Bali Day 5 (Part 1)

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Heylloww again, people!

It's weekend again! Wow, time really flies nowadays huh *i guess it gradually feels faster the more you get older, OMG*? Anyway, #Pink's here to entertain you when you have some down time from partying the weekend away LOL.

So,the Bali vacay report still continue! On to Day 5 now! I’d call it shopping day therefore this vacay entry will double as my weekly Shopping Haul report because that’s what I did almost the whole day, teehee… *looking around for #Undecided, scared she suddenly appear and smack me*

On Day 5 we all checked out from Mercure Nusa Dua Bali. Overall rating : 9/10 for me. I think they were awesome! Sparkling clean (well, it is brand new), homey, comfortable and made me feel  very safe :D. Down side : probably the location because Nusa Dua is pretty secluded. For those of you wants a quiet and peaceful time I’d definitely recommend it! Not for those who wants to be in the centre of all the shops, cafes, clubs (night life), or beach because the beach is nowhere to be seen, you need to ride a car or motorcycle to the closest beach LOL. Would I come back? Of course! Especially with the lucky draw voucher waiting to be used, I cannot wait!

This is my outfit that day : 
Okay lah i cheated, it was actually taken on the New Year's Eve hahaha, but i wore the same outfit that day anyway :p.  I got too lazy to take another picture since I was wearing the same thing, the only difference was I didn’t put on any eye make up on day 5. Only tinted moisturizer+under eye concealer+powder+blush on, my normal Bali make up. I wore it for only two hours or so on NYE, so it was still clean lah! *don’t call me disgusting ya I think a lot of you do the same thing lah, unless you’re a clean freak like my mum*. 

That day we never met up with KC’s family because they were moving to Mara River as I mentioned in earlier post while we moved to another hotel in Sunset, aptly named named 100 Sun Sets 2 (Managed By Aston). Yes, the Managed By Aston part was really part of the name (until it no longer managed by Aston I think! LOL) everything’s included at the hotel’s name bar. It is a boutique hotel, looked quite small from outside but once you passed the lobby area you can see that it’s actually quite big.
Small Lobby area
Sight you will see once you open the glass door from the lobby, the hotel consisted of two separate buildings
Baby Boy would immediately get into this position whenever he sees a sofa, so annoying -___-

I booked this hotel from, liking the way it looked in the photos (I know I know, photos can be deceiving). It’s actually quite pricey, I don’t remember the price exactly but I think it was almost 1 million rupiah per day (USD 95). We stayed there for two days. Was it good? It was okay. Nothing too special. I don’t think it’s worth the price though, I’d pay half the price *bargaining* LOL. Love Mercure a lot more and I slept much more soundly in Mercure (even  though the price in Mercure was a lot cheaper). I guess i like bright places, Mercure's rooms was a lot brighter than 100 Sunset's.

My mum the complainer as usual complained endlessly about this hotel, she thought it was too dark, scary (no I don’t think it’s scary lah), and being her superstitious and paranoid self on the last day before going back to Surabaya she just managed to looked at the view outside the window and found a little altar outside (FYI you will find a LOT of altars in Bali, Balinese are mostly Hindus and highly religious) and was convinced that the altar’s used to store ashes of the ancestors (it wasn’t, it was a regular altar to pray to their Gods, she confirmed with a staff later). Nothing new here, I guess I’d be more surprised if she didn’t complain. You can never please her FML.

Anyway we got to 100 Sun Set early to check in but couldn’t get in the room yet because the check in time was at 2 PM *it was like 11.30 or so* so we just left our stuffs at the hotel and went out. I’ll show you the hotel’s room in the next post okay!

Our next destination is Erlangga! Another huge ass souvenir shop which I much prefer than Krisna. So naturally I shopped a lot in Erlangga FML. Mostly clothes because the accessories selection’s quite poor compared to Krisna, so I’d suggest you to visit both stores to get the best of both world :p.
This time i managed to snap a few pictures to show y'all how it roughly looked *smug*. And this is what I got from Erlangga, lots of clothes!
I paid around IDR 315.000 for all the clothes above, and the bracelet costs IDR 5.500 each, I plan to wear them in stack. I also found super cheap shorts, and they were super cute too!

They were like IDR 18.000 each! I got them in every color available LOL. I got another one in blue for LL (OMG now LL would know how much the souvenir I got her costs FML). Also skirts for everyday wear (you know I prefer skirts than pants, I’d wear this to run errands or even hang out to non fancy places):

They were IDR 24.000 each.

I also got this tye dye short (IDR 15.000!) to wear at home and the clutch is IDR 30.000

The last time I went to Erlangga (with #Undecided and D) there was still only one level I believe *I could be wrong but I don’t think so, I think they’ve expanded the first floor to be much bigger too now*, now they opened up the second level but you cannot bring the stuffs you have picked up downstairs to the upstairs area *weird*. The stuffs upstairs was mostly clothing, but with superior quality, I think they were mostly hand made and hand embroidered. The price range was mostly IDR 200.000 to IDR 500.000, madness *there were a few even more expensive than that* so naturally it was super quiet and kinda empty upstairs LOL. This is how the second level looks like

I managed to find not so expensive dresses here *around IDR 86.000 each* and some super cheap bags! Unfortunately there were only one of the bags each left or else I’d have snap one for #Undecided *sorry #Undecided, but I did gave you a lot of other stuffs :p*, the little sling bad was IDR 27.000 (!!!) while the big one’s IDR 50.000.

My mum bought them all for me, thank you mummy! *more, please! LOL*

Even Baby Boy snapped a thing here, a statue of a cobra -____-. He was really insistent so my mum bought it for him zzzz. At least it pacified him a bit because he was really bored *naturally* in the shop, and the shop itself was quite hot (no air conditioner just fans) and stuffy *SOOOO many people* so he opted to wait outside with my dad. Hunny bought a dozen t-shirts for his employees and also for #Undecided’s hubby and LL’s hubby (his bromance partners) and lots of snacks for himself but I didn’t take any picture of them, obvi.

I was having such a grand time shopping, I completely lost track of time *typical*, but hunny was starting to turn blue from hunger ROFL.
A very hungry hunny LOLOL
Snapped a few pics of Baby Boy while waiting for our car:
Barong. It used to gave me nightmares when i was little zzz

So we headed for lunch next. Guess what’s for lunch? Yeah, you got it, BiGul FML.

My mum and hunny are both hard core BiGul lover really! This time we went to one of the most famous BiGul in Bali : Babi Guling Candra. It was the nicest BiGul resto we went to in this trip.
Baby Boy with his Ah-Ma

Not only the place’s nice but it was actually the best BiGul we had in Bali! All three of us (me, hunny and my mum, my dad doesn’t eat pork because of his diet like I mentioned before) agreed it was really good! So my annoyance of BiGul were diminished *but please do not ask me to eat BiGul again for a few months at least, I’ve had enough of them!*. Highly recommended for BiGul lovers or those who wants to try BiGul!

After we’re stuffed my mum began a search for some kind of pie for my sister *we didn’t managed to get any though*, the first stop was at this titiles place.

I’ve probably been here when I was little but I have no memory of this place so I was pretty taken aback, it was more like a mini zoo than a shop!

Huge-ass bird cage

There was loads of birds, bats, roosters, fishes, (a) beaver, deers, turtles, even leopards and lions! 
Crazy hyper beaver
Baby Boy was really delighted, I guess Bali could be very boring for a five year old, especially on this trip because we have yet to visit any child oriented places so it was a very fresh break for him, I’m so glad!

Right after I took this pic the deer turned around and bit Baby Boy’s plush tummy (gently, playfully, not aggressively) and he was really shocked that he shouted “Awww!!!”, I was initially very shocked too *which mother wouldn’t???* but when I realized that the deer was just playing with him and being very gentle I felt so much better, I proceed to tell hunny who were at the parrot section.

And when I was laughingly telling him what happened one of t parrot laughed at me FML. I got really annoyed at the parrot *I do not like being laughed at okay, especially by a parrot* but he only continued to mock me, damn parrot! 

We then went to another shop at Kuta but they also didn’t have the pie so we gave up and decided to check out Beach Walk, it’s a new mall in Kuta. Will tell you about Beach Walk on the next post! Stay tuned and happy weekend again!



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