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Heyllow, peeps… 

Have you guys ever watched an old Chinese movie (1993) starring Anthony Wong called “Bun Man (The Untold Story)”? Xia Xue mentioned this movie in her Guide To Life latest episode “Dim Sum” where she’s learning how to make dim sum. And the movie’s actually about a psycho who whacked people off and then cooked them into a roasted pork bun -___-. And since I cannot let those kind of remarks go, I immediately googled and found the movie online. And now, like so many others who watched this movie, I am very hesitant to ever eat a char siew bao ever again -____-.

In case you guys are interested to watch, here’s the link. Remember this movie is very graphic and gory (although it is an old movie, so some of the effects are very outdated but for the most part it was surprisingly good), with one very err… revealing *borderline porn* scene :p. But it was a very interesting (in a very disturbing way) movie and Anthony Wong’s really good in it (he won Hong Kong’s equivalent to Academy Award for his role in this movie), me and hunny actually just finished watching it. Our lazy Sunday… including watching super gory movie… Very typical of us LOL.

Anyway, actually this entry’s got nothing to do with that movie AT ALL but I thought I’d just share it with y’all and spread the fear of char siew bun around MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Moving on.

I received a very happy news yesterday, while i was checking my blog list (which i do every day *LOL*) and saw one of the bloggers i am following, Elrica, was announcing the winner of her Bio Essence Bio-Spring Water giveaway and i was like "oh... i think i joined that giveaway" (it was the very first time i've joined a giveaway EVER!) and clicked it without much enthusiasm because, well, i've said it many times already, i am never lucky in lucky draw thingy.. then i saw this :
I WON!!!
In case you're wondering, Mindy Candra is my facebook name (referring to my and hunny's first name because our FB's a joint account :p) because it was one of the requirements to join this giveaway. I was very happy and embarrassingly proceed to tell everybody that i won a giveaway! Hahaha... i know i know, very silly, but i really am very happy okay! I wonder if my luck in lucky draw thingy's starting to shift??? LOL.

Anyway, this entry is about giving (and receiving) gifts and i wrote it a few weeks ago but since i am getting a gift from Elrica then it's very fitting that i mention it here right! 

As you know, I got some friends who celebrated their birthdays on December and I am writing this entry to show (off) you guys what I got them as presents. Also making this a record so I won’t repeat the same kind of present next December LOL :p. First was my cousin L, this is what I got her :
My Bday gifts for L
It was a parcel (as usual) containing of : a random black top (it’s very basic, I didn’t have time to spread the clothes to show you how it looked because as you know, I was in such a hurry to assemble them since the celebration invitation was very sudden and I was pressed for time, you can read it here) since L’s most clothing are black or white or grey or brown (earthy tones, she’s afraid of colors and that’s why I got her the next item), and the yellow thing beside it is a long sleveed knitted cardigan. In bright yellow *LOL*. I want her to wear some colors :p *well I hope she will wear it anyway LOL*. One can never go wrong with a cardigan right, you can just throw it on anything and it’ll work.

Underneath : a mini iron for travelling. L’s a crazy traveler too (but she’s more of an impulsive traveler, you can never make a plan with her a long time before the actual trip because 99% of the time she’d bail. That’s why I never actually believe in her whenever she’s asking me to travel or even go to the mall with her. I’ll believe her when she BBM me “I’m on the way”) and I know how annoying it is to find all of your outfits crumpled like shit on your destination L. So when I saw this super cute tiny iron I immediately bought some for presents :p. I know as a traveler I’d love it if someone give me this so I figured she will too (actually she BBM-ed me the night after her birthday thanking me for the presents and specifically mentioned the iron, said she’s gonna use it to iron her baby girl’s clothing to the trip to Bali. I was like… just because it’s mini doesn’t mean it can only be used to iron baby clothes you know! LOL)

Next is a random lip gloss, I was attracted to it because of the cute charm attached to it (I got myself two of these lip glosses in different colors…), the charm also contained the same lip gloss and can be worn + refilled. Isn’t it cute??? Got her the brownish color because I think that’s the safest color to give her. She usually only wears nude or clear glosses, and now that’s she’s pregnant I don’t think she even wears anything on her face much, LOL. well, she said she’s gonna doll up to the max after she gave birth LOL. The last thing is a mobile phone pouch with a 3D flower on it, got her one in turquoise because she’s not into girly colors (what do you expect? Look at her. She’s anything but girly).

Next is Rosemary. Y’all already know I got her Tony Moly’s Cat Winks Clear Pact as her birthday gift but I threw on some tops for her as well.
My bday gifts for Rosemary

Chiffon flowery pinky top (because Rosemary actually loves pinky too, just not as crazy as me haha), a loose tee with a girl’s face cartoon print and a unique shaped lacey vest to jazz up her wardrobe a little. It was pretty hard choosing the clothes that she might (hopefully) like because she’s not into girly style (she said she never wears skirts, I guess dresses are out of the question as well) but she actually loves lace (how contradicting) so I just looked for something sweet but more mature (HAHAHAHAHAH, sorry Rosemary, you said you’re “very mommy-ish” yourself ya not I said one LOLOL). So I hope you like them!

Then LL’s, you already saw the preview on this entry

I gave her three blazers/cardigans (because we love them and one can never have enough of them) and a floral dress (all of the clothing items I gave her I also owned LOL, most of our clothing taste’s pretty similar so I can safely say she’d wear them? LOL), sorry no pictures of the clothing items :p. Other than that I also gave her some other stuffs that are similar with L’s gifts (because I bought them in bulk LOL).

Here are the closer looks for the items inside : 
The same mini iron because LL’s also a traveler, I actually am regretting not buying two or three more because I have some other friends who travel a lot too
And this small box containing some make up items 

The same lip gloss with a charm as the one I gave L but in vibrant pink colour (because unlike L, LL’s a pink lover like me!)

A set of three mini glitter eyeliner (which I also have, naturally LOL)

Mark’s and Spencer’s Raspberry lip butter (which, yeah you guessed it, I also have)

Quite a lot ya? That’s her own fault because she always showers me with gifts and souvenirs whenever she went anywhere, like a LOT, so I’m just returning the love. She actually bbm-ed me asking me if I left my shopping bag inside her present (how is that even possible, LL??) because there were so much items inside LOL.

I hope all three of them liked my presents! Oh, I didn’t only gave out presents but also received some! LL went to Hong Kong on early December and she brought me these :

Super cute charm (or is it a key chain? I think I can be used as both) on which you can slip a picture in, look at the little red heart! So cute!

Super pretty and blinged… what is that exactly? Also a bag charm? Bag lock? Something like that haha

The clawwwww! I dunno what its name, the alien from toy story? But I love them (there are three of them right in the movie?) they’re so cute and I love to imitate their “theeee claaaawwww” voices (oh, annoying fact about me : I love-and actually pretty good at imitating annoying sounds. The latest sound I love making right now is Chowder’s crying. Do you know Chowder? Well, if you are a five year old boy who loves to watch Cartoon Network’s mum then you would). This is for hunny obviously, it’s a err… er… USB? 

And those are the stuffs I gave (and received) out on December! I love presents! (giving and receiving LOL) Can’t wait for another reason to celebrate something :p (someone’s birthday or something) LOL. (oh on second thought,  CNY and Valentine's Day, obvi!)

Leaving y'all with a picture of me in my Christmas getup :p

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  1. Hi Mindy..thank you for this entry..
    I am really happy to know that I cud make your day! and thank you so soooo much for checking out my blog :) - it means a lot to me ^^

    Stay happy, positive and keep giving :)
    by giving, we will never stop receiving ..

    Stay in touch yoooo

  2. Hiii Elrica :D
    Yes you did :D hihihihi
    Yes, totally, i love your blog and i'm very proud of you (for being a recognized beauty blogger from Indo IN Singapore) abd very inspired as well :)
    Keep on inspiring, Elrica!