Bali Day 4 (Part 2)

10:19:00 PM

Hey you guys...

What's up? I just got back from watching Les Miserables with hunny, and it was really good! (oh yeah, are you surprised? I am the kind of girl who watch drama musicals LOL) I was moved to tears by their performances, especially Anne Hathaway's I Dreamed a Dream. She deserves an effing Oscar, you guys! And i wasn't expecting Hugh Jackman to sound so good, was he clasically trained or something?? A real surprise. Didn't know Russel Crowe could sing either :p. Hubby said, before we got in, he hoped he wouldn't fell asleep, especially because the wolverine sings LOL. But he didn't, and even though he must not enjoy it as much as i did but he didn't seem too miserable too :p. Be warned for those of you who finds musical stupid, you'd better not watch it LOL. They sang almost every single line okay.

Anway, let's continue on with my Bali Day 4, shall we? We were in Potato Head's beach waiting for our tables to set up.

Not a very nice pic of us then it was the only decent one out of the lot T.T
My niece Au looking like a Korean movie star hehe, with a stray dog that kept on trying to get close to her. She has that kind of effect on animals, weird...
Speaking of the stray dog, it really was enthralled with Au LOL. There was another stray dog also trying to get close to Au (seriously Au's like a doggy queen or something, so many of them trying to get close and snuggle with her. Au's worse than #Undecided, i've never really see anything like this. Maybe Caesar Milan should take Au as his apprentice)and the brown stray dog began growling and snarling at the other dog. For me it's kinda scary to watch, what if he mis-bite and got me instead???

The wave was quite huge that day that the security kept on calling us not to go too deep into the ocean :(. Anyway, when our table’s finally set, I was still very full, come on we just had BiGul like three hours earlier! So I just ordered a drink and planned to order a cake or something. Let me show you their pretty interesting looking menus :
My God, IDR 11.000.000 for a bottle of wine? Haish..
Dinner menu
Dessert menu
As you can see, the dinner and dessert menu's selection's really small :p.We did nothing much but hang out and took pictures (hey, paid so much already of course must take a lot of pictures). By the way, KW and the boys hadn’t showed up yet by then LOL! They took a wrong turn or something and got stuck in a jam in Kuta HAHAHA poor people! They arrived when our foods arrived as well LOL.
With my Pisang Cooler (Banana Cooler)
Hunny pretending to pinch off KC's mole... which he DID once!!! LOL
Kept on trying to take a family pic but the backlight's killing them zzzz
How did I find their drinks and food? Mediocre. Tilting to the bad side. LOL. Especially for their outrageous price!
I don't know what this drink is or what's in it but it made KC face turned into this
KC's order, crispy chicken something. Worst of the worst!!! LOLOL. Tasted like a kampong friend chicken. Serve them with sambal and white rice i think it'd be edible LOL!
Hunny's burger, which is the only nice order out of the lot
Minestrone Clam Chowder, i couldn't taste anything but tomato. Baby Boy said it tastes like Sup Merah P:p
CL ordered steak which consisted three slices of tiny meat that she passed around (so maybe she had a mouthful?? LOL), i tried it and it was very mediocre, CL said it was horrible. LOL. I didn't take picture of the others' orders but mostly they were pretty bad as well haha. Mt's pasta was so so but still edible.

I ordered a chocolate something, the waiter did warned me that it was spicy (what??) because they were using chilli chocolate. I didn’t mind the spiciness but overall… it was… bad… only managed a few bites and passed it around for others to try. I think my mom *who’s a choco maniac* finished it, I never told her about the chilli chocolate and she didn’t seem to notice it LOL. (Revision, i just asked her a few days ago, she said she noticed the hotness but it was good. Whaaa....???)

How do I score the place? 10 for ambience. 3 for food and drinks (oh, 8 for presentation of the food though). LOL. No, seriously, it’s a Beach CLUB. When I heard what it really was I already suspected the food to be so so and overpriced lah. I went to a similar place with #Undecided and D, Kelapa, last time. It was not as snobby and act exclusive like this one lah LOL. Would I recommend you to visit this place? Yes, with your friends. And order alcoholic beverages only. LOL. This place is perfect to chill, hang out, have a drink with your friends *I’d have much more fun if #Undecided and D was there LOL*. Don’t expect good food here because I don’t think good food is their speciality LOL. As for the sun set? What sun set??? As I said in the last entry, it was cloudy and started drizzling just before the supposed sun set so  I wouldn’t know if it really was that beautiful. 

Hunny managed to drag Baby Boy into the beach for a bit *we’re trying to make him more adventurous and nature loving, he’s such a city boy OMG*, he was terrified of the wave at first *seriously, kids these day watch too much TV. I don’t really let him watch anything but cartoons but somehow he was scared of Tsunami OMG* but hunny forced him a bit and by the time he started to enjoy himself the rain came. Pfffffftttt.

It was  raining heavily when we finished, CW and her family opted to go back to the hotel because they were going back to Surabaya very early the next day. The rest of us wasn’t interested to go back just yet, the night wasn’t even started yet! Potato Head is located in Seminyak and we just found out that Seminyak is now the “it” place in Bali other than the usual Kuta and Legian, lots of cool shops and funky looking cafes are sprucing  up here. But it was raining so bad so it wasn’t possible for us to stroll around the streets of Seminyak! And the road to Kuta is said to be very crowded still (it’s no longer the case the next day, thank God) I couldn’t believe I’ve been in Bali for four days and only been to Kuta once to Bubbagump! It’s pathetic. Usually Kuta would be our #1 destination in Bali. I LOVE Kuta!!!

We were searching for a mall since it was raining so badly and we were kinda in the mood for shopping LOL, but we were informed that there were NO malls in Seminyak zzzz. Only in Kuta. We were stranded for a bit in Seminyak Square since we were hoping there would be some interesting shops there (there were scarce), to my consolation we spotted Surfer Girl *again* there! So I dragged Au (Au doesn’t love shopping as much as B but she is still a pretty good shopping companion for me and she ended up shopping more than me) inside.

They were having a sale! A pretty small and meager section, mostly sandals *I was in love with their tye dye tee, I kinda have a thing for tye dyes. But it costs IDR 279.000 or something, not the kind of price I am willing to pay for a tee*, and I found this super cute vintage wannabe sandals :

It was on sale! Only IDR 139.000! Quite crazy!!! Au liked it too so she also got a pair LOL. And a matchy-matchy bag too :p (her, not me). I was consoled immediately *easy* haha.
Put those Surfer Girls headbands on hunny and CW LOL. And left them on until they started complaining HAHAHAHAHA

On the way back we were starting to get hungry *because I didn’t order any food in Potato Head, hunny only had a tiny portion of his burger because we passed them around, KC had a horrible horrible dish and CL had a super tiny steak which she passed around too so she practically didn’t eat as well LOL* and we ended up at Benoa Square (this is what hunny claimed the place to be named, I completely forgot the name already), the place where we had our Domino’s Pizza dinner in the first night!

We went to Domino’s *again!* and Burger King, ordered lots of food to take back to our hotel (also for breakfast, tomorrow we’re separating, KC and his family’s staying at Mara River, in the Bali Safari while us with my parent will move to another hotel in Sunset Road (Sunset Road is actually super close to Kuta, like five to ten minutes car ride? But due to the road construction it became pretty far FOL). While waiting for our Domino’s to be prepared I dragged hunny to FoodMart (local supermarket) because I needed more sanitary pads (TMI? LOLOL), in the end I felt compelled to buy an eyelash curler because the cheap ass one I brought fell apart, just my luck! *actually only the rubber part did, I should’ve changed it a long time ago LOL*. The only one available *sadly* is this plastic one

It’s dirt cheap (IDR 12.900) and it should be because it DIDN’T work. Like, at all. Pffffttttt. It’s super super bad one lah, I think I wasn’t in the right mind buying it zzzz. I never really used it *tried using it but it didn’t work even slightly so I gave up* and as soon as we got back to Surabaya I pass it to one of my employee *LOL*. Note to self : never buy anything out of desperation and because they are all that’s available, you’ll end up throwing it away anyway.

I also bought this spray on mosquito repellent in Guardian (the Guardian here was decent sized with wide array of mascara choices FML. No, I wasn’t crazy enough to buy more mascara, I have lots of stocks at home you know. In case you don’t know yet, I’m a hoarder pffffttt) because mine *which me and #Undecided are loving and been using a lot lately* was running out and I got it at my last trip in Vietnam (yes, I’m a travel freak) and not available in Indonesia, I haven’t use this one yet but I hope it works, it’s IDR 30.000 *pic*

If you’re planning to travel to tropical countries *like Indonesia* you should arm yourself with this kind of stuffs. Very IMPORTANT! And if you’re planning to go to Bali then this thing is like super essential!!! I ended up with lots of mosquito bites anyway because I forgot to apply my mosquito repellent a few time and once I did it was a bit too late since some effing mosquito managed to bit me already zzzz.

I don’t know why all of us ended up shopping at the FoodMart and Guardian *my mum, an even worse hoarder than me, actually bought huge bottles of Palmolive shower gels-which is hugely available in Surabaya-because it was on a sale*, I guess we were getting frustrated and needed to shop for ANYTHING. LOL.

Afterward we went back to our hotel and spent the night sitting at KC’s room’s balcony *his room’s deluxe room, which is exactly the same as our Superior ones, the only difference it is located in the first floor, directly in front of the pool, and has a balcony*, chit-chatting and eating our supper. And we kept on commenting how much nicer the cheapo Domino’s and Burger King was compared to super expensive Potato Head *we paid around IDR 3.000.000 for the food and drink at Potato Head LOL*. This convinces me, great company and good food is what make a pleasurable time, not hip and super expensive places. I’d choose having cheapo street side food with my pals and family rather than the pretentious and snobby places, I guess I am cheap to the root? LOL.

That’s how my Day 4 in Bali went! Day 5 coming up! Hope you’re not bored yet :p.


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