Bali Day 3 (Part 1)

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Hiiii peeeepz!

So, I was sorting the photos to put up on this entry, Bali Day 3, and ended up with a LOT of photos. I mean a LOT! Decreasing the amount of photos to put up will not show you the full picture of the day we had, and since I am writing this mainly as a diary so one day I can read this back and remember the wonderful day that I had so I decided to put them all up. Brace yourself because there really are a LOT of pictures. Will divide Day 3 into two posts again because I do not want to crash your internet *LOL*.

Day 3 we started a bit later because our first “appointment” of the day was a luncheon at Hotel Mulia Bali at 12 so we didn’t have too many things to do in the morning. L asked me to go to Bali Collection *It’s sort of a shopping complex with lots of restaurants, etc* to take pictures because she said it’s a nice spot to do so *she had her pre-wedding pictures taken there* but my whole family took so long to get ready and nobody wanted to be left behind In the end L and her family left first and we never got to take that picture, FOL. LOL. Seriously. Too many people going on a vacation is not always a good thing, especially when it is not a proper tour group, we ended up waiting for each other a lot.

Anyway, this is my OOTD :

Got this cute light grey baby doll backless mini dress a few… wow, a few years ago actually, at Cotton On in Singapore, I went with L that time. I never got to wear it because… well, you can’t really go anywhere in Surabaya with a backless dress *except maybe a party but this is definitely not a party wear haha* without being starred at, especially since I am not stick thin people sure will talk behind my back “shameless” “thick skinned” “doesn’t have a mirror” or something like that. FML. Characteristic of majority of Indonesians (IE : my own sister). Eff lah. I’m glad I finally got to wear it! (did I mention before that every single one of my clothing in this trip is brand new? Yeah, I do that in every trip now FML)
My (not so) sexy back ROFL

We went to Bali Collection and wander around.

This is a souvenir shop, but I suggest you not to shop here because most of the stuffs (not all, they have higher quality accessories and traditional toys too but I think you can get them much cheaper in Kuta or somewhere else) can be found in huge souvenir shops like Krisna (the biggest and most famous one) or Erlangga (my personal favorite). 

Please excuse my sitting position =X
Mostly we window shopped lah because most of the brands we can get in Surabaya as well (KC and his family bought a lot in Giordano but that’s because they ran out of clean clothes), but I spotted Surfer Girl (I LOVE Surfer Girl! Was a HUGE fan of them when I was younger! Now I still love them and feel nostalgic whenever I see them) on the way back to the car an hour or so later so I dragged B *I am very close to my nieces, they understand me much better than my sis LOL. Told you I am young at heart* in and bought these:
Oh.. The Sogo one wasn't supposed to be showing up just yet, i bought it later LOL
IDR 19.000/each
Look at my nails, they are still pretty, TODAY! Just super long and it's getting really hard to type :(

Love and collect those rubber bands, they are so cute with casual wears. I don’t think I will ever outgrow them. Well maybe when I’m 50. LOL. And I always wanted their lip balm *what else???* because I pretty much just wanted tokens lah, the tee shirts I liked were all like IDR 279.000 or so, like crazily overpriced. I used to buy them in bulk without batting an eyelid. Sigh. The joy of being young and carefree *and not understanding how hard it is to produce money LOL*. The lip balms are crazy cheap, tempted to get all the flavor but stopped myself *remember those poor lip balms you had at home, #Pink!!*

I had to be dragged out of the store by my bro in law but turned out his wife and kids were still wandering around aimlessly -___- pfffttt… After everybody’s gathered we went to Hotel Mulia Bali (in case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s one of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in Indonesia, this branch in Bali is brand new). CW wanted us to celebrate New Year’s Eve here but it was like IDR 1.500.000 per person *which is probably dirt cheap for her but for the rest of us mortals were still quite a morbidly lot of money for a single dinner!*. Realized later that Adam Lambert (American Idol’s runner up, my fave) was performing at the stupid gala dinner later and was kinda swayed, I told #Undecided that I’d pay for dinner if I got a kiss+sing a duet with and being allowed to sit on Adam’s lap, in which she replied “Bb, it’s Adam Lambert, not Santa”. Pfffffftttt.
ADAMMMMM T.T (and the reflection of hunny taking the pic LOL)

Anyway, the IDR 1.500.000 is like the cheapest package so I probably would need a binocular to be able to see him anyway zzz. Since nobody’s keen on spending so much on a dinner, CW forced us all to at least had lunch there. I think the experience was fun and the food was divine, but I was bothered by what she said “at least we went there for lunch, so the kids wasn’t so disappointed since the new year’s dinner’s so bad/cheapo”. OMG. Why would her kids be disappointed just because we didn’t spend a down payment for a car’s worth for a single dinner? I do not understand. And while we all strive to give the best for our children, isn’t the best gift we can give them is teaching them to be able to survive in every situation and being able to be grateful for the little things in life? I am not trying to teach anyone how to raise their kids especially not her, but that’s just how I see it. I wake up every day thanking God for my wonderful life and I do not need super expensive dinners to be happy. And that’s how I’d want Baby Boy to grow up too. I may not be perfect but I think my life is prefect and I want Baby Boy to think his life is perfect too and be grateful for everything that he has rather than being disappointed in what he doesn’t. 
Wah why did i squeeze my leg so hard against the sofa -___- bad habit

One pic before getting any food :p
Enough ramblings! The selection of food was massive! I was busy getting food for Baby Boy plus I was too embarrassed to take picture of every section *there were at least ten different stalls and each stall was huge!*, there was Indonesian, Western, Chinese, Japanese, even Singaporean (I spotted poppiah! But I was too full already) food! My personal favorite was the sushi, I love sushi! And they provided extra tobiko in shot glasses so I pour some on top of my sushi! I LOVE tobiko! My sushi must all be slathered lavishly by tobiko for it to be perfect! 
Hahaha mixed-up plate
Hunny non-chalantly asked the waitress about Adam LOL,the waitress told him Adam and his entourage had a very early breakfast at the same restaurant
KC serious face before eating his oyster
I dunno why hunny put chilli sauce on his oyster rather than soy sauce, he claimed he saw a Caucasian did that. Just because the caucasian did doesn't mean it's the right way to eat it what...
Ewww ewwwww... i do NOT eat raw anything =X
KC found this baby crab (?) in his tom yum
Poor crabby

The other section that caught my eyes was naturally, the dessert *still PMS-ing by this time and promptly got my period a few hours before New Year FML* section, it was so huge and consisted of two parts, the ice cream part : 

With super high tech ice cream cooler where the chef pushed a button to spin the ice cream machine around to get the flavor you want *jaw dropped*

And a patisserie lookalike *and true in size* for the cake/pudding section. Madness!
That's all my family there -____-
Nooo i didn't eat them all! It was my mum's and hunny's as well, i promise

Oh, not only the ice cream cooler’s high tech, I was blown away by their high tech toilets too! LOL. Those who have been to Japan must be familiar with this kind of toilets. It was pretty embarrassing at first because I got so confused why all of the toilet lids are closed *usually closed lids=disgusting contents inside*, plus it was so dark inside, but actually as soon as I step into the toilet chamber the lid opened up and the light went on automatically LOL.
Both me and hunny took a pic each but his G-Note's much better than my BB's camera obvi so i just took his pic :p

So many buttons to control the temperature, water, flushing, etc. OMG so confusing. I informed everybody and they all also embarrassingly went in to check out the toilet and play a bit with them LOLOL!!

Pretty bathroom then obviously must cam-whore right
One more okay?
Wah, this dress made me look kinda busty yah? Great illusion LOL
They provided tiny towels and sanitary disposal bags too.
Took some of the sanitary disposal bag, really came in handy!

We took a lot of pictures in the hotel because the hotel itself was so pretty, and the view from the public balcony was breath taking! Show you some (okay, a LOT) of them :
Father : like a boss
Son : Sulking *LOL*
My pretty nieces all grown up *sobs*
Everybody seems to find this pic hilarious, he really pinned me down really hard leh!
One lovey dovey normal one
Okay okay i give you one without our faces one okay :p

My mum loved it so much she blabbed about how we HAVE to stay there next time zzzz. I love luxurious hotels too but I honestly am too cheap to pay IDR 3.000.000 for a hotel room. I am actually very satisfied with my modest Mercure rooms (and yes, I recommend it!) and do not understand people’s (CW) constant complaining. She even described Mercure as a “budget” hotel. OMG LOL. That’s how you get when you are too used to sleep in a IDR 6.000.000 million hotel room, you find anything else to be “budget hotels”. LOL.

Would I stay there? Maybe, for one night only. LOL. I do love the hotel. And the view. I would not leave the hotel for 24 hours though because I’d feel cheated spending so much and not being there a lot. And it’s kinda in the middle of nowhere, real far to get to everywhere else. Mercure was pretty remote and secluded but Hotel Mulia’s even more so! KC even said “yeah, we’d play in the toilet. Open, close, open, close, until they are all broken if we had to stay there. LOL.

Afterward, most of us went back to our hotel to rest up a bit but I wasn’t tired at all and by some reason I really wanted to buy a mascara (I was still using CL’s mascara that day”) so I forced KC and CL to go out. They agreed and both of my nieces (who are early teenagers, they love to shop too) wanted to come too, somehow CW also want to come so seven of us (with hunny) went back to Bali Collection because there are a lot of places there we hadn’t explore *LOL*.

Wanna know what i bought and what we did on the New Year's Eve? Wait for Part 2 okay!!! Toodles!


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