Bali Day 2 (Part 1)

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I’m pumped because of a possibility of a secret project in the future *not telling! LOL* and with all the energy from the excitement I’ve nothing to do so I decided to be productive and write! I’m gonna continue with my Bali Trip, Day 2!  Would be super photo heavy so get ready!

So, the day before we were informed that we would have to leave our hotel at 10 AM to go to Ubud *which is about two hours car ride away on normal days, and this is peak season so there’ll  be traffic jams making the journey even longer*, ever heard of Ubud? You should! At least from the book (or movie) “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts’ movie, although I was extremely disappointed by the movie, it was a total snoozeville… far from the book’s caliber L). Ubud is known as the artisan’s village, with lots of art galleries by super talented Balinese artists. But the reason behind our journey to Ubud is nowhere near the artsy fartsy thing, it’s culinary! LOL.

I AM a good travel companion, if you say get ready by 10, then I will be ready at 10. LOL. (but if you gave me no time frame then please do not expect me to be ready early, it’s another story altogether, you understand, L??) I get up two hours before the appointed time to get ready, not that I needed two hours to do my face or whatever, mind you! I’m simply not a morning person and it took me awhile to be “awake”, I’m very sluggish in the morning. Plus I wash my hair every morning *and believe me, with Bali’s weather it’d be limp and greasy by the end of the day!” so I needed a lot of time to dry it etc, I cannot believe that I used to never even touch a hair dryer. I used to let my hair air dry all the time. Crazy. Now I cannot live without my hair dryer zzzz.

So here’s my OOTD :

Both denim dress and inner mustard tank top are my sis in law CL’s, she passed them to me because they were too tight or too short *CL is very tall and busty, LOL*.

Oh let me show you one more *taken with my BB so the quality’s not so good* so you can see my bag *which Rosemary complimented on later, this bag’s a free gift from a magazine! How awesome! I only buy local magazines for their bonuses hahaha* and a furry cardigan I tote because my mum misinformed me that we’re going somewhere cold zzzz. She confused Bedugul with Ubud, this is very common for my mum*

Oh yeah, I forgot to bring my mascara! WTF! I don’t usually wear mascara anyway in Bali because the humid weather will make them flop in no time and mostly I wear my sunnies, but in this occasion I felt pressured to put on a decent make up because I know we’d take a lot off pictures! I also forgot my eye shadow primer but it’s not a biggie, unlike mascara!!! I was devastated *dramatic* and in the end I borrowed CL’s mascara, some Korean branded mascara which… really sucked -___-… it did nothing for my lashes, couldn’t curl it at all hiks. No ostrich (my trademark) eyelashes in Bali!

For the day my sis (let’s call her CW because I called her W earlier and it’d confuse you with my BFF W! LOL) and CL arranged a mini bus so we can all travel together *LOL*, here we are inside the minibus
KC and my hunny in front with the driver
the kids at the back
Since our family is HUGE it is almost impossible to travel with a complete personnel, and this time the ones missing are my eldest brother and his family (only his eldest son, D was with us). And it’s been quite a while for me to be with so many of them on a vacay (usually I went with CL’s family only or CW’s family, but mostly with my hunny+Baby Boy+my parents) and I forgot how much fun it can be around my family, no matter how much they annoy me most of the time. The minibus ride reminded me of that, we had so much fun and laughter on the way *mostly disturbing hunny and my big bro KC who sat in front with the driver to serve us drinks-flight attendant style by clicking on the panels overhead, or asking them to use the microphone to act like our tour leaders. Ironically me and hunny are certified Tour Leaders who had never practiced our arts LOL* that the more than two hours long ride went by pretty fast.

And finally we arrived! Our destination is : Bebek Tepi Sawah (Rice Paddy Side Duck)

There are really rice paddies so the name’s not misleading! The place is super crowded and we had to queue quite a bit to get a table and in the end we had to split our groups into two or else we’d have to wait FOREVER to get a table. And we also didn’t get to sit on the gazebos, traditionally sitting on the floor. But we did get a table with a very nice  view in the end. By the way this is us waiting for our table 
KC pretending to be a coconut master *LOL*

And while waiting  for the food to arrive we of course, cam-whore. Baby Boy is as bad as his mummy, even worse sometimes, he demanded to take pictures everywhere haha.
with my cheeky niece, B
Baby Boy insisted to take a pic with this thing zzz
Almost all of us *except my dad, who is watching his diet because of former illness* ordered the best seller of this restaurant, the Bebek Bengil :

The portion’s generous *but not cheap, each portion is slightly more than IDR 100.000 for each person, I do not know the exact price because CL acted as our cashier in this trip*, every portion came with  half of a duck. My mum said it’s not that much because the duck’s not too fat, mostly are bones, but I disagree. It definitely was too much for me *even though I was starving because I had no breakfast, I refused to pay for hotel breakfast since they are not included in the room rate and I think it was super over priced, plus I noticed a lot of our itinerary’s culinary so I decided to skip it altogether*. This is a closer look on the duck so you’d have a clearer picture of the size :

Really huge lah! As for the taste? I found it so so. I’ve had much better ducks in Surabaya *LOL*. And I prefer a juicier version, this one’s fried to crisps, way too dry for my taste. It was just OKAY. I like the place and environment though, it was a very different experience. I think it was severely overpriced *but then again, the duck is huge…*. Would I come back? Probably not haha. But I’m glad we went!
Everybody wanted to use their cameras to capture the group pic, and it was just about to rain! Must pose for a pretty long time

My cousin  L and her family was also in Bali, we actually planned to go together *before this trip turned to be almost my whole family’s trip!* and poor Eek kept on calling my mum asking where we are going next. I suggest you not to make the same mistake if you ever go for a vacation with us in the future, because so many people means a lot of different interests and my family being my family, they’d change course all the time *sounds like #Undecided here* and would not feel guilty at all to the others they had promised to meet up previously. So, my mum said we’re going to Krisna (HUGE souvenir shop, it’s seriously MASSIVE) and told Eek to go fifteen minutes after the phone call, and guess what? We never even made it to Krisna at all that day, FTL hahaha. We stopped by one of the roadside shops that sells glass and stone ornaments (HUGE ones), CW and CL shopped quite a bit, I didn’t take any picture because I was very disinterested, I didn’t even bother getting off the minibus. I waited inside with my two nieces *LOL*.

My brother in law KW *husband of CW* mentioned Kopi Luwak  or civet coffee and we thought the driver would just take us to a regular coffee shop but no, he actually took us to this interesting place, deep into Ubud’s “forest” *okay lah not forest, I dunno how to describe only, there are a lot of vegetation there though)

It was drizzling so Baby Boy was quickly wrapped in his rain coat :
Curious to see the Kopi Luwak place? And what we did the rest of the day? Stay tuned for part 2!

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