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Hey peeps!

It's a holiday for Indonesian today (a Moslem religious day), me and hunny went to watch Hansel And Gretel (Witch Hunters), and the *without any prior plan* #Undecided and her hubby joined us (in case you're wondering, Baby Boy's playing at the playground). 
Have you guys watched it? Because me and hunny bought the tickets much earlier than them we got separate seats (quite far away, two in the middle row and two in the third row from the front), and hunny being a gentleman as always, let me and #Undecided seat in the comfortable middle row while he and #Undecided's hubby sat at the front hehe. We (by we i mean me and #Undecided) liked it a lot, it's very cool and exciting (Hunny liked it too, only #Undecided's hubby didn't enjoy it as much, i don't think he's into fantasy movies at all *LOL*) . Gretel (Gemma Arterton) was super bad ass and super pretty *drool*, she's exactly how my kind of girl looks like :p.
Gemma Arterton, sooo prettyyy *drool some more*
And i've always found Jeremy Renner handsome. Very manly :p. I just googled him, do you know he's 42? OMG. He looks mid 30s for me!
Definately doesn't look 42 to me
Anyway, if you like fantasy slash action kind of movie, you should check it out! The witches looks like scary ghosts though :p. And the troll's name... haih... If you love Twilight like i do you'd choke when you hear the name LOL (won't spoil it for you). And afterward we ended up watching a 4D movie with Baby Boy, and the 4D seat was shaking so hard (even when it was not supposed to move so much it still did), and we watched it right after we had dinner! OMG. *Green faced*. We had lots of fun *we always do whenever four or five of us are together no matter what we do anyway LOL*.

Oh, no, i didn't put the wrong title, this is a review entry. I just had to share those stuffs with y'all first hehehehe. Oh, before we get on with the review, let me ramble a bit more (and show you some cam-whoring pics of myself) please :D. This is my OOTD *grin*
Huh why i look so pale -___-
There's a little story behind this dress. This is my sis-in-law CL's dress. She wore it on a flight from Banjarmasin to Surabaya before and the attendants kept of asking if she was pregnant and how far in she was *ROFL*. I guess that's why she passed it to me. Do i look pregnant too in this dress?
No the slight pouch's not baby bump, it's a pre-menstual bump LOL
Okay lah, this was originally supposed to be a quick post but it's absolutely a FAIL already haha. It's time to get into the review! 

I’m reviewing  a local-brand body lotion (hey, do I start to sound like a local-brand evangelist? LOL) today, Gwendolyn. Have you ever heard of this brand? Probably not too many of you have because I wouldn’t either if I didn’t stumble into its little stand in Mall Kelapa Gading’s Fashion Hub (Jakarta). I was attracted to the cute little store because… well because it’s cute lah :p (I didn’t have any picture of the stall sorry, bought this quite some time ago).

And just like its stand, the product packaging are also very cute with girly anime characters

I’m a sucker for bath and body products you know, especially the cute-girly and great smelling ones, I wouldn’t care if it’s super expensive (er… maybe I wouldn’t buy it if it’s super expensive lah) or super cheap I’d still want to try it :p! I am definitely not a brand snob or a local-brand phobic (like my mum) so I was really eager to try it! They have a range of body lotions, anti bacterial hand lotion, lip balm, body mist and face hydrating gel. I would not use (then) unknown face care, I wasn’t interested in hand lotions, the ones that caught my eyes were definitely their body lotions and lip balm (what else?) but in the end I decided to purchase their body lotions (first) because it was definitely safer :
My first ever purchase of Gwendolyn products

Bought one in Sayuri Sakura and another one in Maggie Mango (So cute they named their flavors with girly names). Cute tote bag was given to me even though I only purchase two tiny things (bought the travel size ones) so it was definitely a plus (kiasu).
Sayuri Sakura
Maggie Mango

They have three different sizes of body lotions : 

The travel size was only IDR 25.000 each! CHEAP! For new brands (I guess they are not so new now but by then it was really new for me) i always try to purchase the smallest size first. Especially because I developed some eczema (ew… I know) in some parts of my skin which appear whenever I use soaps of body lotions that are too harsh (Lux and Biore shower gels are a huge NO NO for me, even though I used to use them all the time, I got old I guess :( ) but I am always curious to try new (or not so new) stuffs so what can I do… The reason why I bought two different ones was because I wanted to use debit card LOL… I cannot part with my cash I dunno why…

The pushing point in which convinced me to buy them was definitely the scents of the body lotions, they are so GOOD!!! In fact I got super confused when I tried to choose two LOL *sniffed one lotion to the other, then the other… repeatedly*. Anyway, I just used up a bottle, the Sayuri Sakura one.
I like their snap bottles but it was kinda hard to get the product out at first, but it got better
The texture is a light gel that easy to spread and absorb to my skin

I find this lotion to be moisturizing enough for my normal skin, but I have this sensitive palm that feels really weird and dry if the body lotion I was using was not too moisturizing and Gwendolyn lotion definitely made my palm felt weird and dry so I had to use a separate hand lotion afterward. So I think this lotion is only suitable for people with normal (is there such thing as oily skin for body parts? …. I really don’t know but if there’s any then it’d suit them too) skin, I wouldn’t recommend this for people with drier skin type since it would not help you moisturize your skin at all.

Another plus was it didn’t cause my eczema to act up so I guess the ingredients wasn’t harsh. Sayuri Sakura has a light floral fragrance (I dunno if it’s Sakura smell? What does a Sakura flower smell like anyway???) which I found very pleasant and soothing (not suffocating at all) and it lasts for a very long time, for some body lotions the fragrance would fade super fast but it’s not the case for Gwendolyn’s, I can still smell it on my skin hours after applications.

I actually brought this cutie to Bali last December, I would definitely recommend this to bring on your vacations to hot and humid places *not for drier climate, you’d surely need a much more moisturizing kind* because it would not leave a sticky or greasy feeling on your skin (which I really hate), I found it left my skin soft and supple. Oh and since it’s so small I think it’d only be enough for two weeks or so, don’t bring it to your month-long journey and expect them to be enough okay LOL.

I actually cave in and bought their lip balm as well (the lip balm’s super cute, they are kinda see through! Maybelline’s popstick-like. Speaking of which I really want that popstick huhuhuhu but I don’t think it’d ever come to Asia? Anyone knows any local seller that sells them???) but I haven’t use them yet, probably will show you In the future okay!

Don’t think this brand is easily available in other cities, I’ve never even seen them in Surabaya (bought the lip balm at Jakarta’s Watson’s, Watson’s when are you coming to Surabaya hah???). But I saw some online shops selling them (Lazada and Zalora) in case you are interested to try them (oh oh!!! Just browsed their website and they’re actually available in Metro Ciputra World Surabaya!), I think this brand’s worth to try! Would I buy their body lotions again? Yes! In other flavors (there are quite a LOT of them), I’ buy the travel size ones to bring on my many vacays! LOL.

That's all for now, and lemme put on one more of my cam-whoring pic please :p
Less pale after auto correct-ing the pic, right? LOL


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