#Undecided's College Friends

6:20:00 PM

Hi guys!! How are we doing today?

I'm having my usual Monday blues, but I'm drinking my new fave coffee so I'm feeling a little better now (no, this is NOT an advertisement).
I love this coffee!! Super good!! Go try!!

I seriously wonder why I keep having Monday blues, and my best guess is that I always have too much fun (is there such a thing as too much fun? LOL) on weekends, I don't really feel like working the next day. Yeah, I'll bet lots of you share this sentiment towards Monday. Poor poor Monday... LOL.

Anyways, enough moping. I need some pick me up, so I'm going to drink some more coffee (!) and share with you what went down last Saturday (not sure it's a good pick me up or not, but it's 4.30 pm, I'll soon be out of this office so I'll be fine!!).

Okay. Except for #Pink and my other bffs from Junior High, there is another group of people whom I quite like. Okay, I'll admit, I like them a lot LOL. I don't get to see them as much as I want to, because of the obvious reasons: life and bills and family (should I keep going?) happen *sigh*, but every single time we get to hang, it is always fun. 
us at my wedding - look at those crazy faces - yes, I'm friends with them LOL.

I got to know these people during my time in college but since #Pink wasn't around (we took different majors) to remember the details, I honestly cannot remember how I got to know them *facepalm*. We all majored in Management, so there's that LOL. I think I was friends with Iskandar first *trying hard to remember*, and Iskandar was friends with Hario - so that was how I know Hario, I think... 

Hario was friends with Katherine (and also her boyfriend turned husband: Hendra) and Bebek (her real name is Febriyani, but we prefer Bebek). So that would be how I know those three. Okay, this is not as easy as I thought it would be LOL. Hang on, there's more. I knew Andriyanto from the first days of my college years - we somehow were thrown into this debate party among newbies (I kicked his arse, obviously LOL) and I honestly cannot remember how but we became good friends as well (he ended up marrying my cousin - yeah, I told you I'm a kick ass matchmaker, didn't I :D).

Last on the list is Pramono. I guess I got to know him because he was friends with Hario and Kath and Bebek. And he's single, btw. Any takers?
Pramono - the one standing up - single and available - any takers?

We got pretty close during the last few semesters of our college years, you know, sharing the same classes, hanging out in the cafeteria during break times. Hario and I even became thesis buddies (so as Iskandar and Bebek) and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for having them around during my college years. 

Did I tell you I don't know how to be friends with other girls (well except for my #Pink, A, G and W, obviously!)? Well I don't. For me, they're (well we're, because I'm also a girl LOL!) so dramatic sometimes I cannot handle it LOL. Boys are drama-free. They don't take whatever others say too seriously and they don't talk about their friends behind their backs. So I love being friends with boys. I am good at being friends with boys - unlike with girls. So I was quite surprised that I managed to find other girl-friends (yes, Kath and Bebek) LOL.
oh hi my old mole - I see you!

Bebek is the least fussy girl I know (yes, coming from me, it's a compliment). She doesn't meddle if not asked. She doesn't care what others say about her. She's original and apparently one kick ass mom (for those who know her, you share my surprise, yes? LOL). Kath is her exact opposite. She's the loudest girl I know and she speaks her mind. She doesn't care if she acts silly as long as it pleases her, and she has such a big heart, her cheeriness (is this even a legit word?!) is contagious.
us at Bebek's wedding - the one on her left is Lijiu (my cousin, Andryanto's wifey).
Kath is the one of the far left.

Now on to the guys. Hario is one of the smartest guys I know. He's colorblind and super moody and somehow knows me quite well. I kept telling him that if he stayed single, he would eventually need to cave in and agree with me setting him up with someone. I was so close at finding him one, when he told me that he's in a relationship with someone from my high school. Yes, the world is so darn small. They're about to get married in May and I cannot be happier that he has finally found his match.
Hario is the one in grey - holding his phone, snapping this pic.
Iskandar is the one next to him.

As for Iskandar, he has a knack of being friends with everybody. He has A LOT of friends and he's also good with older people. Yes, he's the type of guy you'd want to bring to meet your parents because he would charm the socks of them LOL. He was - however - quite unlucky in love. Maybe being the only child in a Chinese family is not the easiest thing to do because most definitely your mother will be so hands on about your relationships LOL. But I am super happy that he is now in a serious relationship with a lovely girl (which all of us approved!!) and will soon tie the knots as well.

Like I said, I don't get to see them as much as I want, but I did last Saturday. And it was super fun. 
us after karaoke - yes, this is our latest photo - notice some new faces (Hario's fiancee and Iskandard's new girlfriend, and of course my hubby!)
We didn't do anything major. We just hung out at Starbucks, grabbed dinner, repeating some stories to Kath and Hendra (because they were severely late. The date was at 6 pm, but they just showed up at 8.30 pm LOL), and then sang some karaoke, but the best thing was even though we hardly see one another, it was as if we were back in college, and the convo was effortless. #Pink and I always agree that the this is what friendship is all about. When people are at ease at others' presence. No pretenses. No awkwardness. 

I know that we keep saying that we should hang out more often, but I guess it's okay if we don't. These past years have shown that no matter what, whenever we're at each other's company we'll still be those silly 20-something-year-old (at least at heart, I am not delusional, I know we're old LOL) and still be throwing jokes and sarcasms each other's way. 
the table was clean not because everybody was on diet.
the waiters had cleaned it up as a subtle gesture to tell us to scram because we had sat there for a LONG time LOL.

A happy news: Andryanto's wife (Lijiu, my cousin) will give birth to a baby girl this March and I guess that's when I will see these crazy people again. I can't 'wait!


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  2. waaa cantik banget pake gaun pengantin,... :)
    seru juga yaa tmen2 nya bisa ngumpul

  3. Hihihihi iyah seru banget! Thanks for reading, you guys *kisses*.