Bali Day 4 (Part 1)

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So, you guys missed #Undecided? Yeah, me too. Please understand, #Undecided's going through a "blogger block", okay that's just an excuse, she's just being #Undecided actually. She told me she's bored of blogging already LOL. Don't worry, it won't last. Fear not, #Pink's here to stay. Thank God i am a very consistent person, LOL. She promised she'd at least write one entry this week so, please be patient!

Continuing my Bali post, onto Bali Day 4!

So, it was the first day of 2013, we had so much fun the day before and I think it’s pretty natural that the energy kinda dropped a bit. After all the old and new was what we were looking forward to, and it’s over… plus me and KC’s family were getting bored of going to luxurious and expensive places everyday LOL, I think we were getting a withdrawal of going to touristy places, because that’s what WE do on vacations!

This is my outfit for Day 4:
Chose a very colorful outfit because my mum is super superstitious and she'd get mad if i wore something dark colored on the first day of the new year LOL

And this is first thing I do every morning in hotel rooms if we do not get any breakfast there :
Making myself a cup of coffee. I’m a coffeeholic, remember. A cup of coffee a day keeps #Pink sane.

CL and CW both rented cars, KW and the boys didn’t want to come just yet because we were going to the massive souvenir shop, Krisna first. But it was super jammed *seriously Bali…zzzzz, you’re actually getting worse than Jakarta* and all of KC’s family and mine didn’t have breakfast yet, it was approaching 1 o clock already! *we went out late that day, tired from all the craziness the day before* KC started to grumble *I was in a tiny car with him, CL and my two nieces Au and B, the others including hunny and Baby Boy in another car* and got pissed off because CW insisted to go to Krisna first since her hubby and boys weren’t ready yet *they were going to join us for lunch*.

He got so annoyed he even threatened to go to Burger King’s drive thru or something, LOL. But he didn’t have to be annoyed for long *everybody in the back seat was quiet because we were starving, no energy to talk LOL* because after being stuck in the jam for a while my mum called and told us we’re going for lunch (brunch?) first, yay! 

It was starting to rain cats and dogs, and those in the other cars were insisting to go to a famous *according to people we asked* BiGul place called Pak Malen. The depot was on the main street’s side with almost no parking space, we didn’t get a space so we were forced to go round, and if you’ve been to Bali you’d know that looking for a turn-around is very difficult, you must drive very far to be able to turn around and so we had to do that, and again KC grumbles and curses LOLOL. 

We kinda just parked on the pavement in the end :p, and we must go through deep puddles to get into the depot *sigh*. So much sacrifices for a plate of BiGul *double sigh*. We were so starving we attacked the BiGul as soon as they arrived. But before that i took a few pictures hehe.
Excuse my face, i was munching on a crisp :p

This is the BiGul we had to sacrificed a lot to taste :
BiGul in Bali *where it originates from* comes with this pork soup, the Surabaya version’s mostly never got the soup.
A closer look

Was it worth all the fuss? Hm… I don’t know, I found it to be so so. It was pretty good but it wasn’t super good in my opinion. LOL. It’s really famous and lots of people came there that day *which was why were super embarrassed waving people who wanted to sit in table next to ours off because we were saving it for KW and the boys and when they finally arrived they sat with CW and the others! FOL!!!*so if you like or want  to try BiGul, Pak Malen’s *it’s in SunSet Road* is worth a try. 

We finally head to Krisna after lunch! Passed this cute store with a cute car as well on the way, sorry for the water droplets I was taking the picture from inside the car :

Krisna! Finally! Time to shop!

As I told you before, the place is MASSIVE with rows upon rows of souvenirs (accessories, snacks, bath and body cares, clothing, wooden toys, etc!) I was a bit overwhelmed when I first got it. It was like super duper full and crowded as well that It stressed me out a bit *just two days after we passed it again and it was empty, LOL. All the tourists had came home*. I didn’t take any picture inside the shop but I did take one of Baby Boy with a huge statue in the entrance

I managed to buy quite a lot of things here… other that hunny’s snacks (mostly peanuts in every variation) which I obviously didn’t take any picture of because it’s so uninteresting (#Undecided’s hubby was very happy with the peanuts hunny got for him though, LOL), but mine obviously very interesting lah!

It didn’t take long for me to shop, I was more interested in the accessories section (as you can see from the pictures below) rather than the clothing side (didn’t really like the selections there plus I think it was overpriced) but I also managed to snap a few (only three don’t worry). Also lots of body butters!
Very nice body butter, only IDR 16.000/each!
Female hygene soap ROFL
Small tub of body butter (IDR 10.000!!!)
Plenty of accessories, i gave lots of them to my girls as a souvenir so it's not all for me okayy

This tiny dress' for LL's daughter! It's sooo much prettier in real life, the colour's softer :p
I bought Herborist’s body butter once when I went to Bali with #Undecided and D and was pleasantly surprised, *the ones in squeeze bottles* it was really good! Smells heavenly and very moisturizing. Not as greasy as The Body Shop’s but that’s what I like about it! I hate over greasy feelings on my skin! So I grabbed a lot this time *I even put it in my shopping lists from long ago, buy Herborist’s body butter if I go to Bali *LOL*. The ones in the tub wasn’t as good, I tried one already by now and I think the consistency and function is more like a light body lotion than body butter. Don’t like the smell either. I’d probably do a review for it in the future. My mum *who’s a branded snob, LOL* was very skeptical and said “why would you buy that? Don’t you usually use at least Body Shop’s ones?”. Haih. My mum and her overly low opinions in local products *shakes head sadly*.

We were waiting for KC’s family who were still shopping inside *also Baby Boy’s nanny, LOL!* so I took some pictures of Baby Boy outside, in the waiting area (long rows of seats there for tired patrons LOL). Here he is modeling his newly bought wooden toys :
I dunno why he kept on leaning like that whenever i'm taking his pics -___-
One more :D

My nutty hunny bought this :p
And then made KC wore it
It was pretty early when we’re done in Krisna, the next destination’s a beach club called Potato Head *me and KC were pretty annoyed at the name already because of CW’s overtly eager mentions about it before and how she kept on forcing us to made reservations there because apparently it was impossible to get in without reservations, and even with reservations you can only stay for two hours WTF. Why act so exclusive?* our reservation’s for 5 PM and it was like.. I dunno, 3? But CW kept on saying the traffic jam was crazy (KW and the boys were already heading there while we were in Krisna) so we had to go NOW!

And guess what? No traffic jam whatsoever FOL… so we arrived like, more than an hour early zzz. Coming early doesn’t mean you can get seat early as well FYI. Anyway, lemme show you how the much-fussed Potato Head looks like:
That's my dad :p, hello daddy!

We had to wait pretty long because they were still “setting up the table” *What table needed it be set up for over an hour?* and we had to sit at the deck to wait. CW was the one who wanted to come, she said the sight were supposed to be breath taking (it was) and it was the best place to watch sun set (what sun set? It was very cloudy, no sun whatsoeva LOL), but she didn’t even want to sit in the deck because she said “it was hot” and she was afraid to get dark WTF. She actually wore long sleeved top almost everyday in Bali, how crazy was that? I wore super short and revealing dresses everyday and I still sweat like crazy, she must be mental. But the rest of us *except my parents and sadly, Baby Boy who opted to play with his ipad zzz* who were nature lovers and weren’t afraid of the sun *I find slight tans to be sexy actually* went straight to the beach, Potato Head had a section of their own private beach *it was small though.

Wanna see us frolicking in the sea *LOL*? Or how the potato head's menu like? Then stay tuned for part 2 :D 

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