Meet Kalista, People!!!

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So yesterday we went to a German Shepherd kennel in Trawas. Hubby was so excited because he’s been eyeing one of the puppies that they put up for sale; thus he wanted to go super early. Yes, after staying up until around 2am at #Pink’s house, I must say that he was quite optimistic when he said he wanted to go around 10 am. I just nodded and held my smirk because I knew that he would never be able to wake up that early. And I was right (I am always right, muahahahaha). We woke up around 11.30am the next morning (yes, we sleep in on weekends, don’t judge us!)

Since #Pink and her hubby chickened out and refused wholeheartedly to tag along (tsk, imagine all the fun I would have watching #Pink squirm and shriek at the sight of 32 fully grown German Shepherds!! LOL LOL), we decided to take my family along for the ride. 

I just love unplanned road trips. They’re the best. I asked my mom to bring her pocket camera with her because obviously I would want to blog about the whole trip, yes. My brother even jumped the gun and brought his DSLR camera with him. I was super excited thinking about all the photos that I would be able to share with you guys (admit it, not many of y’all have been to a reputable kennel, yes?). But then it rained!!! It was raining cats and dogs *pun intended* the whole time we were there. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! There was no way I could whip out the cameras without getting them wet huhuhuhuhu *sobbing dramatically*.

Finally we only managed to take photos with our Blackberries (and you know how lousy their built-in cameras are!) soooo I am sorry for the ugly photos, guys. I’m sure we’ll be back there soon enough to pick up the new addition to our family, though, and I'll take more photos. I promise!
Speaking of…. Meet Kalista, people!!!
Isn't she a beauty!!! *in love*
Yes, her name is Kalista, with a “K”, not a “C”. The moment hubby learnt about this fact, he had christened his new pup as Kalista Kardashian (OMG!) hahahahhaha. Clearly, he watches too much Keeping Up With The Kardashian. Lucky that the other female pup Kimmy isn’t for sale or else we’ll have a puppy named Kim(my) Kardashian LOLS.

Anyways, here are some more photos of the dogs that caught my attention:
1. An unnamed puppy which is around 1.5 months old. Cuteness alert!!!

2. Wallaby: the male-champion of the kennel. He's huge!! The photo doesn't do him justice. I don't think I've ever seen another German Shepherd as big as this one.

3. Anna: the fiercest female (again, pun intended LOL). She literally kept barking ferociously the whole time we were there, it was amazing watching her handler calmed her down. I wish one day I could be as good as that handler was with any dog!

4. Kimmy, Kobra, Kuantum: Kalista's litter-mates. Honestly I had my eyes set on Kimmy (the pup in the middle on below photo) the moment I got there. She was the cutest little pup with 2 floppy ears and the most adorable face. Too bad the owner's mother fell in love with her too, so as I said earlier, she's not for sale. 
Eyeing Kalista jealously because we were playing with her LOL
Hubby said that he would keep Kalista there until she's around 6 months old, so it means she will only be here in 2 months from now. I can't wait!! I will let you know once she's around and I will keep you posted with photos. 
As always, thanks for reading, guys! Toodles!! 


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