#Undecided's Wedding: part 1

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Hello hello!!! How are you doing, everybody? I hope today is treating you well, wherever you are :)

So #Pink gave me an awesome idea today: writing a series of entry about my wedding. She also said that since blogging is like writing a diary, it would be great to reread them one day and be reminded about the details of one (oh well, two, but more on that later) of the most important days in my life just because, you know, details and I are not "the best of friends" LOL.

So here goes! The date was Oct 7th 2012 when I got married to my Mr. Nugraha. 
The save-the-date - LL made this for us. Super pretty. Thanks, LL!!
Our wedding-bands
It was a sunny Sunday for I remember that a few days before the D-day, #Pink and I were panicking about the weather being too hot and humid and we would ruin our makeups (girls will always be girls LOL). 

First I need to tell you that I got 2 parties. One in Surabaya and another one in Solo. Why? Well because what #Undecided wants #Undecided gets. LOL. Seriously though, I had always wanted a simple wedding, in a small intimate venue where I know the people attending by their first and last names. But coming from a Chinese family, that dream was far fetched. Chinese celebrates their weddings with big fancy parties where dancers and singers and lots of what-nots are involved. And I never wanted any of those. Never. BUT!!! My mother in law insisted because hubby was supposed to be the first one from his lot to get married, she wanted to do the party "properly" because it was what expected from a Chinese mother. Oh well... If she could get what she wanted, I could too *wink*.

It was however a good arrangement because then I didn't have to go through what a typical Chinese bride goes through. As a wedding planner I know firsthand how tiring being a bride is: waking up at 3 am just to get her face done and then all the rituals and ceremonies before the party in the evening, it's a non-stop ordeal that I was lucky enough to dodge. 

If I remember correctly, I started my day around 6.30 am and it was time to get dolled up.
With the one and only Felicia Sasongko
Believe it or not I had 3 layers of fake eyelashes that day LOL
Ask #Pink if you want to know what those are *straight face*
My stunning head-piece. LOVE it!!
Pretty (painful) shoes
Let me tell you something about shoes: go for comfort. Seriously. They're hidden underneath all the fabric of your dress anyway. Wear open toe shoes. Avoid the pretty ones like these because you'll be standing the whole day, they will slowly kill your toes. Firsthand experience - learn from mine ;)

Moving on!! My parties are a mixed between Western and Eastern traditions. I will tell you about the Western one first. You know that thing where a bride should wear something old, something new, something blue, and something borrowed on their wedding day (if you watch How I Met Your Mother religiously, you'll know!), I did that too! They were - respectively: a piece of lace from my very first lacy top sewn into the wedding dress; the shoes; the blue panties I wore that day LOL (special thanks for Bella and Ria for getting it - as well as a very sexy lingerie - for me *blush*); and the headpiece I borrowed from my makeup artist.

I actually want to write more (I haven't written any long-assed entry in a while now, I deserve to!!), but blogger.com is being a bitch, it's refusing to upload my photos correctly! Grrrrrr!!! My next entry will be about the next step of the day: the Chinese-related-part of it all. I'm nowhere near finish so it's going to be long. Brace yourselves, you've been warned LOL.

Anyways, I have to stop now, but I'm leaving you with the photo of my hand bouquet which is much prettier in photo. Thanks to Candy, it doesn't look as bad as it actually was (this bouquet was the biggest flop of the day, FYI).

Until then, loves! xo,

PS: all of the photos uploaded are courtesy of Candy Photoworks.

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