly person again. Keep in mind this step is only for those super hard days, I’m not suggesting you to cry when they ran out of that fried chicken you wanted ROFL.

Number 3 is bitch about it some more!!! LOL. Kidding, kidding… next on the list is definitely to listen to some good music. I think every person should have a playlist for when they’re feeling “under the weather”. Blast it and just relax. You’ll feel much better in no time.

No 4 is retail teraphy!!! LOL! Sorry I cannot help myself :p. But seriously, it really helps for me! Especially in this day and age where online shopping is ever ready to serve you 24/7, there’s no need to even leave the comfort of your home *if you’re jobless like me* or you desk *for working people like #Undecided*. Even “window shopping” makes me feel better. I guess I just love to look at pretty things haha. There’s this happy *albeit fleeting LOL, just don’t make this a habit to fill the emptiness inside you-for depressed people! You’d be broke! And then you’d blame me for giving you this advice FML* feeling rushed into me whenever I click stuffs and put them in my “cart” hohohohhoho. Not to mention when you manage to score a great deal *like Rosemary just did with Multiply, I’m so jealous!!!* I’m sure you’d feel a sudden mood boost! Or when the package arrive, your crappy day would suddenly change into a great one because you just got a present! From yourself! LOL!
An old picture of me taken at Bugis Junction :p

When you read number 4, didn’t it just scream #Pink?! It did, didn’t it LOL… taking a break from our list, I just realized something, why am I writing on odd numbers?! I hate odd numbers! I guess that’s a new thing you learn about me today, yes? Moving on!! Number 5 is a good sex (come on, you did expect this on my list, didn’t you?! LOL). Hey, this point is proven by scientific research! Google it. Good sex is the natural remedy for severe headache because it helps release some, errr… something in your body (I guess it’s some chemical substance, but I can’t be sure, like I said, Google it, people!) that helps relaxes you. If it cures headache, it surely can turn a sucky day to a good one LOL. 

Hohoho, like number 5? You’d be lying if you say no (or you have a sucky sex partner LOLOL!!!). Number 6 is planning a holiday! You know I’m an avid traveler so you should see this coming *big grin*. It doesn’t have to be fancy *I do semi-backpacking holidays as well, not pure backpacking because I admit I cannot carry heavy stuffs and I am too disgusted to stay in very cheap hotels L*, maybe just a weekend away with your honey? Or if you’re like us, have a circle of very close friends then make it a group getaway! It doesn’t have to be far, for people like us who stay in Surabaya you can go to Trawas, Teretes or Malang (have we told you we’re going to Gunung Kawi-Malang next month? We’re gonna stay at a fancy hotel, yayyyyy!!! I love it how #Undecided agrees to travel more now that she’s married, she used to hate travelling you know) and stay one night there! Trust me, having a plan for a holiday will give you a goal and naturally you’d be pumped and therefore feeling better!

Okay, this is my last one on the list and it’s a good one (yes, sometimes even better than sex): pig out! Like forget about your diet (or your fake diet if you’re anything like #Pink and I), and just munch on whatever food/snack/cookie/biscuit/etc. you see your way. I am a big believer that your happiness depends on how happy your tummy is so I am always a little blue when I’m on a diet (and by a little blue I meant super grumpy hahahahahaha). That’s why when I’m having such an upsetting day, hubby knows what to do: plan a good dinner for his sulking wife. 

And this is my last one (and really the last! LOL! Sorry cannot help myself) is to snuggle up to your honey and act like a baby *wink wink*. Or if your honey’s not around *he’s at his office and you’re at yours* then you can just text him and baby talk to him LOL! Okay lah I know not everybody’s childish and spoilt like me, but I bet everybody has a day where they just be pampered and showered with love from their partner, right? I do that all the time and whenever he replies *in case you don’t know my hunny’s is super patient and caring so he’d always reply sweetly* I’d instantly feel better, because I know no matter how horrible my day is, he will always be there for me and try all his might to make me feel good. No honey yet? Then go find him! Kidding! You’ll find him eventually, just be patient okay!

So those are our little list of tips for you all to get through a bad day *or Monday blues LOL*. Hope you all like it! Hope you had a great weekend and 100% ready and excited for tomorrow! 

Lots of love,

#Pink and #Undecided
Beauty and the Witch (HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA she sooooo gonna kill me when she reads this!)

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