Bali Day 3 (Part 2) : NYE!

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It's #Pink again! Are y'all sick of me already? Hehe. Sorry ya, i am trying to speed these Bali reports up so that they can all be uploaded before February (i am not making any promises though :p). And #Undecided's been super busy at work this week (+ she's still waiting for Candy to send her more pictures, the wedding's only three months ago so naturally not all of the pics are ready yet! She has no more material to continue her wedding post :p), and tomorrow she's going to Semarang (not for a vacation, for a pretty hilarious reason i must say, let her tell you herself when she got back, okay!) for a fortnight. Our #Undecided's one busy bee *LOL*. So please put up with me in the meantime okay! Let's continue! We were back at Bali Collections for the second time in one day...

And i found a tiny Guardian in Bali Collections and rushed in, but severely disappointed with the mascara selection they had, like three? One from L’Oreal and two from Maybelline. And not the good ones. I don’t know why I bought it in the end, this Maybelline’s one that I've used before and was super bad because it’s super thin and my eyelashes would just flop zzz… it was probably the heat, I couldn’t think straight. 
Stupid mascara! I hate u!
In the end I only used it once the next day FML, the last couple of days I didn’t even bother to put on any eye make up. Seriously, why the hell did I bought this???

KC and CL love wine and insisted on opening one up so we went to buy one *but it was useless in the end because the hotel’s restaurant won’t let us bring our own wine so ended up opening one up from the hotel anyway*. Other than that we actually just went shopping at Sogo. I dunno why since we have Sogos in Surabaya as well LOL.

My sister bought me this :

Spiky silver bangle. She kept on saying that it’s “hardcore” or “metal” LOL, I dunno why. They were on a 20% sale, final price was IDR 57.500 or something, cheap!

I bought these two necklaces, buy 1 get 1! IDR 162.500 (or was it 167.500? nothing more than that) so price for each necklace you calculate yourself lah, divide them by two.

Then we went back to our hotel and rest up a bit, at 8 PM the NYE dinner (we decided to have dinner in our hotel, it was very expensive also IDR 500.000 per person, but better than CW’s choices zzz) started, we all headed to the pool area *where the restaurant’s located*. We decided it’d be unwise to try to leave the hotel area on NYE since it would be crazy full. The road to Kuta was closed the whole day so no vehicle’s allowed there, you can only walk there LOL.
NYE Outfit (i wore it again on Day 5 :p)
The same poolside restaurant as the breakfast station
Our table :p with drunken lookin KC
Everybody’s kinda taken aback by the dinner, it was buffet style but the selection was really poor (maybe because we just had lunch at Hotel Mulia and this is like 20% of the whole selection there LOL*) and later hunny told me the steak station was filled twice only. How crazy is that? And they charged us IDR 500.000 per person! WOW. I didn’t really care because I was still very stuffed from lunch I just had a teeny tiny bit of food.
Had this and didn't bother to try too much other things afterward. This cost me IDR 500k, kill me now please

Seriously it was super not worth it lah. And the entertainment was all just Balinese dancers *yawn*. Personally I’d just skip it altogether haha. I think L’s choice was much wiser. She and her family had an early dinner at a restaurant in Bali Collection then come back to the hotel. We should’ve done that. But who would listen to me? LOL. Nobody. So sad. In the end it was just like throwing IDR 500.000 per person away (there are 16 of us so it was like more than 6 millions down the drain. The others ate more than me so maybe it was 3 million down the drain? Sorry, part of my OCD I count everything).

But! There’s one event that made me super happy and in the end don’t mind about the crappy dinner by Mercure (note, I also found the dinner crappy and super not worth it. But we had them all together as a family. So I still cannot understand CW’s comments about the kids being disappointed about the dinner. The dinner’s disappointing in the price department, but if it’s not so expensive then I wouldn’t even mention it. It’s  not even like the kids paid for themselves to have the right to be disappointed by the outcome LOL. Maybe she meant her kids expected super yums foods? But all the kids scattered very fast and hide in one room to watch TV and hang out and never bothered to join the festivities nor seemed to be interested in them so I don’t think that qualify as being disappointed, I think they simply don’t care) is when they announce the lucky draw winners!

Please note that all of my family members sucks at lucky draws, we hardly EVER won anything *which my mum said it’s okay because we got our fortune from other aspects*, unlike #Undecided’s family who seems to win something EVERY TIME there’s a lucky draw. So nobody was really paying attention. And then when they announced the second winner, I heard something, followed by our family name. I heard it three times before froze *I was at the sushi station by then* and grabbed CL’s hands “it’s us!!! Us!!! Us!!!!” and freaked out! LOL.

It was my mum’s room who was picked out! And we won a three nights stay at a Junior Suite *I think that’s the most expensive room type they have*, YAY!!!!!
CL represented us to recieve the present because my family are all super stage shy ones :p, she's the most non-shy one lah haha
Mercure loves me!

Naturally my mum gave it to me *it pays to be the Baby of the family after all* since she would never go to Bali alone anyway, and I immediately plan another Bali trip with #Undecided! Yes we will! On the second part of 2013! OMG I’m so excited!!! (as long as she manage to seduce her hubby enough for him to say yes, DO IT #Undecided!!!)

You can say it’s like we paid for the room ourselves lah since we spent more on the dinner than the rooms costs but hey, I got it for free lah!!! It’s like everybody’s paying for my next trip so thank you all!!! LOL.
L came by later to chat with us for a bit :D

My mood was definitely very high by then LOL. The night was still early and it was super hot and humid *no wind blowing* and I drank a lot of the wine *since it’s mostly just four of us who drank the whole bottle* even though I am not a fan of wine (but I love alcohol, not an alcoholic tho! I’m a social drinker) alcohol is still alcohol mah, I just kept on drinking them so I ended up feeling super hot and bothered. We’re waiting for midnight obviously, CL suggested we just cam-whore around the hotel, I said okay but let me change out of my dress! So me and hubby changed to out sleeping wear and it kinda turned into a pajama party for us hahahaa. But on the way to the room (okay lah we took a detour more like it) i asked hubby to take some pics of me first :p.
I'm loving all these glowing thingy

My New Year pajama :p (i know, how vain. Even pajama must parade one. LOL)

All the sleeping wear were brand new, down to the undies! My mum’s very traditional and strict about this kind of things. I don’t really believe them or whatever but I do not see anything wrong by following it, afterall it symbolizes a good thing, so that we’re blessed with enough fortune to be able to buy (and wear) new clothes everyday on the next year, I’d say amen to that!

So we spent our time playing around and cam-whoring:

A security guard approached us later and told us not to sit on the lamps.. well, too late!!! We sat for so long already! LOLOL!
And then KC went and did this -____-. Hunny was horrified because he overheard the scurity guard scolding another guest for plunging one of those into the pool.
Hat, anyone?
Mentioned that this looked like a traditional Javanese wedding decor and made them pose here, CL stepped it up and grabbed a centre-flower from our table and deemed it her bouquet -____-
Looked so short here -___- (eh, i'm 1.67cm okay! not so short)

The MC announced that the celebration’s continue at the lobby, we’re gonna count down the new year there so we went there earlier to chup the space LOL. The hotel employees were going crazy in the band stage area, lip sync-ing and pretending to play the music instruments, it was hilarious! One of the employee was so ON he must’ve believed he was Ariel from Noah LOL! *the next day KC told me he was turned off when he switch on the tv and heard Noah’s song because it reminded him so much of the crazy hotel employee). And since CL (and KC) are nuts as well, she insisted us to borrow the mic and stuffs and pretend to be a band as well zzzz. I do not have the picture, it was in their camera. Later I realized that the hotel staffs were busy snapping our pics too OMG I’m so embarrassed -___-.
Band wannabe :p

The lobby event started quite calm and sedated, with the singer (when the real band appeared all the crazy employees scurried off FTL from the band area) singing top 40s songs *and then making the huge mistake of making L’s dad sings. OMG. He loves it and asked for another song by himself zzzz*, this is how it looked like :

But somehow nearing the midnight it started to be so crazy *maybe because there were more and more people and the singer started singing upbeat songs and dragged us-including me-to the “dance floor”. Somehow the lobby turned into a club or something LOLOL! Everybody’s singing and dancing wildly *including the earlier crazy hotel employees*, especially this hilarious Caucasian guest who kept on “swimming” around wildly. Somehow the singer was replaced by a guest’s ipod *LOL* DJ style and I guess all hell break loose when they started blaring Gangnam Style.

Seriously. Everybody started to do the snake dance
The pictures didn't do the moment justice, it was much more crowded, crazier and hectic IRL

Even Baby Boy *who hid in his room much earlier because he was scared of the fireworks sound* joined in the merriment.
See how much his Ah-Kong loves him?

L's dad, clearly enjoying himself LOL!
So we dance, we pranced around, we sang and then it was finally time to count down to the new year, they played a projector in the lobby’s wall counting down to the midnight! I don’t think I’ve ever count down to new year so loudly with so many people at once *usually I spent my new year with my parents and hunny at home, last year we were with #Undecided and hubby (he was her fiancé then LOL) and we counted down to midnight outside a 24 hour supermarket, clutching alcoholic drinks we just purchased LOL*!!! 

And finally it was the new year!!! The hotel employee started passing around chilled Rose Champagne and it was so yummy I finished mine and hubby’s.
(PS : sorry, the video seemed to not work, you can view it here .)

None of us stayed too long after the new year arrived, I got a little tipsy from all the wine and champagne we decided to call it a night as well (in STYLE. We formed a little snake and danced our way to our rooms, much to the delight of other guests LOL) hehe… I was a bit shocked when we went into our room and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was lobster red *I haven’t had too much to drink lately* and my eyes were blood red! Then I started to get itchy all over, LOL. What a start to the new year yes?

I really had TONS of fun that day, especially on the new year’s count down. Who knows people with no plans for the NYE turned it to be such a cool and loud festivities? Just throw in #Undecided and it couldn’t be more perfect for me! LOL! I had a wonderful new year celebration in the end, how was yours?

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