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Hey ho!

Weekend is here! Me and #Undecided (and hubbies+Baby Boy) are going out later and meanwhile…

It is time for my haul post again! *rubs hands*This time I am gonna show you my haul from an online shop that sells beauty products, Intens Corner! I was introduced to this online shop by Rosemary. Last month Rosemary BBM-ed me, telling me there’s a huge sale in one of the online shop, they are selling Etude House’s nail polish package (consisted of three nail polishes) for only IDR 40.000! Madness!!! Unfortunately when I browsed it I found out I pretty much had all the colors from the package already, and as much as it broke my heart to pass on such a wonderful deal, I simply had to pass on the nail polishes. But to my own consolation i found plenty of other great deals in the SALE section! 

Let me show you the package : 
Don’t you just love it when you shop online and the package arrived at your doorstep? Rosemary said it feels like you’re getting a present and I agree!! That’s definitely the perk of online shopping!

These are all the stuffs I got from Intenscorner, check out how much samples the owner gave me! Madness!

The stuffs I purchased from Intens Corner :
Tiny haul! *proud*
So, most of the stuffs I bought are from their SALE section, but being a true-blue kiasu (I keep on saying this on my blog entries, I have no idea why I love to embarrass myself so much FML) I didn’t want to waste on the shipping fee *which I later found out was only IDR 7000 ROFL, this online shop is based on Solo and according to the owner shipping to any part of Indonesia’s very cheap from Solo. I agree, shipping fee by JNE locally in Surabaya is IDR 7000! That’s why I thought Intens corner was located in Surabaya at first, LOL* so after running out of stuffs to buy from the sale section *I was too late :(* I began searching for interesting stuffs in other sections.

This is the only thing I bought full priced :

Etude House If Story Nail Kit in 01 Purple. Each contains 9 ml of nail polishes and costs only IDR 68.000! Both are dark shades of purple with glitters on them, the deepest purple got rainbow flecks in them and the slightly lighter shade has golden flecks. Looks really gorgeous in the bottle, I am absolutely obsessed with glitters lately! I haven’t tried them since I have so many nail polishes lining up (brand new) waiting for me to use and right now I still have gel polish on my nails so I cannot try them on. I will show you in future posts when I put them on. From my experience Etude House’s nail polish are usually quite nice and easy to apply.

Skin Food Pine Nut Cuticle Oil, it’s on sale only IDR 25.000! One of the manicurist in Me-Nail commented on how brittle my nail is *really meh? It’s still super hard and can be used as a weapon to claw your eyes out you know! But I guess a nail therapist knows better yes?* and suggested I put on nail serum or whatever, but seriously, one application would costs me IDR 15.000 or so. While I do not mind to splurge and getting gel manicures before my trips and regular manicures from time to time I seriously cannot justify paying IDR 15.000 for one time application of nail serums or oils while I can get a whole bottle for IDR 25.000 (on sale, but still…). I’d have to put them on myself but I don’t mind! It’s not that I go to nail salons all that often anyway. Never purchases such things before, I am ashamed to admit that I used to really neglect my nails and hair, I simply let them be. But I will start caring for them now! *ohh, I’m growing up LOL*. I haven’t tried it also, will let you know how they perform.

The last item I purchased was :
NYX Round Lipstick in NYX. It’s also on sale and costs only IDR 20.000!!! I saw from other online shops that the common price is IR 50.000 so this is like crazy cheap! I’ve read way too many beauty blogs lately *ohhh poison!!! I really don’t need any more poison in the beauty product department, but when the poison’s so tempting how can I resist? LOL* and most of them praised NYX lipsticks to be a very good and affordable lipstick. I am actually more of a gloss person but lately I am getting used to put on some color before topping it with gloss. I’ve been wanting to get my claws on a NYX lipstick but resisted *have too many lipstick to last a lifetime already, certainly do not need any more*, but when I saw this going on a huge sale… I just gotta have it! Honestly I think the website’s not running all that well yet, originally the only color available in the website is called Hera, and since I do not care about the shade *I just want to try the lipstick, any shade I can usually get to work for different looks* I just clicked it, but later on the owner texted me apologizing because the Hera shade is sold out and there are only two shades left, NYX and something else I cannot remember. She said the other shade is a bit purplish and since I do not think purple lipsticks suits me I chose NYX instead.

Haven’t opened it as well :p. 

These are all the samples the owner gave me :

I must say the owner’s super generous! Online shops usually just gave me two to three (or maybe four, tops) pieces of samples even if I spent quite a lot in their shops, but Intens Corner’s owner gave me SEVEN samples, and I only shopped IDR 120.000 in total! Totally recommended seller! 

While I wouldn’t say their normal priced items are the cheapest among all online shops *but some are not bad, like the nail polish duo I bought, it’s definitely not expensive!* but you need to keep an eye on their sales! Unfortunately right now their sale is closed *I got mine from Christmas Sale that ended on 31st December* but the owner informed me of upcoming New Year sales! She promised me to remind me via e-mail but I cannot help myself to check on their website regularly FML :p. 

Also you need to consider their low shipping fee *for people living in Surabaya like me* if they sells stuffs a little higher *say, IDR 5000 more expensive* than Jakarta based online shop which charged IDR14.500 for shipping fees to Surabaya, it still would be cheaper for you to purchase the stuffs from Intens Corner! Shop smart, ladies!

I must stress *as usual* that this entry is entirely an honest review from me, I paid the stuffs myself, I do not get any money to write this nor I am sponsored by Intens Corner! I really had a wonderful experience shopping in this online shop *the owner is very friendly and funny too!* and will definitely shop here again in the future! Keeping my eyes on the upcoming sale!

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  1. iya baik banget dikasih banyak sample. jadi tertarik beli di sana. nice review ;)

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Iyah, highly recommended! Aq dah belanja lg disana trus di kasih lebih buanyakkk lg samples nya hihi :D